IRC log of #novawebdev for Monday, 2021-01-25

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nrcernaACTION going to the doctor16:17
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ubuntourist!remind Pyston worth looking at?
'Pyston worth looking at?' added to message queue17:54
wolcenPyston v2 is closed source19:23 least for now? Dunno the plan there.19:23
wolcen"Our plan is to open-source the code in the future, but since compiler projects are expensive and we no longer have benevolent corporate sponsorship, it is currently closed-source while we iron out our business model."19:24
wolcenubuntourist: any idea if there was interest in the POS system lead?21:57
wolcentomorrow, 1pm. I think freescholar reached out to jelkner already, but I don't think there's been response. I wanted to send out a meeting invitation if so.21:58
ubuntouristwolcen, Alas. I read that Pyston was "binary only" but didn't look for licensing info.22:04
ubuntouristwolcen, I'm considered "emeritus" and so, I haven't signed up for access to the git repo issues for "leads".22:05
wolcenah. OK, thanks. I guess we'll wait to see if mr elkner responds.22:06
ubuntouristwolcen, but, I believe nrcerna responded to Micky with an enthusiastic "Yes!" (I assume this was for the POS lead.)22:06
ubuntouristI'm going to get some food before a 6:00 gathering online.22:07
ubuntouristACTION signs off22:07

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