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ubuntouristSerious network congestion this morning. Many sites unavailable / timing out.14:06
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jelknerubuntourist, ping14:43
ubuntouristjelkner, ja?14:43
ubuntouristSerious network congestion this morning. Many sites unavailable / timing out.14:44
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nrcerna!remind Set up a meeting to plan regarding this month14:44
'Set up a meeting to plan regarding this month' added to message queue14:44
nrcerna!remind This week plans14:46
'This week plans' added to message queue14:46
Set up a meeting to plan regarding this month (nrcerna)14:47
This week plans (nrcerna)14:47
jelknerubuntourist, just sent an email reply14:48
jelknerubuntourist, big problem is zOnny and i were locked out of HacDC14:48
jelknerubuntourist, i'm not trying to be petty14:48
jelknerbut if i can't get in anymore, i will feel like i should cancel my membership14:48
jelknerthey changed the lock14:48
jelknerfortunately, lelkneralfaro came and we got into CISPES14:49
ubuntouristjelkner, I believe the lock change was the church's doing. But the HacDC BoD should have sent out some announcement...14:51
ubuntouristjelkner, Let me make sure I didn't miss any such announcement. 14:51
jelknerubuntourist, i was thinking i got one and missed it14:52
jelknerwouldn't be surprised14:52
jelknerbut we arrived and saw a new lock14:52
jelknerwith the old one on the ground14:52
jelknerso my key wouldn't let me in14:53
jelknerubuntourist, more importantly, let me know when you have time to look at the signing agreement process14:53
jelknerjelkner has been following your advice14:53
ubuntouristjelkner, you could write to ... (I could as well, but you're the paying member who was aggrieved...)14:54
ubuntouristjelkner, checking now...14:54
jelknerubuntourist, let me know when you have time to look at the OA14:55
jelkneri "signed" the Appendix using your instructions14:56
jelknerubuntourist, strangly, it didn't ask for my password14:56
jelknerhow can we check if it is "signed"?14:56
nrcernajelkner, I have a question, are we going to sign today? to see is need to go to Germans House14:57
ubuntouristjelkner, This is why I prefer e-mail. ;-) Every time I try to do something in the browser, hexchat heckles me. ;-)14:58
ubuntouristjelkner, but, to answer your question...14:58
jelknerturn it off14:58
jelkneryou and i are definitely from different planets ;-)14:58
jelkneri hate all these damn emails! ;-)14:58
ubuntouristOne more step, not strictly necessary but helpful: You should upload your public key to Codeberg. 14:59
jelknerto paraphrase bernie sanders14:59
jelkneroh, will do14:59
ubuntouristjelkner, when you visit
jelknerACTION goes to upload his public key14:59
ubuntouristjelkner, you will see " No known key found for this signature in database "14:59
ubuntouristjelkner, indicating that the the commit has been signed, but that Codeberg has no idea who signed it.15:00
ubuntouristjelkner, Codeberg knows you committed, but doesn't assume that you signed with a key that is owned by you.15:01
ubuntouristjelkner, or rather, a key that identifies you by name. (You "own" it but what did you put in the "Name" field, etc?)15:02
ubuntouristjelkner, Once you've uploaded your public key, it won't have that problem.15:03
ubuntouristjelkner, seahorse may have a clever way to do things, but since we're selling people on the CLI, I don't have seahorse on my system.15:04
ubuntouristjelkner, "gpg --export --armor > public_key.asc" would be how I do it.15:07
ubuntouristjelkner, (Then "cat public_key.asc", copy and paste into Codeberg, GitLab, GitHub and anywhere else you use.)15:08
jelkneri'm doing that now15:08
jelknerubuntourist, interesting, "gpg key is not usable with any email address associated with your account"15:10
jelknerso i need to see if i can add another email address on codeberg15:11
jelknerubuntourist, drats, it looks like i can only have one email address15:12
ubuntouristjelkner, The other option is to add a second e-mail address to the GPG key.15:12
ubuntouristjelkner, hold a sec...15:12
