IRC log of #novawebdev for Tuesday, 2020-08-18

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jelknerinana_16, ping!17:30
jelknerinana_16, ping18:21
inana_16pong jelkner 18:21
jelknerinana_16, can you please meet me on planning?18:21
jelkneror if now is no good, inana_16, we could schedule it for later18:22
jelknerbut you are the last one i need to fill in on the survey18:22
jelknerand i'm missing questions18:22
inana_16But I added all the screenshots :(18:22
jelknercan you meet me on planning?18:22
jelknereasier to talk than type18:23
inana_16where did you found this?18:41
inana_16I'm trying to google it18:41
inana_16but i can not find the source jelkner 18:42
jelknerhold on, inana_16 18:42
jelknerlet me look18:42
jelknersadly, when i add advanced search free to use or modify18:44
jelknerwe get much less useful stuff :-(18:44
jelknerno people, inana_16, but some useful free things here:18:46
zOnny!remind ask stefan about how to upload public documents /public/documents/19:29
'ask stefan about how to upload public documents /public/documents/' added to message queue19:29
inana_16I think we can use it is under CC jelkner 19:30
inana_16scroll down to the bottom jelkner 19:31
jelkneryou can use it19:31
jelkneryou rock, inana_16 19:31
inana_16I just updated the folder with the changes on the flier jelkner 19:48
jelknerinana_16, can you please meet me on planning?19:51
jelknerinana_16, ping22:04
jelkneri'm about to sign off for the day22:04
jelknerbut zOnny and inana_16, i have two questions:22:05
jelkner1. zOnny and inana_16, can we make the flyer have clickable links?22:05
jelkner2. inana_16, can you please change the link to:
jelknerand use a font that preserves case22:06
jelknerit should be lower case for most of it22:06
inana_16yes if its PDF22:10
inana_16jelkner, 22:10
inana_16I'm going to do it now22:10
jelknerkatie and dante loved the flyer22:10
jelknerbut dante said the url was too long22:11
inana_16mmmm let me see, i remember that yeah PDF can have url22:11
jelknerhe had already made a shorter one22:11
inana_16but let me see22:11
jelknerokie dokie22:11
jelkneri want to send it to the panelists22:11
jelknerbut after that is fixed22:11
jelknerwe can talk tomorrow at 10 am22:11
jelknerno rush22:11
jelkneri've done my 11 hours for today ;-)22:11
jelknertime to sign off22:12
jelknerhasta tomorrow inana_16 22:12
jelknerlet's meet on planning at 10 am again22:12
inana_16see u maƱana22:12
jelknerACTION signs off22:12

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