IRC log of #novawebdev for Saturday, 2020-12-19

wolcen /query LittleBrother 03:46
wolcenderp :P03:46
wolcenah well - guess LittleBrother doesn't have (or present, anyway) a "later/tell" command.03:50
wolcenwill it let me create an event? I hope not (I'm not going to try at the moment, curious though).03:51
*** LittleBrother has joined #novawebdev05:54
*** jelkner has joined #novawebdev11:57
Our GitHub account has been closed (SITarabuta)12:25
Did anyone respond to Micky's ongoing maintenance opportunity? (jelkner)12:25
Tell jelkner good luck! I'll be trying FreedomBox (wolcen)12:25
jelkner!remind Report on meeting with AEA Friday (and need to update our website)!12:26
'Report on meeting with AEA Friday (and need to update our website)!' added to message queue12:26
*** ubuntourist has joined #novawebdev12:41
ubuntouristjelkner, So it's more of an HTML/CSS class at this point, you've said, right?12:42
jelknerThat is exactly what it is.12:42
jelknerubuntourist, basically my web page design 1 class12:43
ubuntouristThen I probably wouldn't have anything to add really. And, in fact, I haven't kept up with all the responsive design stuff.12:43
ubuntourist(I can beat the drum of accessibility, I suppose.)12:44
jelkneryou could, and it is soooo basic we won't be getting into responsive any time soon12:44
jelknermain goals: 1. Unix CLI and vim basics12:44
jelkner2. HTML12:45
jelkner3. CSS12:45
jelkner2 and 3 are overviews, not deep dives at this point12:45
ubuntouristBBB novaweb? or Jitsi?12:45
jelknerMy virtual classroom12:45
jelknerdo you have the link?12:45
jelkneryes, of course you do ;-)12:45
jelknernever mind12:45
ubuntouristIf it's the CS-205 yeah. ;-)12:45
jelknersame place12:46
jelknerthat's mainly where i live these days12:46
jelknerbtw, i installed yunohost12:46
jelknerwill look into it over the next few days12:46
jelknerwant to help wolcen with that12:46

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