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*-* nothing to see here *-*15:04
nrcerna!remind Reminder about meeting15:04
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nrcerna!remind Check-in on AEA issues15:05
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nrcerna!remind plans for this week15:05
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jelknerGM, nrcerna!15:08
Reminder about meeting (nrcerna)15:08
Check-in on AEA issues (nrcerna)15:08
plans for this week (nrcerna)15:08
nrcernaGM jelkner 15:08
jelknernrcerna, do you have time to meet me on BBB?15:10
jelkner!remind - this kind of thing needs to be owned democratically15:11
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abuchholzJust wanted to hop on and say that I will be unable to make it to today's meeting. I have a college interview in 20 minutes at 11:0015:42
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Reminder about meeting (nrcerna)15:57
Check-in on AEA issues (nrcerna)15:57
plans for this week (nrcerna)15:57 - this kind of thing needs to be owned democratically (jelkner)15:57
SITarabuta : +jelkner : nrcerna : wolcen : @mjsir911 : @ChanServ16:00
Good afternoon everyone!16:00
It's 16:00 UTC and NOVA Web Development's bi-weekly meeting is starting.16:00
This is the agenda for today:16:00
Reminder about meeting (nrcerna)16:00
Check-in on AEA issues (nrcerna)16:00
plans for this week (nrcerna)16:00 - this kind of thing needs to be owned democratically (jelkner)16:00
Have a nice day!16:00
jelknerGood day, fellow cooperators!16:00
nrcernaHello everyone!16:00
nrcernaACTION notices that ubuntourist, Louie and German are not here16:00
SITarabutaThey are lost16:01
nrcernaSeems like16:01
SITarabutaACTION is thinking16:01
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nrcernafirst item: Reminder about meeting 16:03
nrcernaOk as you all know we have a meeting today with replaceafill, at 3PM ET, 2 PM- El Salvador16:04
nrcernaIs not like we have an agenda for it, but it would be great that you if you have any concern about bet practices, or something technical you can talk about it16:05
jelkneri have an agenda, nrcerna 16:05
nrcernaI always said that he's my uncle grumpy but he's really open ;-)16:05
jelkneri'm hoping it will move us closer toward becoming a real professional development team16:06
jelknerjust getting replacefill to share what that means would be the goal, to me16:06
jelknerACTION done16:06
nrcernaand well, I've been learning a lot form him, regarding how to manage some things, I know that he knows more about development and the experience he has a senior would help us out16:07
nrcernaACTION Done16:07
jelkner???, mr_german16:07
mr_germanjelkner wrong chat, my bad :(16:07
mr_germanshould i be in the meeting nrcerna16:08
mr_germanwith replaceafill16:08
jelknerYES, mr_german 16:08
jelknerwe need nrcerna, SITarabuta, lelkneralfaro, and nrcerna at that meeting16:09
mr_germanok jelkner16:09
jelknerwith you, mr_german 16:09
mr_germangot it16:09
jelknersince that is the dev team16:09
nrcernanext item: Check-in on AEA issues 16:09
nrcernajust a brief checking regarding the blog16:10
SITarabutaWell regarding the blog, I have made it a LibreOrganize app16:10
SITarabutathat's about what I have done this week16:10
jelknernice, SITarabuta!16:10
jelknerthat is great news16:10
SITarabutaACTION done16:11
nrcernaAMAZING, as always SITarabuta 16:11
nrcernaNext item: plans for this week16:11
nrcernathis is time for sharing our plans16:12
nrcernaI'll go first ;)16:12
jelkneri am going to focus on novalaciro this week16:12
jelknerhelping heylin reach out to dulce hogar16:13
SITarabutaMostly finals till Friday - AEA issues from Friday until Sunday16:13
nrcernaACTION will continue working wiht AGARIC /CRLA, sending proposal to Vijay, Follow up on issues (AEA and BT)16:14
lelkneralfaroACTION help with Vijay's proposal, follow up with AEA's issues, update finances16:14
jelknerACTION has a question on AEA process, how often should we check-in on the rate we are using hours?16:15
jelknerevery two weeks?16:15
lelkneralfarothat sounds good. 16:15
lelkneralfaroto me16:15
jelkneras "customer" i need to be involved that16:15
nrcernaLet's talk about that at BBB16:16
nrcernaright after our meeting16:16
nrcernanext item: - this kind of thing needs to be owned democratically 16:16
nrcernajelkner, :D16:17
jelknerok, i just want to put these big picture kinds of things on our radar16:17
jelknerits a business plan thing16:17
jelknernrcerna and i discuss it all the time, but i just want the rest of us to be aware16:17
jelknerthis link is to a type app16:18
jelknerfocused on "liberal" organizations16:18
jelknerit is not free software16:18
jelknerso it's evil16:18
jelknerwhile we are a long way from even approaching this kind of thing at present16:19
jelknerwe should be carving out a space on the left that does this same thing16:19
jelkneri get notices about NAACP, inaugeration watch parties, and lots of other things through this in my neighborhood16:19
jelknerthe very essence of community organizing16:19
jelknerlast thing to say about business plan16:20
jelknerBol could be really important to us16:20
jelknersince Dulce Hogar will need essentially the same thing16:20
jelknerkind of thing, at least16:20
jelknercustomers accessing services through the web16:20
jelknerif we can do it for both, we will leave that with a real portfolio in that area16:21
jelknerACTION done16:21
nrcernaThanks a lot for sharing this jelkner 16:21
nrcernaYou know that I really get how important this is for us16:22
nrcernalet's continue working on that, We're growing as a team, and I'm sure that will get there at some point ;-)16:23
nrcernaACTION done16:23
nrcernaAnything else, anyone?16:23
nrcernaif not we can jump to the BBB 16:23
jelknerSITarabuta, nrcerna and jelkner are there already16:23
jelknerplease join us16:24
nrcernaACTION Drops the bag of gravel16:24
nrcernaThank you :)16:24
jelknerthanks, nrcerna!16:24
nrcernaViewer code: 6255ee662016:24
jelknerlelkneralfaro, mr_german are you coming?16:25
mr_germanim going in16:25
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