IRC log of #novawebdev for Tuesday, 2020-09-08

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abuchholzjelkner, I'm talking to edzon about groups in LibreOrganize. I just had a couple of questions...17:03
abuchholz1. Should a user be able to be part of multiple groups17:04
abuchholz2. Should polls allow more than one group, I think it should be limited to one?17:04
abuchholzI can start working on that this week and into the weekend. I'm also gonna work on some misc improvements for the polls app, essentially just making it easier to use after the feedback I got.17:05
abuchholzrespond whenever... I'll add this to the agenda on Thursday17:06
abuchholz!remind Groups in LibreOrganize17:06
'Groups in LibreOrganize' added to message queue17:06
Groups in LibreOrganize (abuchholz)17:06
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jelknernrcerna, ping21:54
jelknernrcerna, i just tried to call you on signal21:54
jelkneryou didn't answer21:54
jelknernrcerna, we should talk before i shutdown this evening21:55
nrcernahold on21:55
nrcernaI was in the restroom21:55
jelknerahh, sorry21:55
jelknernrcerna, let me know when a good time to call is21:55
jelkneri just got off the phone with zOnny 21:55

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