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jelkner!remind Best practices for handling communication of "User Stories"10:10
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inanamobilejelkner are you here? 10:43
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jelkner!remind Rosslyn Rotary Club migration11:29
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Best practices for handling communication of User Stories (jelkner)11:29
Rosslyn Rotary Club migration (jelkner)11:29
jelkner!remind Help migrating off webfaction. Move cmoran and nana_blogs?11:54
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Best practices for handling communication of User Stories (jelkner)11:54
Rosslyn Rotary Club migration (jelkner)11:54
Help migrating off webfaction. Move cmoran and nana_blogs? (jelkner)11:54
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Best practices for handling communication of User Stories (jelkner)15:45
Rosslyn Rotary Club migration (jelkner)15:45
Help migrating off webfaction. Move cmoran and nana_blogs? (jelkner)15:45
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jelknerGood morning, GFbot!15:59
GFbotGM jelkner15:59
GFbot : @ubuntourist : SITarabuta : lelkneralfaro : amina : abuchholz : +jelkner : wolcen : @mjsir911 : @ChanServ16:00
Good afternoon everyone!16:00
It's 16:00 UTC and NOVA Web Development's bi-weekly meeting is starting.16:00
This is the agenda for today:16:00
Best practices for handling communication of User Stories (jelkner)16:00
Rosslyn Rotary Club migration (jelkner)16:00
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Help migrating off webfaction. Move cmoran and nana_blogs? (jelkner)16:00
jelknerGood morning, all!16:00
Have a nice day!16:00
abuchholzGood morning16:00
jelknerNatalia is not here this morning, but she called me to ask if I would chair.16:00
SITarabutaG'day lol16:00
jelknerLet's roll!16:00
jelknerall three items are mine anyway16:00
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lelkneralfarolet's go!16:01
jelkner1. Best practices for handling user stories16:01
jelknerabuchholz was just asking about this on planning16:01
jelknerwe need to develop other parts of agile effectively besides TDD to here16:01
jelknermainly, the planning game, on site customers, and refactoring16:02
jelknerwe have a meeting today at 2 pm with CLS16:02
jelknerlelkneralfaro, can you make that meeting?16:02
SITarabutaI mean... Worst case, we can file issues ourselves. It is just a matter of US not forgetting what to do16:02
jelknerzOnny, can you?16:02
jelknerNatalia may or may not be back yet.16:02
jelknerACTION done16:02
jelknerany comments?16:02
lelkneralfarowho is CLS?16:02
zOnnyjelkner: CLS?16:03
lelkneralfaroahh 16:03
SITarabutamy turn:16:03
SITarabutaI don't know what that is..16:03
jelknerClaudia Jones School16:03
lelkneralfaroClaudia Jones School16:03
SITarabutaYes, I know that16:03
ubuntouristre: issue filing, it could be a form, or even an e-mail address with some sort of clever program that just dumps it to GitLab...16:03
SITarabutaAwesome GitLab has that built-in16:04
jelknerubuntourist, we need to decide how "onsite customers" who aren't really onsite communicate with us16:04
jelknerso let's think about that16:04
SITarabutaIf you send an email to it automatically gets filed16:04
jelknerwe can not require them to have any other accounts16:04
jelknerthan the one on their own site16:04
jelkneror they just wont' do it16:05
jelknerACTION done (again ;-)16:05
SITarabutaI guess we could make a form in LO?16:05
SITarabutaActually, yes, that is probably the solution16:05
SITarabutaACTION done16:05
jelknerSITarabuta, let's talk after16:05
jelknerSITarabuta, i am willing to file issues ;-)16:05
ubuntouristI'd say implement both: A simple form as part of LO that dumps to GitLab, and an e-mail address that does the same. I frequently see other products that offer both.16:06
jelknercool, let's talk after16:06
jelkneranything else?16:06
ubuntouristusers / partners could then choose whatever their comfort level is without need of a GitLab account or understanding of "how to file issues".16:06
