IRC log of #novawebdev for Wednesday, 2020-10-21

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SITarabutaThere you go:
abuchholzjelkner, do you still want to hold class today or should conor and I present Friday and start working on the task for this week?13:36
abuchholzjelkner ^14:00
jelknerup to you all, abuchholz 14:00
jelkneri'm here14:00
jelkneran we use NVCC infrastructure14:00
jelknerso we could meet14:00
jelknerthough i can't access the Synergy14:01
jelknerso let's wait14:01
jelknersince i can't record grades14:01
jelknerand i'll forget14:01
abuchholzok. we will start on the slideshow for this week then14:01
SITarabutajelkner, do people need their user accounts on the new machine?14:03
jelkneryes, SITarabuta 14:03
SITarabutahmm okay jelkner 14:03
jelknerthe best situation is if they can proceed as if nothing had been changed14:03
jelknerless work for you, since you won't need to spend time getting them oriented14:04
jelknerdo you know how to do that?14:04
jelkneronly caleb has an account14:04
jelkneryou just copy the /etc/passwd /etc/group and /etc/shadow lines to their new locations14:04
SITarabutawell not really14:05
SITarabutaoh "lines"14:05
jelknerif you want to jump on planning, i can talk to you more about it14:05
jelknerbut if you got it, you got it ;-)14:05
SITarabutai got it ;-)14:05
SITarabutaI am pretty sure I am done jelkner 14:29
SITarabutabut let me double-check14:29
jelknerplease double check14:29
SITarabutaI can't test Natalia's blog because the DNS points to the old server14:29
jelknerwe need to change that14:29
jelknerthat's part of the migration14:29
SITarabutaI don't know who owns, but I messaged her on discord about it14:29
jelknerlet me call her14:30
jelknerSITarabuta, she is on her way back home now14:31
jelknershe will contact you when she arrives14:31
jelknerzOnny has access to domain14:31
SITarabutajelkner, what about doctestquiz? lol it is still on your machine. Should I remove it?14:36
jelkneryou have the code14:36
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nrcernaI'm home now jelkner 14:49
jelknerits SITarabuta you need to talk to, nrcerna, not me14:49
SITarabutahey nrcerna 14:50
SITarabutaSo I messaged you on Discord14:50
SITarabutabut basically14:50
nrcernahey, I'm about to reply there14:50
SITarabutameanwhile, jelkner, your machine is as if nobody but you was on it14:53
nrcernaSITarabuta, I replied back on discord15:03
SITarabutanrcerna, yeah sorry. I was at the bathroom15:12
jelkneryou rock, SITarabuta 15:13
nrcernaIt's okay, what time is there btw? SITarabuta 15:13
jelknerso is it done?15:13
jelkneryou don't need to email me15:13
jelknermessage me here is better15:13
SITarabutayes jelkner, on your part15:13
SITarabutanrcerna, I am still in Arlington15:13
jelknerso i can remove your account, SITarabuta?15:13
SITarabutaI did it myself jelkner ;-)15:13
jelkneroh, you became root15:13
jelknerremoved yourself15:13
jelkneror became jelkner15:14
SITarabutaWell I added my key to root authorized keys, logged out, logged in as root, deleted myself and removed my key afterwards15:14
nrcernaI see, I thought you weren't there lol SITarabuta 15:14
SITarabutaYeah I tried to become root15:14
SITarabutabut then it said that the user was used by a process (ssh)15:14
SITarabutanrcerna, ;-)15:14
jelknerah yes15:14
jelknercool, SITarabuta 15:14
jelknerok, i've got to get work done15:14
jelkneri really like getting up at 4 am15:14
jelknertoo many interrupts otherwise15:15
nrcernayeah jelkner 15:15
jelknerphone ringing, wife knocking on back door to be let in, irc binging ;-)15:15
jelkneri'm old15:15
jelknerand slow15:15
SITarabutahaha yes15:15
jelkneri need quiet to get anything done15:15
jelknerotherwise my productivity drops to near 015:15
jelknerokie dokie15:16
nrcernabtw if you have time SITarabuta you should join the show and tell 15:16
nrcernais happening now lol15:16
SITarabutaI can't really :/15:17
nrcernaI just gave you access to wordsbynana15:21
nrcernathank you SITarabuta 15:24
SITarabutawhere nrcerna?15:25
nrcernaname cheap SITarabuta 15:25
SITarabutabecause I can't find it on my account o_O15:25
nrcernaI added your NWD account SITarabuta 15:26
SITarabutais it on novawebdevelopment account?15:26
SITarabutalet me check15:26
SITarabutagot it15:26
nrcernaperfect SITarabuta 15:37
SITarabutaand it's done nrcerna 15:54
nrcernathank you SITarabuta , you rock!15:54
nrcernaACTION AWAY16:25
nrcernaACTION back16:43
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jelknernrcerna, SITarabuta do either of you need me for anything before i sign off?18:19
SITarabutaI don't think so jelkner 18:19
jelkneri got *a lot* done today (mostly learning Java)18:19
jelknerSITarabuta, i got to practice TDD with a little assignment i had given my students18:20
SITarabutaOooh nice18:20
SITarabutaTDD with Java?18:21
SITarabutaI don't even know the UnitTest framework for Java18:21
jelknerWell, I'm only using assert for now18:21
jelknerbut we aren't there yet in class18:21
jelknerit's not the tool, its the idea18:21
jelkneri wrote tests in the form of simple asserts18:21
SITarabutaYeah. Looks pretty similar to Python18:21
jelknerthen wrote the code to may them pass18:21
jelknerthe original UnitTest came from the SmallTalk community18:22
jelknerwhere TDD had its origins18:22
jelknereveryone else just copied that18:22
SITarabutaSo they all look similar ;-)18:23
jelknerwhich is nice18:23
jelknerless new crap to have to learn18:23
jelknernrcerna, i'm almost finished reading Abolish Silicon Valley18:23
nrcerna_Wow! jelkner18:24
jelkneri highly recommend that book to any young idealist looking to get into the tech industry18:24
nrcerna_I Think I’m going to read it18:24
nrcerna_Seems great18:24
jelknerYou definitely should, nrcerna_18:24
nrcerna_I’ll don18:24
jelkneri had fun with the project today18:24
jelkneri'm using HeadFirst Java with my students18:25
jelknerthere is a project to create a Battleship like game they call DotCom18:25
jelknerwhere instead of sinking battleships, you sink dotcoms18:25
jelkneri figured, i'll call my game "AbolishSiliconValley" in honor of the book18:26
jelknerhere is what i put for an intro to the game:18:26
nrcerna_Really? That’s nice18:27
jelkner             Welcome to the Abolish Silicon Valley game!18:28
jelknerBillionaire tech oligarchs and their dotcom companies have invaded your18:28
jelknercommunity and are sucking the very life out of it in their insatiable lust18:28
jelknerfor megaprofits.18:28
jelknerYour mission is to find and destroy them, replacing them with18:28
jelknerdemocratically run worker cooperatives, thus building wealth within18:28
jelkneryour community and saving the lives of it's inhabitants. Good luck!18:28
nrcerna_Sounds interesting18:28
jelknerit's more fun, then anything else18:29
jelknerit's just programming stuff18:29
nrcerna_That’s cool18:29
jelknerwith some political education snuck in ;-)18:30
jelknerok, i'm signing off for the evening18:30
jelkneri'll be back tomorrow early as usual18:30
jelknerACTION signs off for the day18:31
nrcerna_See u18:31
nrcerna_Mañana jelkner18:31
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