ubuntouristjelkner, "gpg --edit-key"15:14
ubuntouristjelkner, "adduid"15:14
ubuntouristjelkner, [Fill in the blanks]15:15
jelknercool, i noticed your key had half a dozen emails15:15
ubuntouristjelkner, "save"15:15
ubuntouristjelkner, re-export, copy, paste, maybe after getting rid of the previous entry.15:16
ubuntouristjelkner, I'm hoping that will fix your trouble.15:16
jelknerubuntourist, is there an "add email address"15:17
ubuntouristjelkner, I just checked: Codeberg allows more than one address too.15:17
jelkneradduid starts out asking me for a Real Name15:17
jelknermakes me a little nervous15:18
jelknerI can have multiple real names?15:18
ubuntouristjelkner, I think it asks for an email address after that. Same as when you first create the key. Yes. More than one "real name" and they can be the same.15:18
jelknerit does15:18
jelknerso i entered that15:19
jelknerthen it wants a comment15:19
jelknerI thought "add additional email address" was appropriate15:19
ubuntouristRight. And that can be whatever you like. I usually make the comment affiliated with the organization (or "personal")15:20
jelknerthen this: Change (N)ame, (C)omment, (E)mail or (O)kay/(Q)uit? 15:20
ubuntouristI would change the comment15:20
ubuntouristIt's showing you the comment in parenthesis and it will show that to all who use your key.15:20
jelknernow i'm confused15:20
jelkneri'm not changing, i'm adding15:20
ubuntouristNOW? ;-)15:21
jelknerdo i click O?15:21
ubuntouristThe "comment" is not a "commit comment"15:21
ubuntouristThe comment is a bit of fluff added to the real name and e-mail. So for example:15:21
ubuntouristKevin Cole (Ubuntu DC LoCo) <>15:22
ubuntouristKevin Cole (NOVA Web Development) <>15:22
ubuntouristThe comment is in parenthesis.15:22
ubuntouristSome people would do "Kevin Cole (git commit key) <>"15:23
jelkneri just wrote "Jeffrey Elkner <>"15:24
ubuntouristThe comment is to let OTHERS know what this key is for. Your organization? Your personal key? The key you use only for purpose X?15:24
jelknerthe department of redundancy department15:24
ubuntouristlets you add multiple addresses to Codeberg.15:25
jelknerdo i regenerate the asc and upload again?15:25
ubuntouristSince this means of communication is sooo much better than e-mail, I assumed you already saw:15:28
ubuntouristjelkner, re-export, copy, paste, maybe after getting rid of the previous entry.15:29
ubuntourist(several lines ago)15:29
jelkneri didn't need to remove the previous attempt, since codeberg didn't save it15:31
jelknernow all looks goo15:31
ubuntouristAnd (repeating)15:31
ubuntouristlets you add multiple addresses to Codeberg.15:31
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ubuntouristNow says "signed by jelkner"15:32
ubuntouristjelkner, I would suggest renaming the repo to something more generic that would allow for other co-op legal docs to be kept in it.15:38
ubuntouristjelkner, We did have which, if we're abandoning, I will delete.15:38
ubuntouristjelkner, (and similar on Google Docs). Too many copies of stuff.15:39
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Set up a meeting to plan regarding this month (nrcerna)15:53
This week plans (nrcerna)15:53
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PAldea : GFbot : amina : cmoran : nrcerna : zOnny : lelkneralfaro : @ubuntourist : wolcen : @mjsir911 : @ChanServ16:00
Good afternoon everyone!16:00
It's 16:00 UTC and NOVA Web Development's bi-weekly meeting is starting.16:00
This is the agenda for today:16:00
Set up a meeting to plan regarding this month (nrcerna)16:00
This week plans (nrcerna)16:00
Have a nice day!16:00
nrcernaHello everyone!16:00
GFbotGood day16:00
GFbotJeff is not here16:00
nrcernaHello jelkner, zOnny, lelkneralfaro16:00
nrcernaIs in Jitsi now16:01
ubuntouristShould we be moving to jitsi?16:01
nrcernaNope, I mean you can do both16:01
cmoranjeff is coming now16:01
ubuntouristNot really.16:01
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nrcernaThank uoi cmoran16:02
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GFbotjelkner hello again16:03
jelknerGM, GFbot, so great to see you!16:03
