IRC log of #novawebdev for Thursday, 2021-06-17

*-* nothing to see here *-*00:24
LittleBrotherAvailable commands: !event, !help, !ping, !remind, !remove, !time00:42
sitarabuta!event Test Event Functionality00:42
LittleBrotherInvalid arguments.00:43
sitarabuta!event Test Event Functionality00:43
sitarabuta!event help00:43
sitarabuta!help event00:43
LittleBrotherCreate event on novawebdevelopment.org00:43
sitarabuta!event Title, Description, 2021-05-15 10:00, 2021-05-15:00, IRC, 100:44
sitarabuta !event Title, Description, 2021-05-15 10:00, 2021-05-15:00, IRC, 100:45
sitarabuta!event Title, Description, 2021-05-15 10:00, 2021-05-15:00, IRC, 100:45
LittleBrother2021-06-17 02:37:03.68764002:37
sitarabutaNobody is op here anymore!?14:53
sitarabutaI heard Freenode dropped all registrations and reset all accounts; what the hell.14:53
*-* nothing to see here *-*17:38
*** LittleBrother has joined #novawebdev19:30
sitarabutaThere we go.\19:30
sitarabutaEasy as that ;-)19:30
*-* nothing to see here *-*19:30
*-* nothing to see here *-*19:30
ubuntouristsitarabuta, That was my recollection.... Though registering the LittleBrother nick and making LittleBrother a member of the channel might be a good idea.19:30
jelkner!remind Discuss and synergies with MSP and CJS19:31
'Discuss and synergies with MSP and CJS' added to message queue19:31
Discuss and synergies with MSP and CJS (jelkner)19:31
sitarabutaubuntourist, good idea. I will log in as him and do that. There's probably a smarter way, but if it works, it works19:31
jelknersitarabuta: why don't i have a colored circle next to my name?19:31
jelknerlike you and ubuntourist 19:31
sitarabutaHm, you don't have voice it seems jelkner 19:32
sitarabutaAh, ubuntourist was nice and gave you op19:32
ubuntouristHmmm... sitarabuta Did it auto-op you, as it did me? It SHOULD have auto-op'd jelkner...19:33
jelknerToo much authority for jelkner ;-)19:33
jelknerhe was happy with the blue circle19:33
sitarabutaIt did auto-op me. Interesting...19:33
ubuntouristMaybe I missed a step. No matter.19:34
Discuss and synergies with MSP and CJS (jelkner)19:36
jelknersitarabuta: please make mjsir911 a channel op too19:36
sitarabutaOf course, we decided that19:36
sitarabutaWow ubuntourist is just much faster than I19:36
jelknerGo ubuntourist!19:36
jelknerHe's just excited to finally have his computer back19:37
sitarabutaWho wouldn't be!19:37
abuchholz200 WPM. New World Record!19:37
jelknerBeautiful, is already working19:38
jelknerlet's remove novawebdevelopment_learn19:38
jelkneri only used that for attendance19:38
jelknerwe said we are getting rid of it19:38
sitarabutaI made him not log it anymore19:38
sitarabutaShould I also remove the previous logs?19:39
sitarabutaOr at least, hide them?19:39
jelknerhide them19:39
sitarabutanp jelkner 19:39
sitarabutadone jelkner ;-)19:41
Discuss and synergies with MSP and CJS (jelkner)19:41
abuchholzjelkner & ubuntourist I had to represent the holy machine for graduation ;)19:44
sitarabutaOh god.19:44
sitarabutaI mean I love computers but...19:44
jelknerI'm so happy to hear that, abuchholz 19:45
sitarabutajelkner, he literally glued a picture of the Altair on his graduation cap.19:45
abuchholzIt's amazing! What else would I glue to my cap?19:45
abuchholzthat's boring19:46
sitarabutaOh crap19:47
sitarabutaI typed jelkner not novawebdev!?19:47
jelkneri've gotta get ready for abuchholz's graduation19:47
sitarabutaThere we go.19:47
jelknersee y'all on sunday19:48
sitarabutaSee you!19:48
jelknerubuntourist: c u at 9 am tomorrow19:48
jelknerbut virtually19:48
ubuntouristabuchholz, Heh (re: graduation)19:51
ubuntouristabuchholz, I've skipped all my graduations. Just wasn't my "thang". I await reviews of your cap. ;-)19:54
ubuntouristAnd, with that, I'm outa here.19:54
sitarabutaAh he just left, but he did say he is not excited at all ;-)19:54
sitarabutaI hate this.20:04
Discuss and synergies with MSP and CJS (jelkner)21:05
sitarabuta!remind Moving to Europe on July 16th21:07
'Moving to Europe on July 16th' added to message queue21:07
Discuss and synergies with MSP and CJS (jelkner)21:07
Moving to Europe on July 16th (sitarabuta)21:07

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