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Documenting work, hours, payment (jelkner)15:21
LibreOrganize idea for CMS (abuchholz)15:21
jelknerGM, nrcerna!15:36
nrcernaGM jelkner 15:36
jelknerAny chance you could meet me in my BBB classroom?15:36
jelkneri can give you the URL and pass code15:37
jelknerif you are available15:37
jelknergot it, nrcerna?15:38
jelknernrcerna, i have class in 10 minutes15:40
jelknerbut i wanted to talk to you first15:40
jelknerif you can meet me now, cool15:40
jelknerif not, we will need to wait until after school15:40
nrcerna!remind Improving skills to move forward15:52
'Improving skills to move forward' added to message queue15:52
nrcernaACTION AWAY, brb for our IRC meeting18:26
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Documenting work, hours, payment (jelkner)19:45
LibreOrganize idea for CMS (abuchholz)19:45
Improving skills to move forward (nrcerna)19:45
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Documenting work, hours, payment (jelkner)19:58
LibreOrganize idea for CMS (abuchholz)19:58
Improving skills to move forward (nrcerna)19:58
abuchholz : amina : @ubuntourist : +jelkner : lelkneralfaro : SITarabuta : nrcerna : @mjsir911 : @ChanServ : wolcen20:00
Good afternoon everyone!20:00
It's 16:00 UTC and NOVA Web Development's bi-weekly meeting is starting.20:00
This is the agenda for today:20:00
Documenting work, hours, payment (jelkner)20:00
LibreOrganize idea for CMS (abuchholz)20:00
Improving skills to move forward (nrcerna)20:00
jelknerGood afternoon, nrcerna!20:00
nrcernaHello everyone!20:00
Have a nice day!20:00
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abuchholzGood Afternoon!20:00
nrcernaAlright, let's start 20:01
nrcernaFirst item: Documenting work, hours, payment 20:01
nrcernathat's you jelkner 20:01
jelkneri'll keep this *real* short20:01
jelknerwe have work to do on MSP and CJS20:01
jelknerfolks are asking20:01
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jelkneri am expecting that:20:01
jelkner1. time worked will be entered into BT20:02
jelkner2. I will be billed at our agreed upon hourly rate20:02
jelknerACTION done20:02
nrcernaGreat, thanks jelkner 20:02
nrcernaWe're going to do it.20:03
nrcernaNext item: LibreOrganize idea for CMS20:03
nrcernaabuchholz ;-)20:03
abuchholzSo I'm sure many of you have heard my new idea. But I'm going to reiterate what I think LibreOrganize needs CMS wise20:04
abuchholzI built a porotype using TDD20:04
jelknerthe 3 magic letters ;-)20:04
abuchholzEssentially my idea was pages but with the ability to add custom widgets20:04
abuchholzThese widgets can be text areas, sliders, image gallery's, etc.20:05
abuchholzI just want to show it off after the meeting in jitsi and see what people have to say about it before I invest lots of time20:05
ubuntouristabuchholz, any particular widget library / framework in mind?20:05
abuchholzThe first step would be to get it working with django, and eventually maybe implement some javascript20:06
abuchholzits not a library/framework20:06
abuchholzits kinda like a textarea that creates the box and appends it to the page.20:06
abuchholzand then a image gallery that is appended to the page20:06
abuchholzI can show everyone on jitsi after the meeting20:06
ubuntouristYou're getting nrcerna to hand-draw the sliders, then? ;-)20:06
abuchholzACTION done.20:06
nrcernaThanks abuchholz 20:07
abuchholzIts a little easier to explain using words if that makes sense20:07
abuchholzlike talking i mean20:07
ubuntouristabuchholz, okay. 20:07
ubuntouristACTION is done20:07
nrcernanext item: Improving skills to move forward 20:07
nrcernathat's me20:08
nrcernaAs you may know, I've been close to Agaric's workflow, they shared with me their Leads and Proposals Zulip's channel, 20:08
nrcerna I can see the way they interact regarding those leads and proposals they send to their customers, Is very fascinating.20:08
nrcernaMonths ago in a meeting with Clayton, Ben and zOnny, they mentioned that we can collaborate with them in some design, front end, and Drupal (if we are willing to learning)20:08
jelknerAgaric is the best example of cooperative love i've ever seen20:08
jelknerthey live the principles of cooperation20:09
jelknerthat's really cool20:09
nrcernathey're good friends and are trying to help us out by give us projects and some tasks20:09
nrcernaso the main thing is that we're learning a lot from them, but it would be great that lelkneralfaro and zOnny could start learning about Drupal20:10
