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jelkner!remind Quick update on finances14:12
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jelknerping inana_16 15:09
inana_16!remind Check in, what we did this week.15:26
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jelknerGood morning, cmoran!15:29
inana_16!remind Following up, MLLC 15:30
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jelknercmoran, we're on too15:31
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lelkneralfaro : @ubuntourist : GFbot : SITarabuta : amina : abuchholz : cmoran : inana_16 : zOnny : +jelkner : wolcen : @ChanServ : @mjsir91116:00
Quick update on finances (jelkner)16:00
Check in, what we did this week. (inana_16)16:00
Following up, MLLC (inana_16)16:00
inana_16Good morning everyone! :)16:00
jelknerGood morning!16:00
jelknerGFbot, so good to see you this early morn ;-)16:00
lelkneralfarogood morning16:00
abuchholzgood afternoon16:00
GFbotjelkner ;)16:00
inana_16ACTION waiting for everyone to say hi16:00
aminaGood morning!16:00
inana_16Okay let's start...16:01
inana_16First item: Our wiki is not that useful for documentation (see
jelknerok, i'll make this quick16:01
jelknerubuntourist, as is totally appropriate16:01
jelkneris often asking me to document16:02
jelkneri want to comply16:02
jelknerand the wiki should be the place to do that16:02
jelknerbut it doesn't support tech docs well16:02
jelknerwe should fix that16:02
jelknercase in point16:02
ubuntouristI forget: Public vs. private implemented?16:02
jelknerhere is what i tried to do on our wiki:
ubuntouristIIRC, the answer is still "no" which matches my experience.16:03
jelknerwhen it looked so unreadable i stopped16:03
jelknerhere is it on The Blog:
jelknerwhere it looks just the way i want it.16:03
jelknerlet's get our wiki to support tech docs16:04
jelknerACTION done16:04
inana_16Thanks jelkner16:04
ubuntouristWhen I document, I often want to share my documentation beyond members.16:04
ubuntouristACTION is done.16:05
inana_16Next item: Make LitteBrother post agenda to the IRClogs.16:06
ubuntouristI'll file it as a feature request, but since jelkner just got finished making a feature request here, I don't feel too bad about adding it to the agenda.16:06
ubuntouristParticularly, since it's so germane to IRC meetings. ;-)16:07
ubuntouristNot much to say about it beyond the agenda item itself.16:07
ubuntouristACTION is done.16:07
jelknerubuntourist, we need this, so thanks16:07
jelknerour irclogs are our minutes16:08
jelknerthe agenda should be at the top16:08
jelknerACTION done16:08
inana_16next item: update our website16:08
ubuntourist(Actually, I was going to look at the code and see if I wanted to fix it rather than issue a feature request.) 16:08
ubuntouristACTION is REALLY done. ;-)16:08
inana_16regarding this I started to take some screenshots in order to file some issues16:09
jelknerthis is a request for inana_16 lelkneralfaro zOnny GFbot mostly16:09
jelknerbut since our website is our main marketing tool16:09
jelknerwe need to keep it up to date16:09
jelknerneeds to have our new members16:09
jelknerour new partners16:09
jelknerour new portfolio apps well featured16:09
jelknerACTION done16:09
ubuntouristMaybe self-controlled member pages...16:10
inana_16I think is a good idea that GFbot can help me code, zOnny to understand some dev stuff and concepts that we are going to market and lelkneralfaro to make some decisions about that16:10
inana_16BTW lelkneralfaro need a picture of you, I already have one we can see if you agreed on using that for the website16:11
ubuntouristFor example, a page where I could advertise myself and my projects -- such as they aren't, 16:11
jelknerubuntourist, abuchholz and zOnny are working on articles16:11
lelkneralfaroinana_16, okay16:11
jelknerwhich would be good for that16:11
ubuntouristand others could do the same. But to avoid craziness, maybe just ONE page per member and the member can then link to external sites.16:12
ubuntouristjelkner, That's a different animal.16:12
inana_16like a bio? ubuntourist 16:12
inana_16I mean bio page?16:12
ubuntouristinana_16, That's more like what I'm thinking, yes. Bio / resume / CV.16:12
ubuntouristACTION is done16:13
inana_16it could be something as a profile like this ? 16:13
inana_16ACTION thinking16:14
ubuntouristinana_16, yeah that's basically what I'm thinking of. People click on the mini-profile on the main page and it takes them to the individual's page.16:14
ubuntouristinana_16, Of course that may not scale well for huge groups. 16:15
lelkneralfaro!remind Reset Password for novaweb site not working for me16:15
"Reset Password for novaweb site not working for me" added to message queue16:15
inana_16Ok, next item: Quick update on finances16:16
jelknerGallaudet payment arrived today!16:16
jelknerWe can breath a sign of relief, and not worry about anything for a few weeks ;-)16:16
jelknerACTION done16:16
