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ubuntourist!remind Glance at We may want to have a conversation with them...01:25
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Turn over control of Xoom account to zOnny and lelkneralfaro (jelkner)07:40
Set up separate payment for GFbot directly from jelkner, not NOVA Web Dev (jelkner)07:40
How's the refactoring for LibreOrganize going? (SITarabuta)07:40
Take a look at Open International (and talk about donations, paypal, etc.) (jelkner)07:40
Glance at We may want to have a conversation with them... (ubuntourist)07:40
jelkner!remind Status of ST for Liberia07:41
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jelkner!remind Report back on BCI meeting07:42
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Turn over control of Xoom account to zOnny and lelkneralfaro (jelkner)07:42
Set up separate payment for GFbot directly from jelkner, not NOVA Web Dev (jelkner)07:42
How's the refactoring for LibreOrganize going? (SITarabuta)07:42
Take a look at Open International (and talk about donations, paypal, etc.) (jelkner)07:42
Glance at We may want to have a conversation with them... (ubuntourist)07:42
Status of ST for Liberia (jelkner)07:42
Report back on BCI meeting (jelkner)07:42
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jelknernrcerna, ping14:57
nrcernapong jelkner 14:57
jelknercan i signal you?14:58
jelkneri'm on lunch break14:58
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jelknerubuntourist, i listened to the meeting you had with the va folks15:36
jelknerubuntourist, thank you, you did a *great job* representing us.15:36
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jelknerubuntourist, it doesn't sound like anything concrete we can follow up on immediately15:36
jelknerbut we need to keep our tribe expanding over time15:37
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jelknernrcerna, school just ended19:11
jelkneri'm available now, how can i help you?19:11
jelknerbtw. nrcerna, i'm on planning19:12
nrcernabusy, meeting jelkner 19:12
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Turn over control of Xoom account to zOnny and lelkneralfaro (jelkner)19:45
Set up separate payment for GFbot directly from jelkner, not NOVA Web Dev (jelkner)19:45
How's the refactoring for LibreOrganize going? (SITarabuta)19:45
Take a look at Open International (and talk about donations, paypal, etc.) (jelkner)19:45
Glance at We may want to have a conversation with them... (ubuntourist)19:45
Status of ST for Liberia (jelkner)19:45
Report back on BCI meeting (jelkner)19:45
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nrcernawe're still in the call jelkner 19:56
jelknernrcerna, i'll run the meeting if need be19:58
jelknerlelkneralfaro, are you in that meeting too?19:58
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nrcernayes he is, but zOnny is driving jelkner 19:58
jelknergood evening, amina 19:58
jelknerokie dokie19:58
aminaGood evening!19:59
jelknerwe will postpone all items involving nrcerna, lelkneralfaro, or zOnny until sunday19:59
nrcernayou can make it to the end of this meeting jelkner 19:59
amina : GFbot : PAldea : lelkneralfaro : cedwards57 : @ubuntourist : SITarabuta : abuchholz : wolcen : nrcerna : +jelkner : @ChanServ : @msirabella20:00
Good afternoon everyone!20:00
nrcernaO anything you prefer jelkner 20:00
It's 16:00 UTC and NOVA Web Development's bi-weekly meeting is starting.20:00
This is the agenda for today:20:00
Turn over control of Xoom account to zOnny and lelkneralfaro (jelkner)20:00
Set up separate payment for GFbot directly from jelkner, not NOVA Web Dev (jelkner)20:00
How's the refactoring for LibreOrganize going? (SITarabuta)20:00
Take a look at Open International (and talk about donations, paypal, etc.) (jelkner)20:00
Glance at We may want to have a conversation with them... (ubuntourist)20:00
Status of ST for Liberia (jelkner)20:00
Report back on BCI meeting (jelkner)20:00
Have a nice day!20:00
abuchholzHi SITarabuta 20:00
abuchholzHello everyone20:00
jelknerGood evening everyone20:00
jelknernrcerna, zOnny, and lelkneralfaro are in a meeting with a prospective website project20:01
jelknerso i'll push our agenda this evening20:01
jelknerfirst item turn over control of accounts20:01
jelknerthat is for zOnny, nrcerna, and lelkneralfaro 20:01
jelknerso it will have to wait for sunday20:01
jelknersame with next item20:01
jelknerit is payment process related20:01
jelknerand the relevant actors are not available20:02
lelkneralfaroour call just finished20:02
jelknerthird item, How's the refactoring of LO going?20:02
jelknerSITarabuta, that's you20:02
nrcernajust zOnny is missing20:02
SITarabutawell it is going slowly but surely20:02
