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Can we move meeting to 4 pm so folks can attend Show and Tell? (jelkner)14:27
nrcerna!remind Follow up on Gallaudet invoices14:27
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nrcerna!remind about this month planning14:37
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jelknerGM, nrcerna 15:25
jelknerGM, SITarabuta 15:25
SITarabutaGood morning jelkner15:25
Can we move meeting to 4 pm so folks can attend Show and Tell? (jelkner)15:26
Follow up on Gallaudet invoices (nrcerna)15:26
about this month planning (nrcerna)15:26
jelkner!remind Next steps for LO15:26
'Next steps for LO' added to message queue15:26
SITarabutaI wasn't here last time, but it looks like I didn't miss too much.15:26
SITarabutaThe election kept me busy 24/715:26
nrcernagm jelkner 15:26
jelknerme too, SITarabuta 15:26
jelknerthat's why it was such a short meeting15:27
jelknerplanning is today15:27
SITarabutaI was literally having CNN on even while I was asleep haha15:27
nrcernajelkner, I sent lelkneralfaro and zOnny a gitlab issue with "The proposal"15:27
jelknerzOnny, lelkneralfaro, and i have been talking about LO this morning15:28
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nrcernaThat's great jelkner 15:28
jelknerSITarabuta, i am really, really, *REALLY* hoping to get some idea as to when i can get my story...15:28
jelknerI want to login to the AEA website and see a menu item "AEA-PAC" only visible to PAC members15:29
SITarabutaYes, that sounds right.15:29
jelknerzOnny, says they are waiting on your refactor15:30
jelknerso now that Gallaudet is behind us15:30
jelknerwe need to move forward on that15:30
SITarabutaYes. I am going to work on that starting today's evening.15:31
SITarabutaNow probably you want to know when it is gonna be done15:31
SITarabutaWell.. The important changes are already there. It's done15:32
SITarabutaIt is missing tweaks right now15:32
SITarabutaI want to talk with Adrian for a bit first, and then I can tell you when it is approximately gonna be done15:33
jelknerSITarabuta, i'm on planning15:36
jelknerabuchholz won't be here today15:37
jelknerhe texted e15:37
jelknerand yes, "when its gonna be done" is exactly what i want to know! ;-)15:37
SITarabutaI just texted him15:38
SITarabutaI can't really join planning15:38
jelknerSITarabuta, it is really important that you coordinate better with zOnny and lelkneralfaro on this15:39
jelknerthey are going to be the ones interacting with the partner15:39
jelknerlike you did with susan15:39
SITarabutaI see15:39
jelknerso they need to be involved in the process15:39
jelkneryou see, you knew that, right15:39
SITarabutaWell I will let them know in Discord when I have updates15:39
SITarabutaYes I knew15:40
SITarabutaI just had no updates really15:40
SITarabutaI will today15:40
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jelknernrcerna, are you available to talk on planning?15:49
nrcernayes jelkner 15:49
ubuntouristjelkner, Best explanation of Unicode a la Python:
ubuntourist(Possibly relevant to the architecture class as well.)15:50
Can we move meeting to 4 pm so folks can attend Show and Tell? (jelkner)15:50
Follow up on Gallaudet invoices (nrcerna)15:50
about this month planning (nrcerna)15:50
Next steps for LO (jelkner)15:50
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SITarabuta : GFbot : @ubuntourist : zOnny : +jelkner : lelkneralfaro : nrcerna : @ChanServ : @mjsir911 : wolcen16:00
Good afternoon everyone!16:00
It's 16:00 UTC and NOVA Web Development's bi-weekly meeting is starting.16:00
This is the agenda for today:16:00
Can we move meeting to 4 pm so folks can attend Show and Tell? (jelkner)16:00
Follow up on Gallaudet invoices (nrcerna)16:00
about this month planning (nrcerna)16:00
Next steps for LO (jelkner)16:00
Have a nice day!16:00
SITarabutaIt's shooowtime!16:01
nrcernaHello everyone!16:02
jelknerGood morning!16:02
jelknerzOnny, lelkneralfaro, jelkner, and nrcerna were too busy with side conversations16:03
nrcernaAlright, let's start16:03
nrcernaFirst item: Can we move meeting to 4 pm so folks can attend Show and Tell?16:03
SITarabutaThursday meeting?16:04
jelknerDo you want to make your case, zOnny?16:05
jelknerok, zOnny is joking16:05
jelknerso that carried easy16:05
jelknerSITarabuta, how to we fix Little Brother?16:05
jelknerto reflect the change?16:05
ubuntouristWhat you mean "we"? ;-)16:06