inana_16thanks jelkner 16:17
inana_16next item: Check in, what we did this week16:17
inana_16Ok this should be everyone sharing16:18
jelknercontinued to work on digital signature (slow but stead progress)16:18
jelknermet with cooperators in dc who are going to help us with accounting and taxes16:18
jelknerfinished novalaciro taxes16:18
SITarabutaRAGU stuff being fixed, deployed BusinessTracker to Agaric, and live right now, deploying BusinessTracker to NOVA Web Development16:18
jelknerfinished moving PRIMEs to Interns16:19
SITarabutaAlso started working on DoctestQuiz16:19
jelkneramina and cmoran are here, yeah!16:19
abuchholzFinishing touches on SoundAdvice, Begin working on LibreOrganize issues and cleaning it up16:19
ubuntouristA wee bit o' GASP, a marathon helping David from Gallaudet get his running very own running Pac-u-Lator and Sound Advice instance, failed adventures in digital signing... and... I'm forgetting something else. ;-)16:19
ubuntouristAh, adding new interns to as hosters.16:20
inana_16CIDU, testing website almost done (waiting to show it to Clayton today), We did meet with Cesiah from MLLC, we're following up, we had a great meeting with jelkner , abuchholz , SITarabuta and zOnny 16:20
inana_16We joined the mattermost (patio) chat16:21
lelkneralfaroACTION worked on contract, invoice and finance stuff with inana_16, zOnny jelkner. Met with some customers/partners. Worked on some django. Broke Ubuntu and had to reinstall :(16:21
ubuntouristOh yeah. That too. Lots of stuff I'm forgetting to list.16:21
zOnnyACTION Updates to CIDU website and AEA request updates 16:21
ubuntouristlelkneralfaro, +1 for breaking stuff! Welcome! ;-)16:22
lelkneralfaroubuntourist, lol thanks for the welcome, but yeah it was no fun16:22
ubuntouristSpeaking of CIDU... in hangouts after this: Thoughts on the e-mail I sent about a group trying to organize a similar group elsewhere.16:23
jelknerlet's chat on hangouts about that, ubuntourist 16:23
inana_16next item: Following up, MLLC (inana_16)16:23
ubuntouristjelkner, That's why I said "in hangouts".16:23
jelkneryes, i was just saying i'd join you16:24
ubuntourists/hangouts/hangout/g; ;-)16:24
inana_16lelkneralfaro,  and I are working on this, but I want to paste to have it in our IRC16:24
GFbotMe and inana_16 had a meeting with MD latino caucus this week so im waiting for her to tell me about the migration.16:24
inana_16according of what we did in the past: The first contract was on November 10, 2018 16:25
inana_16We agreed to charge Joselyn the amount of $40016:25
inana_16We agreed to charge them $30 /hour “Add-On Services”16:25
inana_16Including: 16:25
inana_16Development of a basic website with a Content Management System (CMS),16:25
inana_16Purchasing of a domain name for one year,16:25
inana_16Hosting for one year.16:25
inana_16This year we plan to disregard almost 2 years that we've been paying for, right?16:25
inana_16Send a new invoice with a new hosting cycle and domain payment. ($120 / per year) (When this should start?)16:25
inana_16WE NEED: Send all the past Contract and invoices (in any case),16:26
jelknertan pronto que sea posible?16:26
inana_16So now, the following questions:16:26
inana_16The amount for the domain? (Maybe zOnny can help me with that)16:26
inana_16When the new hosting cycle should start?16:26
inana_16Are we going stick with $30 or $60 / hour16:26
jelknernow that we have business tracker, we won't let these things lapse any more16:26
inana_16That's the main discussion we are going to have with lelkneralfaro 16:26
ubuntouristFamous last words. ;-)16:26
inana_16yes jelkner 16:26
jelknerSITarabuta, 3 minutes left16:27
jelkneraren't you nervours?16:27
SITarabutaa bit ;-)16:27
inana_16Ok I just wanted to have this information here16:27
SITarabutabut I believe in you guys!16:27
inana_16ACTION done16:27
inana_16anyone has anything else?16:27
ubuntouristSITarabuta, famous last words to you too. ;-)16:27
ubuntouristACTION neighs (nays)16:28
inana_16ACTION drops the bag of gravel16:28
jelknergreat job, inana_16!16:28
inana_16Thanks everyone16:28
inana_16 lelkneralfaro 16:28
jelknerlelkneralfaro, can you join us on hangout?16:28
jelknersee y'all sunday16:29
lelkneralfaroI cant log in to novaweb 16:29
GFbotinana_16 so i have to wait?16:29
inana_16yeah, let you know today so we can start 16:29
inana_16quiza podemos entrar a otro canal luego para trabajar sobre eso lelkneralfaro 16:35
lelkneralfaroinana_16, si mejor16:35
inana_16despues de lo que va a mostrar Stefan lelkneralfaro  lol16:36
lelkneralfaroinana_16, haha okay :)16:36
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inana_16hold on lelkneralfaro 17:22
lelkneralfaroinana_16, hmm>17:26
lelkneralfaroinana_16, ?17:26
lelkneralfaroinana_16, I have to grab something so I won't be in front of my laptop for 20 minutes. You can text me on Signal and we can talk. I'll be on my phone, just can't look at the document until i get back17:29