SITarabutaWell, FYI school is starting tomorrow for me16:06
SITarabutaand because of the person who invented timezones ;-)16:07
abuchholzat 4am16:07
ubuntouristScreenshot option would be good too.16:07
ubuntouristACTION is done16:07
SITarabutaI have to be on at 4am16:07
jelkneri'll be up then, SITarabuta16:07
jelknerwe can have coffee together16:07
jelknerok, the next 2 items can be combined16:07
jelknerand we can bring this meeting to a close early and start working16:08
jelknerwebfaction is shutting down16:08
jelknerzOnny, we need to migrate Rossyln Rotary club16:08
jelkneron a personal level, i need to migrate and elkner.net16:08
ubuntouristThe business is going away? Or we're finally giving up all of it?16:08
SITarabuta - they are migrating to tsoHost16:08
SITarabutaSo they gave up on the WebFaction brand16:09
ubuntouristSITarabuta, Ah. Thanks.16:09
jelknerthat is not co-op business, except that i think the logical solution for that is to move Nana and Caleb off the machine where I have weblog.elkner.net16:09
jelknerand put all my personal stuff there16:09
jelknerso that would involve one of you migrating them to a different machine16:09
jelknerzOnny, what about Rosslyn Rotary?16:09
jelknerwe need to contact Tim16:10
SITarabutaI recommend Linode to you guys ;-)16:10
SITarabutaA $5 machine will handle many many (maybe too many!) things16:10
jelknerso, can we work on that today?16:10
jelknerdon't all respond at once!16:11
jelknercan we, or can we not?16:11
jelkneri just want to plan16:11
jelknerSITarabuta, zOnny?16:12
jelkneri think you two are the only ones with the knowledge to do this16:12
jelknerlelkneralfaro can ride shotgun with zOnny 16:12
SITarabutaWe can do that today16:12
jelkneron RRC16:12
SITarabutabut let's talk after 16:12
SITarabutaabout exactly16:12
jelknerso he can see all that16:12
SITarabutawhat to move and stuff16:12
jelknerACTION done16:12
SITarabutaACTION done16:13
jelknerAnything else, anyone?16:13
lelkneralfaroi'll definitely be happy riding shotgun16:13
jelknerWe should, for Nana's benefit, say what we plan to work on this week16:13
zOnnyACTION open-international project16:14
jelknerACTION will reach out to the Argentinian coops and to Agaric about getting the FACT[TIC] thing planned16:14
lelkneralfaroACTION catching up on communications stuff and reaching out to other members to figure out where I can help if they determine I am ready to help16:14
ubuntouristACTION is hoping to finish the deep dive into the Altair quickly, and then, as previously fantasized, get back to obeying the testing goat.16:14
SITarabutaACTION migrate this stuff ;-) and LibreOrganize16:15
ubuntourist(Uncle Bob didn't do it for me. I lasted about 5 minutes.)16:15
jelknerabuchholz, GFbot?16:16
abuchholzLibreOrganize as usual. Forcusing on 1.0.0 on then moving on to 1.1.0 which includes the CMS we talked about on Thursday16:16
jelknercan you tell us briefly where you are in Dango for Everybody?16:17
jelknerok, maybe next week16:17
jelkneranything else, anyone? i have one uplifting announcement16:17
jelknerok, i had a joyful conversation with bianca this morning from BCI16:18
jelknerthe partnership between BCI and NOVALACIRO continues to grow16:18
jelknerheylin is really developing her skills as a leader, and as bianca is fond of saying, "money will follow good organizing"16:19
jelknerso the chance that we will be able to develop a platform for Dulce Hogar is growing16:20
jelknerACTION done16:20
jelkneranything else before the gravel drops?16:20
GFbotjelkner we are on "Cookies and Sessions", now as usual check if they have questions about that or maybe something that i can help them to understand.16:20
ubuntouristDulce Hogar for the rest of the class?16:20
jelknerthanks, GFbot 16:21
jelknergoing once....16:21
jelknergoing twice...16:21
jelknerACTION drops the bag of gravel16:21
jelknersee y'all thursday!16:22
ubuntouristHard to keep things straight. I knew we there was a cleaning group, didn't remember the name.16:22
jelknerlet's talk on planning16:22
jelknerlelkneralfaro, can we talk on planning?16:23

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