SITarabutaI will just go in16:06
SITarabutaand just the cron job16:06
nrcernanext item: Follow up on Gallaudet invoices 16:06
ubuntouristSITarabuta, (I was about to, but it seemed anyone could.)16:07
SITarabutaI also gotta fix the thing with "It's 16:00 UTC"16:07
ubuntouristSITarabuta, I guess Susan's reasonably happy, and the deed is done for this year?16:07
SITarabutaI assume so ubuntourist16:07
nrcernazOnny, regarding this item,16:08
nrcernawe need to follow up on that, lat time zOnny sent an invoice (in august)16:09
nrcernaand now they requesting a new invoice in case you need to add hours SITarabuta 16:09
SITarabutaThis sounds wrong16:10
SITarabutaThere is no way they let me add hours16:10
ubuntouristAnd recall, all, two projects / contracts / sets of invoices: One with SITarabuta at the helm, one with adrian at the helm.16:10
nrcernaSound Advice16:10
zOnnynrcerna: Gallaudet University RERC?16:10
SITarabutaOh, thank god16:10
ubuntouristAdrian = Sound Advice = RERC16:10
zOnnyIt is marked as a paid16:11
nrcernasorry SITarabuta 16:11
nrcernammm zOnny 16:11
ubuntouristSITarabuta = RAGU / ARA = RSIA (or whatever they're calling themselves this week. GRI -> RSIA -> RS?)16:11
SITarabutaxD nrcerna16:11
zOnnyDid we get pay for that work?16:11
nrcernawe're not sure, need to check the bank account16:12
nrcernazOnny, lelkneralfaro 16:12
ubuntourist(BTW Sound Advice = ILE ("Interactive Learning Environment for bla-bla-bla") Another dissertation masquerading as a title.)16:14
nrcernaok, we need to track that16:14
jelknerubuntourist, we are wondering if there is any update on Sound Advice prospects16:16
jelknercan David get back on campus?16:16
jelkneror are we still just waiting?16:16
ubuntouristYou all have his e-mail address... I've largely removed myself from the equation, and they haven't contacted me w/o CC'ing others AFAIK.16:17
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SITarabutaFlaky internet..16:19
nrcernanext item: about this month planning16:20
jelknerwe've been doing that all morning, nrcerna 16:20
jelknerso we are in good shape16:20
nrcernaOk, I sent a proposal to lelkneralfaro and zOnny , and also we talked with jelkner regarding that16:20
ubuntouristShare with the rest of the class?16:20
nrcernabut the main thing that jelkner was pointing  (and is not there) is that we need to find Django gigs16:21
jelknerubuntourist, long story short, nrcerna, zOnny, and lelkneralfaro have to continue to assume control of co-op business operations16:21
jelknerrevenue in october was slim16:21
jelknerso november needs to be better16:21
ubuntouristThanks for the update.16:22
nrcernaso we're going to keep the ball rolling16:22
nrcernaACTION done16:22
nrcernanext item: Next steps for LO 16:22
nrcernathat's you jelkner 16:22
jelknerso this has also been discussed all morning16:22
jelknerand i posted the long standing user story16:22
jelkner"I want to login to the AEA site as an AEA-PAC member and see a menu item only visible to PAC members"16:23
jelknerthat's the story we've been blocking on for a long while16:23
jelknertime to move on it16:23
jelknerACTION done16:23
nrcernaThanks jelkner 16:23
nrcernaAnything else to add, anyone?16:24
nrcernaACTION Drops the bag of gravel16:25
jelknernice job, nrcerna!16:25
nrcernathanks everyone16:25
jelknerGFbot, good morning, btw!16:25
jelknerGFbot, can you say hi on planning?16:25
ubuntouristAfter promising, I am finally, actually, really ;-) working through TDD, starting by reviewing Dive Into Python 3 -- which I've never read cover to cover.16:25
nrcernaGFbot, I want to check, how u doing with the issues I assigned to you?16:25
jelknernice, ubuntourist 16:26
ubuntouristjelkner, nice discussion of stings vs. bytes, unicode, etc there.16:26
ubuntouristjelkner, (something that I understand in the abstract, but it continues to trip me up.)16:27
SITarabutaACTION is gonna go. Does anyone want to tell me anything?16:27
jelknerLet's talk soon, SITarabuta 16:27
jelknerabout my user story16:28
ubuntouristAnd, everybody... How 'bout that trouncing of our mad king? (He still has two months to cause trouble, but it looks like he's out.)16:28
SITarabutasure jelkner16:28
SITarabutaubuntourist ;-)16:28
ubuntouristACTION is outa here... Ta-ta.16:30
GFbotSure nrcerna16:30
nrcernajoin planning please16:30
jelknersee y'all later...16:47
jelknerACTION signs off16:47
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