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jelkner!remind Make note of Caleb\'s blog in relationship to PD.12:22
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jelknerubuntourist: ping20:00
jelknermjsir911: hi!20:00
ubuntouristjelkner, 20:00
mjsir911Good morning jelkner 20:00
jelknermorning where you are, maybe ;-)20:01
jelknerit's always morning somewhere20:01
jelknerhow are you?20:01
mjsir911Yes indeed, it just ticked over20:01
ubuntouristjelkner, about to start class (I think) with Nathaniel, though network and power have been bad.20:01
mjsir911I'm doing well, hanging in there20:01
jelknermjsir911: how is the west coast?20:01
mjsir911Much less snowy than the east coast it looks like :)20:02
ubuntouristmjsir911, hail [no snow] and well-met! ;-)20:02
jelkneri've got my first vaccine shot already, mjsir911 20:02
jelknerwith the next one in a few weeks20:02
mjsir911Glad to hear it, my dad has just got his as well20:02
jelknerlooking forward to getting back to "normal"20:02
ubuntouristmjsir911, Been having fun with "pip install scamp". enjoying it enough to pay $300 for a several-week course w/ the author.20:03
jelknerwell, i just wanted to say hi, i'm getting ready to pack up and head over to drop off a computer with ubuntourist 20:03
jelknerstay well, mjsir911 20:03
mjsir911you too!20:03
mjsir911ubuntourist: will look into it :D20:03
ubuntouristmjsir911, Spent the semester trying to teach Altair 8800 (Intel 8080, circa 1975) machine language to both Jeff and his class.20:04
mjsir911Yeah I heard! any fun projects with that? it seems rather limited20:05
ubuntouristmjsir911, Now building a Sparkfun Red Hat Co.Lab BBC micro:bit robot for a HacDC class we're hoping to offer.20:05
mjsir911Trying to dig through my history but I stumbled upon a music DSL (similar to scamp?) that I forgot to send your way20:06
ubuntouristmjsir911, I like assembly languages. So, in that sense, it was fun. But yes. Very limited. I disagreed with Jeff on the value of using that as the model.20:06
mjsir911Wow that sounds pretty awesome. I've definitely been slowing down with hardware recently, but still wanna make a turtle roomba one day :|20:06
ubuntouristBack. 20:08
mjsir911Yeah ubuntourist assembly is fun, but I have fun doing stuff with it!20:08
mjsir911It looks like [soul]( might be what I'm thinking of20:08
mjsir911ah yeah, demo:
ubuntouristJeff was swooning over the nostalgia of the old beastie and expecting students to swoon as well. (I swoon over old hardware too, sometimes. But I don't expect people under 40 to swoon with me.)20:09
mjsir911When I was messing around with a limited instruction set assembly, I made my own forth in it! :P20:10
ubuntouristmjsir911, Exactly! Toggling switches to watch LEDs is of very limited fun. Maybe 5 minutes. Not a whole semester!20:10
ubuntouristmjsir911, There are modern systems with relatively simple instruction sets that would have been much more fun to work with.20:11
mjsir911But yeah, I can probably imagine extracting a semester's worth of fun by maybe having a simulator & an assembler to run on my laptop20:11
mjsir911My curriculum used [MARIE]( which had a dumb java program for the simulating, so I made my own simulator20:12
mjsir911basically could've done the same for the 808020:12
ubuntouristmjsir911, Linux already provides the simh package which simulates a bunch o' machines, including the 808020:13
ubuntouristBut, because he was so enamored by toggle switches and LEDs, the students never reached that stage. (Well, a few that I pushed did.)20:14
ubuntouristMost never understood anything about mnemonics and assemblers that produce binaries from the source.20:16
mjsir911ubuntourist: simh seems wonderful! Maybe I should've wrote the MARIE simulator based on that...20:16
ubuntouristI hadn't really looked at it before this class, though I was vaguely aware of it. Now, I want to dig up some of my ollld DEC/PDP code and see what simh does with it.20:18
ubuntouristBut I'd rather work with scamp, and build the wee Red Hat robot. ;-)20:18
mjsir911Yup, that all seems very fun20:19
ubuntouristFlint is trying to make a wee music studio, but going about it in his usual chaotic, "I'll do everything in Bash" approach.20:19
ubuntouristStill, he's making something approaching "progress". He's trying to emulate (a strong word) an "echoplex" (see Wikipedia) with Bash, arecord, aplay, and aseqdump piped through grep and cut...20:21
mjsir911ah, sounds like a mess and a challenge20:22
ubuntouristA horrible approach, but... Oh, and his buddy Chris Yarger set up a Gitea instance for him. Surprisingly, the domain was available.20:23
ubuntouristSo, since he asked for it, and chris set it up, I'm trying to encourage flint to actually USE git. ;-)20:24
ubuntouristhis echoplex monstrosity is out there now. (user = flint).20:24
mjsir911Reminding me of all the infrstructure setup I've been procrastinating. Looking to set up a user-less sourcehut instance for myself20:24
mjsir911I see! I'm glad to have the repos for some projects ya'll are working on now, will keep an eye out20:25
mjsir911and is a great domain20:25
ubuntouristLooks like Liberia is still having power / network issues, and my 3:00 with Nathaniel is a no-show.20:26
mjsir911Ah that's too bad, is that where he is now? Or is this a different nathaniel?20:27
ubuntouristI'm trying to keep most of my stuff on, but I've started mirroring some of that to
mjsir911Yeah, there's too many git hosting options now that I'm using. I figure it would be best to canonicalize my repos on my website20:27
ubuntouristDunno which Nathaniel you're thinking of, but this is Isaac Zawolo's son. He and another guy are trying to set up Linux labs at 3 schools, and learn sys admin and HTML.20:29
mjsir911Ah I see, different nathaniel :P20:29
ubuntourist(I had never met him. Jeff introduced us online about two months ago.)20:30
mjsir911Well ubuntourist, I've gotta get back to work now. It was nice catching up!20:32
ubuntouristSee ya round20:32

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