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sitarabutaOh I love when I am earlier than jelkner ;-)12:35
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sitarabuta!remind "Technically", our operating agreement is already out of date12:58
'Technically, our operating agreement is already out of date' added to message queue12:58
Technically, our operating agreement is already out of date (sitarabuta)12:58
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Technically, our operating agreement is already out of date (sitarabuta)14:22
jelknerArlingtonians for Elizabeth Guzman14:39
jelknerEducators for Elizabeth Guzman14:39
nrcernazOnny, Micky is asking about the "log in" page on Business tracker14:56
nrcernawhat should I say? Or do we need to wait for Stefan to tell us what she needs to do regarding her issue?14:57
zOnnynrcerna: yeah, I'm not fully aware who the invoice was sent15:10
nrcernaThis is not regardind the invoice15:11
nrcernaI just pasted what she sent on your discord zOnny 15:11
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Technically, our operating agreement is already out of date (sitarabuta)15:17
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sitarabutaand I am back15:26
Technically, our operating agreement is already out of date (sitarabuta)15:27
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nrcerna!remind Plans for this week15:41
'Plans for this week' added to message queue15:41
sitarabuta!remove Technically, our operating agreement is already out of date15:48
'Technically, our operating agreement is already out of date' removed from the message queue15:48
sitarabutait is not, thank goodness15:48
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ubuntouristjelkner, took bloody forever, (and not finished yet) but have a look at
PAldea : GFbot : amina : sitarabuta : abuchholz : nrcerna : +jelkner : zOnny : lelkneralfaro : @ubuntourist : wolcen : @mjsir911 : @ChanServ16:00
Good afternoon everyone!16:00
It's 16:00 UTC and NOVA Web Development's bi-weekly meeting is starting.16:00
This is the agenda for today:16:00
Plans for this week (nrcerna)16:00
Have a nice day!16:00
nrcernaHello Everyone!16:00
jelknerGM, nrcerna!16:00
sitarabutagood afternoon websters! ;-)16:00
jelknerubuntourist, you rock!16:00
nrcernaWell we have one item in today's agenda, this will be a check in just to know what things are going to work on this week16:02
jelknerGood morning, GFbot!16:02
jelknerGFbot, looking forward to meeting with you and nrcerna immediately after16:02
nrcernaSo everyone can be on the same page16:02
sitarabutaACTION is doing doctestquiz and possibly the Up & Go alternative-ish thingy?16:02
sitarabutaACTION is also keeping Susan happy16:03
jelknerjelkner, in addition to surviving his first week teaching online, will setup FB groups to support Elizabeth Guzman16:03
ubuntouristI'm continuing to reLearn reStructuredText and hoping to slowly slog through obeying the testing goat.16:03
abuchholzACTION Going to work on polls app improvements... 16:03
ubuntouristsitarabuta, I helped keep her happy. ;-)16:03
jelknerkeeping Susan happy is why we exist, sitarabuta!16:03
abuchholzACTION looking for some work?16:03
nrcernaACTION We're going to work on some MLLC requests,I will be setting up supporter groups for Elizabeth Guzma,16:03
sitarabutaubuntourist, you did! she replied and told me what to delete. She mentioned you taught her something similar last year ;-)16:04
nrcernaACTION I'll send an email to Katie to let them know that she can add content and webinars as well once she register16:04
nrcernaStill dealing with NWD website issues16:04
lelkneralfaroACTION I'm working on the events app16:04
nrcernaACTION We're going to find a way to involve amina in a new project we're going to have16:05
zOnnyACTION CIDU deployment, MLLC, and NWD webiste updates16:05
ubuntouristsitarabuta, Oh, good to know the problem was basically what we figured out. (How do you spell "relief"? 😁)16:06