nrcernaits seems like is going to be brief, unless you want to add some items later16:03
nrcernafirst item: Set up a meeting to plan regarding this month16:03
nrcernawell you mentioned that jelkner, and I know that is really important to plan how are going to be sustainable this month 16:04
jelkneri'm here, nrcerna 16:04
jelknerbut as i've been saying, you all need to drive this boat16:05
nrcernaso I would like to set up a meeting to talk about the things we are going to do reagarding that16:05
lelkneralfaronrcerna, let me know when and I will make myself available. 16:05
jelknernrcerna, i will say this16:06
jelknerwe got through august fine16:06
nrcernalelkneralfaro, zOnny I would need your help on that, as we did last time with the price list we  can go trough to things we can invoice this month, checking it, once a week and also trying to get some work as well16:06
jelknerbut as zOnny and i have been discussing, we can no longer do "salaries"16:07
nrcernayes jelkner 16:07
jelknerwe need to follow our operating agreement16:07
jelknerwhich means members are paid according to patronage16:07
ubuntourist(speaking of which, I've just signed and pushed.)16:07
nrcernayes jelkner 16:07
nrcernaWe know 16:07
jelkneri would like to propose we establish an hourly rate for zOnny and nrcerna for work they do for the coop16:08
jelkneri'd like to propose $30 per hour for zOnny and $20 per hour for nrcerna 16:08
ubuntouristACTION showing how much attention he pays to such details says "Oh, they weren't already that way?"16:09
jelknernow that we have business tracker16:09
jelknerit will be soooo much easier to manage this!16:09
jelknerbtw, AEA just paid us16:10
nrcernaGreat jelkner 16:10
jelknerso we need to talk about online voting on thursday16:10
GFbotwhat about me? jelkner16:11
GFbotsame as usual16:11
GFbotor what16:11
jelkneryes, GFbot 16:11
jelknerabajo de la mesa ;-)16:11
GFbotdirty way16:11
nrcernaEstas loco GFbot 16:12
nrcernaOk, Next item: plans for this week16:12
jelknerjelkner will finish the operating agreement process, work with NOVALACIRO and BCI, and prepare for start of school16:13
lelkneralfaroI want to dig more into libreorganize and check out the issues16:13
jelknerjelkner will also talk to AEA about next steps for this year with LO16:14
ubuntouristACTION will continue to slog away at trying to learn TDD16:14
zOnnyACTION Novalaciro deployment, webinars app, CIDU deployment, etc...16:14
nrcernaACTION NOVALACIRO, NWD website improvement, Planning, Check responsive issues in every website we had with LO16:14
ubuntouristACTION will also be trying to do that TDD with CI... Ambitious, but there it is.16:15
jelknerubuntourist, let's talk about that more after meeting16:15
nrcernaBtw, zOnny are we waiting for Clayton's response right?16:15
SITarabutaACTION will be doing DoctestQuiz mostly16:15
nrcernaI saw you emailed him on friday16:16
GFbotACTION ask nrcerna what to do for this week16:16
nrcernaYes GFbot as usual you need to prepare your classes16:16
SITarabutajelkner, we were supposed to talk about Up & Go and Doctest yesterday, but you weren't here - hmm16:16
zOnnynrcerna: the ball is in their court16:16
nrcernaand you can talk with jelkner regarding that, he cal help you16:16
jelknerbtw, GFbot, junior emailed me that he was learning *a lot*!16:16
nrcernaand we are going to work on some responsive issues GFbot 16:17
ubuntouristSo before people wander off: Two things:16:17
ubuntourist1. GPG signing + git seems to work okay, though it takes a bit of learning.16:17
nrcernaIm going to check every website16:17
jelknerSITarabuta, i got caught up in gdw work16:17
jelknerlet's talk today16:17
nrcernaso we can be sure that we are covering that 16:17
nrcernazOnny, thanks for the update16:17
ubuntourist2. We can chat in Jitsi: Any thoughts on the radio show? (In jitsi after the bag is dropped.)16:18
jelknerGFbot, we need your help getting nrcerna to sign our operating agreement16:18
nrcernaregarding that I have Ubuntu Studio now16:18
jelkneri didn't get to watch it, ubuntourist, but sure, let's talk after16:18
jelknernice, nrcerna!16:19