jelknermaybe zOnny first?20:10
jelknersince lelkneralfaro is just starting to grok Django20:10
nrcernaI know that sometimes is kinda difficult because of time and schedules20:10
nrcernabut it would be a great way to get some collaborations with them20:11 used to be a great site for quick reference documentation. I haven't checked in ages, but I assume it still is.20:11
ubuntouristvery useful to zOnny and lelkneralfaro and anyone wanting to customize / understand Drupal a bit, methinks.20:11
nrcernaACTION done20:12
lelkneralfaroI've played around a bit with Drupal before (just deployed a simple site locally and messed around with the UI) I'd probably be a lot better now that I have some more programming experience 20:12
nrcernagreat lelkneralfaro 20:12
ubuntourist(PHP is to Drupal as Python is to Django.)20:12
jelknerso this is a really important business discussion20:12
jelknerwe've been having it for years20:12
jelknerthe tradeoffs:20:13
jelkner1. being flexible enough to go where the work is20:13
jelkner2. avoiding the trap of spreading ourselves so thin we ain't good at anything20:13
jelknerin this case, given what we said about Agraic and all the love they've shown us20:14
jelkneri say we should do it20:14
jelknerwith the aim to support both Django and Drupal20:14
jelknerwe are going where the work is with trusted cooperators20:14
jelknerACTION done20:14
SITarabutathe thing is20:14
nrcernaI think that you can be flexible, they're core product is Drupal but I also see that they are really open to do other things jelkner 20:14
SITarabutaI don't think partners care what their website is built on20:15
nrcernathat's other thing we could learn from them20:15
SITarabutathey don't know Drupal or Django20:15
SITarabutathey just want it to work20:15
abuchholz+1 SITarabuta 20:15
ubuntouristWe may be in a position to educate them in our "country's customs" ;-) i.e. Python / Django.20:15
jelknerdefinitely, SITarabuta 20:15
jelknerbut for us to make it work20:15
jelkner*we* have to understand our own teck20:15
SITarabutaso just a question20:15
SITarabutawhat is our issue right now20:15
SITarabutanot having enough work20:16
SITarabutaor not being able to do work20:16
jelknerwe are kind of caught in the middle20:16
jelknerwe've been talking about this a lot20:16
SITarabutait really depens20:16
jelknerwe have the skills to do basic websites20:16
jelknerthat doesn't pay really well20:16
ubuntouristSeeing a Drupal module and looking under then hood at the PHP may lead to "That's cool but we could implement that better in Django."20:17
nrcernawe need enough hours each month SITarabuta20:17
SITarabutawell, I am sure if someone came to us and said let's do this for $100.000 we would do it20:17
SITarabutabut the issue is20:17
jelknerwe are not yet at the place were we can do the kind of custom dev work i hoped would become our bread and butter20:17
SITarabutanobody comes to us with that money20:17
nrcernabut basic websites are something easy achievable 20:17
SITarabutawe don't know that jelkner 20:17
SITarabutawe haven't even tried!20:17
SITarabutabecause nobody approached us20:17
jelknerSITarabuta, we are trying every day20:18
jelknerwhen will i be able to vote?20:18
jelkneruntil we can deliver things like that20:18
SITarabutaThat is not custom dev work20:18
SITarabutaWait wait20:18
jelknersure it is20:18
SITarabutaI can deliver that tomorrow jelkner 20:18
SITarabutathe problem is another one20:18
nrcernaI think we need to separate those things jelkner 20:18
SITarabutaIs it something urgent20:18
SITarabutaor can I focus on other parts20:18
SITarabutaof LibreOrganize20:18
SITarabutabecause if it is20:19
SITarabutathen you have it tomorrow - seriously20:19
jelknerlet's talk after20:19
jelknerwe've made enough points for the record here20:19
nrcernathis is an ongoing discussion as jelkner said yesterday20:19
nrcernaanyone has anything else?20:20
nrcernaACTION Drops the bag of gravel20:20
nrcernathank you everyone!20:20
jelknerlet's talk on jitsi!20:21
nrcerna zOnny, lelkneralfaro 20:21
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jelknerlelkneralfaro, would you and samantha want to have breakfast on Saturday?23:42
jelkneri need to drop off the altair at kevin's23:42
jelknerand mami needs the car by 11 am23:42
jelknername the place and the time23:42
jelknerlelkneralfaro, ask sam first23:43
jelknerwe have tomorrow23:43
jelkneri'll call23:43
jelknerACTION signing off for the evening23:43

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