nrcernajelkner, you mentioned that abuchholz could work on some Gallaudet stuff, right?16:06
nrcernaI remember you mentioned that in a meeting this week16:06
jelknernot until david can get access to the campus16:07
abuchholzI'll check in with David today send him an email16:07
jelknernrcerna, i'm afraid we're blocking on that16:07
jelknerabuchholz +1!16:07
nrcernaWhy? jelkner 16:07
jelknerwhy what?16:07
ubuntouristAnd I watched a movie. 😉 Work, work, work, it's all I do. 😉 (In preparation for Friday / Saturday virtual conference.)16:08
abuchholzHopefully we can test it soon 16:08
GFbotso what's the plan for this week? @n16:08
jelknerubuntourist, btw. thanks a 10**6 on that!16:08
nrcernaThe plan GFbot first of all is have a talk with jelkner 16:08
jelknerGFbot, right after this meeting16:09
nrcernaBtw, sitarabuta Micky is having some issues with BT log in and permissions16:09
jelknernrcerna, i'll answer your Gallaudet questions then too16:09
sitarabutai saw the email this morning... they don't know how to promote her to "manager" status. I can't reply yet though16:09
jelkneroh my, keeping Micky happy is why we exist, sitarabuta ;-)16:09
sitarabutaI will email her tonight16:09
sitarabutaoh jelkner LoL16:10
nrcernaGreat, thanks sitarabuta 16:10
nrcernaSo, anyone has anything else?16:11
ubuntouristjelkner, 16:11
ubuntouristjelkner, BCI meeting? 16:11
jelkneroh yes, ubuntourist, thanks for the reminder16:11
jelknerBCI is calling a meeting together of DMV area worker co-ops16:12
jelknerfor wed 9/23 at 6 pm16:12
jelknerthat's an important step forward16:12
jelknerand important for our long term survival16:12
ubuntouristjelkner, URL needed. Unless you sent and I missed. Well, even if you did. 😉16:13
jelknersince we will be looking to the co-op ecosystem for our nurishment16:13
jelknerlet me check, ubuntourist 16:13
jelkneri only had an email so far16:13
jelkneri'll look into that after meeting16:13
sitarabutadrop it??16:14
sitarabutaignore the second question mark16:14
sitarabutai am not desperate ;-)16:14
jelkneri'm with you, sitarabuta 16:14
jelknerstand up meetings are supposed to be 10 minutes16:14
jelknerwe allot 30, but we don't need to use it16:15
jelknerwe have work to do!16:15
ubuntouristsitarabuta, "You should have thought of that before we left" (parents to young children)16:15
sitarabutaubuntourist, ;-) I love it!16:15
nrcernaACTION drop the bag of gravel16:15
jelknernice work, nrcerna!16:16
jelknersee ya all thursday16:16
lelkneralfarothanks everyone!16:16
nrcernaSee you!16:16
jelknerwish me well surviving ms teams :-(16:16
ubuntouristjelkner, is discussion happening in jitsi?16:16
nrcernaThanks everyone!16:16
jelknerubuntourist, sure16:16
ubuntouristjelkner, whither? Planning? Hangout?16:16
jelknerdrats, nrcerna 17:22
jelknerwe forgot about novalaciro!17:22
jelknerGFbot, we need to meet at 2 pm next week17:22
jelknersince we have novalaciro at 1 pm17:23
GFbotjelkner sure 17:23
nrcernaDo we have novalaciro meeting today? jelkner :O17:23
nrcernaDid we forget that?17:23
jelknerevery sunday17:23
jelknerwe can't forget17:24
nrcernaOh, so are we going to meet with them now?17:24
jelknerheylin's mom broke her ankle17:24
nrcernajelkner, I guess Daniela and Heyling forgot that as well17:24
jelknershe has been dealing with hostipals and figuring out what to do17:24
nrcerna:O Oh God17:24
jelknerbut sunday at 1 pm is really important17:24
nrcerna:( Tha's sad17:25
jelknerwe can't drop the ball17:25
nrcernaWe'll do it17:25
jelknernrcerna, get on novalaciro please17:27
jelknernrcerna, heylin and i are waiting17:28
nrcernajelkner, zOnny , lelkneralfaro , I dont know what time you're leaving, I need to go to my grandmas house, so I'll be gone but I'll work later on the MLLC stuff we need to have ready with zOnny 18:18
nrcernaI just wanted to let you all know18:18
nrcernaACTION AWAY18:35
jelknernrcerna, GFbot, we are heading out of hear soon19:03
nrcernasee you tomorrow19:04

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