*** zOnny has joined #novawebdev20:02
jelknerand i meet with clayton tomorrow20:02
SITarabutait is mostly decision making20:02
SITarabutathan coding20:02
jelknerso i need to know what to say to him20:02
jelknerSITarabuta, do you want to hold off until clayton and noah can participate in the discussion?20:03
jelkneri'll suggest that to clayton tomorrow, and we can plan for that20:03
jelkneranything else on that, SITarabuta?20:04
SITarabutanot really20:04
jelknerok, next item is also for nrcerna, lelkneralfaro, and zOnny20:04
nrcernawe're here jelkner 20:04
jelknerare you finished, nrcerna?20:04
jelknercool, let's loop back then20:04
jelknerquick todo's:20:05
jelkner1. zOnny, it is time for you to take over the Xoom account20:05
jelknerand to send payments to nrcerna 20:05
jelknernot me20:05
jelkner2. GFbot, you need to work with nrcerna so that i can send payments to you20:05
*** amina has joined #novawebdev20:06
jelknernrcerna, GFbot, zOnny, thoughts, questions?20:06
GFbotIm going to work with nrcerna on that20:06
GFbottomorrow maybe20:06
nrcernaregarding 2, you will need just your address, phone number, zipcode, and account number, your full name (of course) GFbot 20:06
nrcernayou need to send that to jelkner 20:06
jelknernrcerna, please help him get me what i need20:07
jelkneron sunday, i'll work with zOnny to transfer control of our novaweb xoom20:07
jelknerthe other item we skipped is open international20:08
jelknerKhady Lusby, the founder and director, called me asking for help with the website20:08
jelknerzOnny, would you be the one to talk with her?20:09
zOnnyzOnny you got it?20:09
zOnnyzOnny yes I do20:09
jelknerzOnny, i'll send you her contact info20:09
ubuntouristjelkner, Do I recall that Khady has some grant-writing chops? 20:10
jelknerhmmm, that's an idea20:10
jelkneranyway, ubuntourist, you're up20:10
ubuntouristSo, last night, one of the groups presenting was Thrownless Tech.20:11
nrcernaACTION had the pleasure to talk with Harum on the breakout rooms20:11
ubuntouristA quick look at their "About" page indicates they are not only local to the DC/MD/VA area, but also invested in the same20:11
ubuntouristkind of stuff we are.20:11
ubuntouristTheir github indicates mostly Javascript an CSS but they mention one of them is a Rails developer.20:12
ubuntouristThree person co-op. Anyway, we should make friends there.20:12
ubuntouristACTION is done20:12
jelknerubuntourist, we should definitely get to know our neighbors!20:12
jelknercool, next item ST status for Liberia20:13
jelknerSITarabuta, abuchholz ?20:13
abuchholzWe haven't really started20:13
SITarabutaOh I thought abuchholz handled that. I can deploy it if you want20:13
abuchholzI wouldn't ind doing that tonight20:13
jelknerSITarabuta, we need an estimate20:13
abuchholzI thought you said you would do it SITarabuta 20:13
jelknerfirst step, tell Isaac the cost20:14
SITarabutaOfc I will then20:14
jelknerfor a year20:14
abuchholzWe can do it tonight20:14
SITarabutaI can tell you an estimate20:14
jelknerthen if he gives us the green light, go!20:14
SITarabutafor the time it takes to deploy20:14
SITarabutamaintain, well there isn't really anything to do to maintain it20:14
jelknerSITarabuta, let's talk after the meeting20:14
SITarabutajust update the underlying OS20:14
jelknerlast item, report back on BCI meeting20:14
lelkneralfaroit was really great to network and meet other co-ops from the area20:15
lelkneralfarotwo that stood out to me were throneless20:15
ubuntouristACTION posted the chat from the zoom call as e-mail this morning, FWIW20:16
lelkneralfaroit's good to get our name out there and maybe some people will come to us for business or spread our name and we'll get a chance to work on some cool projects 20:16
nrcernaThe meeting it was really good, as I said I met with Harum they where really open to connect and maybe teach in case we need it., it was really good to see Heylin there as well20:16
ubuntouristlelkneralfaro, In my notes from the call, I also took special note of Earthbound.20:17
nrcernaGeoff and Bianca we're really good.20:17
ubuntouristnrcerna, I sent e-mail to their team this morning.20:17
ubuntouristnrcerna, (I mean, to Throneless.)20:17
nrcernagreat ubuntourist!20:18
lelkneralfaroubuntourist, yes they seemed to have gained some good experience and have had success20:18
ubuntouristlelkneralfaro, Earthbound, you mean. FYI everyone else, they are now talking about how to handle finances related to their heavy-duty construction equipment.20:19
lelkneralfaroubuntourist, yup i mean Earthbound20:20
ubuntouristEarthbound has done work in the DMV area, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Puerto Rico, among other places...20:20
jelknerbut only on earth, hence the name ;-)20:20