SITarabutajelkner, inana_16, and others who might be using BusinessTracker. I will restart it a few times in the next 10 minutes, so time tracking might reset. Sorry about that! Gotta fix some minor issues17:29
SITarabutaReset, I mean currently tracking time17:30
SITarabutanot already tracked!17:30
SITarabutalike the Track Time page might complain about CSRF token ;-)17:30
SITarabutajelkner, inana_16 business tracker is back up! Record of Services also works now. Try it out, it is pretty cool ;-)17:47
abuchholzjelkner wikis has a new code button. Should be better than the old one ;)17:52
jelknerSITarabuta, abuchholz i'll try out both features later today17:53
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abuchholzlelkneralfaro try resting your password now18:03
abuchholzshould work thanks to Stefan18:04
lelkneralfaroabuchholz, I'll give it a shot18:05
lelkneralfaroabuchholz, yup that did it!18:07
inana_16busy lelkneralfaro ?18:08
lelkneralfaroinana_16, nope, I can talk now18:08
lelkneralfaroinana_16, where are we talking?18:09
inana_16always use this or hangouts 18:09
inana_16but most of the time planning18:09
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lelkneralfarozOnny, Happy Birthday!18:23
zOnnylelkneralfaro -.- 18:30
zOnnylelkneralfaro thank u18:30
lelkneralfarozOnny, :)18:32
jelknerinana_16, can you meet me briefly on plannng?18:51
inana_16I'm about to join the meeting with zOnny regarding CIDU18:51
inana_16is going to be quick?18:51
jelkner2 minutes18:52
jelknerSITarabuta, just tried to call you21:14
jelknerSITarabuta, sent email21:14
jelkneri'm logging off for the day21:15
jelknercy'all sunday21:15
jelknerthough i have no life, so i'll be here tomorrow and saturday too :-(21:15
jelknerACTION signs off for the evening21:15
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LittleBrotherAvailable commands: !event, !help, !ping, !remind, !remove, !time22:32
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SITarabutaLittleBrother has quit and gave up ;-)23:38
SITarabutaBut he came back!23:39
ubuntouristSITarabuta, that's me breaking and then unbreaking it.23:41
SITarabutaAhh I see, ubuntourist ! Good to know. I thought he was hunted o_O23:42
ubuntouristSITarabuta, and the breaking was stupid too. Shows what I get for not reading carefully.23:42
ubuntouristSITarabuta, now I'm attempting to proceed much more cautiously -- but may give up.23:43
SITarabutaubuntourist, I prefer not to read at all ;-) I just dig in and start changing stuff; then it breaks; then I try to restore the backup which I realize doesn't exist; then I start from scratch.23:44
SITarabutaubuntourist, is it the remind in the log that you are working on?23:44
ubuntouristjelkner talks about the beauty of abstraction. I think it's the ugly of obfuscation.23:44
SITarabutaIndeed! And that is why I tell abuchholz how much I hate generic views. BURN THEM TO HELL!23:45
ubuntouristSITarabuta, yeah. And in the "abstraction" stuff is handed to "handler" which hands it to "process". So, I'm going to add a23:46
ubuntouristSITarabuta, "def do()" and a "def action()" and a "def verb()" because abstraction is sooo helpful.23:46
ubuntourist"if subject == noun: predicate = verb()" ;-)23:47
SITarabutaubuntourist, thank you!!23:48
SITarabutaIt's fun when instead of a simple "def post()", you have to do "def get_context_data()", "def form_valid()", "def get_form()", "def get_template()"... WHY!? It's like Agile23:49
SITarabutamakes me commit homicide23:49
ubuntouristSo. I was looking for "write" or "put" because, you know, I want to find out how data gets written to the log files. But no. Worse yet, there's "log", "logging" and "logger" in the code and what they mean changes depending on the phase of the moon, I think.23:51
ubuntouristsometimes "log" refers reading from remind.log. Sometimes it refers to writing to "/logs/*" and sometimes it refers to debugging messages from the Python logging module.23:52
SITarabutaYep, been there. Preferred not to touch it. I was too scared23:53
SITarabutaFor simple scripts / programs like this, it is more of a hassle to "obfuscate" stuff agway ;-). Why can't they just use file.write()23:54
ubuntouristSITarabuta, I should have been scared. Instead I was stupid. Sorcerer's apprentice: I ended up with a 1000-line agenda for a few minutes.23:54
SITarabutaOhhhh boy.. That must've hurt23:55
ubuntourist(I intentionally set the cron to fire every minute for testing. But it didn't seem to be doing anything. I kept looking in the logs/ directory to see23:56
ubuntouristif something was changing. Finally it crashed and when I looked I see "oh. I've been 'logging' to remind.log.") But, I had made a backup before doing that. So, not too serious.23:58
ubuntouristIf I'd read a bit more carefully, I would have seen that's what I was writing to. I just was thinking that "log" meant "log". Silly me.23:59

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