IRC log of #novawebdev for Tuesday, 2020-09-22

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nrcernajelkner, I need to go out, to do some things, I'll be back in the afternoon, email me in case you need something.15:47
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jelknerabuchholz, you, peter, and francesco are joining me on Zoom during cc today, yes?16:26
abuchholzwe need the link but yes. And not sure if francesco can come. He has college virtual tours or something 16:27
jelknerabuchholz, do you have access to the canvas page for our class?16:27
jelknerif not, i need to add the three of you16:28
jelkneryou show up on the list16:28
abuchholzyeah. I do. I can check. I'm currently in math class. But I'm 90% sure I'm in ur class16:29
jelkneryou are16:29
jelknerlet's talk during cc16:29
jelknersorry to bother you during math16:29
abuchholzits alright. I'm the one who joined during math. Just mutli-tasking something I have gotten pretty good at lol16:32
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jelknernrcerna, i've been trying to call you, but you're not picking up21:35
nrcernawhere? jelkner 21:35
nrcernai didnt receive any call21:35
nrcernajelkner, 21:35
nrcernaI'll call you21:35
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jelkner!remind Take a look at Open International (and talk about donations, paypal, etc.)23:00
'Take a look at Open International (and talk about donations, paypal, etc.)' added to message queue23:00
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