jelkneranything else?20:21
ubuntouristThey're a construction company. So, unlike us, they have to actually be in all those places to do the work. That suggests some good management of their co-op.20:21
lelkneralfarosoon to be rebranded *Marsbound and changing their business model to space exploration20:21
ubuntouristlelkneralfaro, remind me to say something in the hangout about Mars.20:21
jelkneranything else?20:21
ubuntouristAnyway, jelkner mentioned I should paste :
lelkneralfaroubuntourist, will do20:22
nrcernaCan we meet zOnny, lelkneralfaro to talk about the meeting we had? same url
jelkneri want to give a sunday heads up20:22
jelknerbut i'm waiting20:22
lelkneralfaronrcerna, can we make it quick? i have a load of dishes to do20:22
lelkneralfaronrcerna, or do it in 30 min?20:22
nrcernain 30 works for me20:23
jelknerok, quick heads up for sunday20:23
lelkneralfaronrcerna, 20:23
lelkneralfaronrcerna, cool20:23
jelknerchris will spend the day with us20:23
jelknerwe need to "onboard" him20:23
jelknerwith email, access to LO and BT, etc.20:23
ubuntouristSITarabuta, I haven't paid attention: What's the current state of SSO?20:24
lelkneralfarojelkner, we agreed on him?20:24
jelkneri am proposing we explore creating a FACT[TIC] like organization with together with Agaric in the us20:24
nrcernaI thought that he was about to join us here today jelkner 20:24
jelknerlelkneralfaro, not yet20:24
lelkneralfarojelkner, oh yeah we never discussed that more to my memory20:24
lelkneralfarojelkner, after your long meeting with him20:24
SITarabutaIt is paused jelkner 20:24
SITarabutaI am leaving in exactly 2 weeks20:24
SITarabutaso I don't want to break stuff around this time20:24
jelknernrcerna, he was going to20:24
nrcernayeah I mentioned jelkner that lelkneralfaro 20:24
jelknerbut he had a busy meeting at ONE DC20:25
nrcernathat we need to have a meeting regarding that20:25
jelknerhe said he could still make it here at 420:25
jelknerbut i told him better to wait until sunday20:25
jelknerthis is important20:25
jelknerwe've never done this before20:25
jelknerso nrcerna and i have been talking regularly20:25
jelknerand i've been talking to him almost every day20:26
jelknerand sending him lots of info20:26
jelknerso i think we should let him act like an intern for a few weeks20:26
jelknerand give him access during that time20:26
jelknerso we can get to know him better and he us20:26
ubuntouristACTION hears SITarabuta heartbeat and respiration rising... ;-)20:26
jelknerthen, after a few weeks,20:26
jelknerif we all agree this is a good fit20:27
jelknernrcerna, can put him forward officially as a candidate member20:27
jelknerand we can vote20:27
jelknersound good?20:27
lelkneralfarodoesn't BT have sensitive info?20:27
jelkner3 minutes20:27
jelknerok, maybe we hold off on that one, lelkneralfaro 20:27
jelknergood point20:27
SITarabutaACTION heavy breathing - 2 minutes20:28
nrcernagood point lelkneralfaro 20:28
jelknerbut we need to let him know who our partners are20:28
jelknerso he can get a better sense of the business20:28
lelkneralfarojelkner, i haven't explored the user permissions level though SITarabuta could say more about that20:28
lelkneralfaroACTION done20:28
jelknerlelkneralfaro, excellent points20:28
jelknercan we discuss after20:28
jelkneri have a bag of gravel to drop ;-)20:28
jelknerACTION drops the bag of gravel20:29
nrcernaYou rock jelkner 20:29
jelknerwith 1 minute to spare ;-)20:29
nrcernathank you  jelkner 20:29
jelkneryou're better, nrcerna 20:29
jelknerbut i made it20:29
jelknerlelkneralfaro, 6:30 pm saturday, right?20:29
lelkneralfarojelkner, sure20:31
jelknerlelkneralfaro, one more question20:31
lelkneralfarojelkner, how long should py4e take20:31
jelknera semester20:32
jelknerit was designed as a one semester course20:32
lelkneralfarojelkner, i know there are a lot of variables, so 4 months?20:32
jelknersounds about right20:32
GFbotIm leaving jelkner need to be ready20:32
lelkneralfarojelkner, okay, sounds kinda long20:32
jelknerlelkneralfaro, can we talk20:33
lelkneralfarojelkner, get in line i have 4 people chatting at me at once lol20:33
lelkneralfarojelkner, umm actually yea now is good20:34
lelkneralfarojelkner, phone call?20:34
jelkneri'll call20:34
nrcernaACTION AWAY 20:47
abuchholzSITarabuta, planning?20:51
SITarabutaim still not done; will come later20:51
nrcernaACTION back20:58
jelknerACTION signs off for the day21:01
*** DevinMcF has joined #novawebdev21:07
abuchholzSITarabuta, I'm getting off IRC. Tell me when you want to hop in a call21:49
*** lelkneralfaro has joined #novawebdev22:21
*** abuchholz has joined #novawebdev23:58
abuchholzSITarabuta, 23:58

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