nrcernaWhen we are going to sign jelkner?16:19
nrcernaso I can go to GFbot house16:19
jelknerwe already started, nrcerna 16:19
nrcernaOk maybe I need to go today16:19
jelkneri did, ubuntourist did, and zOnny and lelkneralfaro are working on it now16:19
ubuntouristAnd 3 and 4: (3) SITarabuta thanks for the FreeIPA stuff. (4) reminder: co-op conference in a bit over a week.16:19
jelknerSITarabuta needs to be told what to do16:19
jelknerbut he can do that today16:19
nrcernaafter this meeting, but I wanted to check NOVALACIRO Website with zOnny before our meeting with Daniela and Heylin16:20
SITarabutaubuntourist, ;-)16:20
SITarabutajelkner, +116:20
jelknerthanks, SITarabuta and ubuntourist!16:20
nrcernajelkner, 16:20
jelknerlet's talk after, nrcerna 16:20
ubuntouristACTION steps away for a minute...16:21
nrcernaanyone has anything to add16:21
nrcernaACTION Drops the bag of gravel16:21
SITarabutaACTION performs an acrobatic movement and dodges the bag of gravel at the last second16:21
jelknerthanks, nrcerna 16:21
nrcernalol SITarabuta 16:21
jelknerbtw, you confused me by changing your nick ;-)16:22
jelknerlet's move over to planning16:22
nrcernaI know I didnt change it is just I used what Hexchat suggested when I did set up this16:23 GFbot 16:25
nrcernaGFbot, please join us there16:26
ubuntouristTo your scattered documents go. The above are places we keep stuff... Or don't.16:43
SITarabutayes <- that ubuntourist 16:43
zOnnyubuntourist: are u here?17:02
jelknerubuntourist, i just made it worse17:11
jelkneri was using simple markdown for tables17:11
jelkneri know i forgot the phone number17:11
jelknerbut now I've messed it up worse17:11
SITarabutaLOL jelkner 17:12
jelknerubuntourist, i count 6 fields17:13
jelknerwhat is wrong?17:13
jelknernever mind17:13
jelknerit was an enter17:13
jelknerSITarabuta, zOnny needs to add his phone number17:16
jelknerbut you and lelkneralfaro 17:16
SITarabutajelkner, ?17:17
jelknerSITarabuta, to Appendix A17:17
jelknerand you and lelkneralfaro need to sign, SITarabuta 17:17
SITarabutaoh right17:17
jelknerits when you sign, SITarabuta, that you are "officially" an owner ;-)17:18
SITarabutayes jelkner ;-)17:18
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zOnnyubuntourist: ping17:37
ubuntouristzOnny, yes17:38
zOnnyhow should I sign my commit ?17:38
ubuntouristzOnny, I have a document. I'll send it. But I need to make a small correction17:39
nrcernajelkner, what time you're leaving?17:47
jelknernrcerna, what's the story with the Agaric payment for BT?17:48
nrcernalast time I mentioned that to following up, SITarabuta mentioned that he already sent that to Micky18:00
nrcernaI think it was our last Thursday meeting jelkner , right SITarabuta?18:01
SITarabutayes nrcerna 18:02
SITarabutaI sent it to Ben18:02
nrcernaMaybe we should CC that to Micky 18:02
nrcernaso she can be aware of that as well18:02
SITarabutaright nrcerna 18:04
ubuntouristzOnny, lelkneralfaro I'm going to planning and screensharing.18:09
lelkneralfaroubuntourist, okay, I'll jump on18:10
zOnnyubuntourist: Thanks a loooooooot!18:42
SITarabuta+1 (999) 999-902918:57
jelknervariety is the spice of life18:57
SITarabutayes indeed!18:57
SITarabutassh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAACAQCqn8U0IxWdU3xr+2RZQYfwePMVPcdRHHGrnWYLzU++x7HzGNgzqyJuUG0iCspV7BvX9l6kkR+S/RZ8NwoH9KWdnTyDFCUrgvAnw5NflV2hDJvKb6AtufQGQxDSIs0sm9nf2k2+ZwBLflHW2sEdHPrLhr9Ax2uOlNoANcactS1m9tYsDJlgWg/Udpqz6oeqgO1UxYRI+bZdL5Xyt1lRGzKIWL6x6t4nCcxwH+hxOOJMgxOST1KlGJe3GYZPB2fc2v6N3EBy58j8qG0iuLojUM+0RbM3cG5l8pXPQoRxOK+TinrwNrK2nV5hXHcDsVzYfIcpt7MyAc4jek05Av8yQ+GT+mOz1UE2PakzBz/1+xgG1qaKYtMv4KmU6hPJnA5d19:05
SITarabutaj8y4q2lZr2hVOoT1M1s4savLuzlpdksnoO4Uo60BddIFYB+g52RWqiiXQqRmUy+tVxQmJszQOJoZB7RjXUFXxuK4ui+9C52mECAC9RWzd95aS6J5/rC1S+pkxjoYRICVsA5Zt9o7i4Z2TVZYjl3ToceK0OqIKWxch4K2NG9a8BNI59D12ZOOO2GWcSo+TMx7e5sBWgZFm6R/mUGyczLFe4Uy0SMsy6eIqxVZoLFmb42M5JpkqfZ1kGH08fgiT4yx1jubHpTFmFHSTHTnfZsDTIQFFA8ok1YvG++9/K1847x8fw== sitarabuta@gmail.com19:05
jelknernrcerna, zOnny and i are heading home19:53
jelknernrcerna, what is the story with BT and Agaric?19:53

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