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jelknernrcerna: ping19:02
nrcernapong jelkner, currently working on some VULK issues and Drupal implementation19:03
nrcernaI noticed that designing websites for django (LO) as CMS and Drupal is really different19:03
nrcernaWe use Boostrap, they use Bulma 19:05
jelknernrcerna: i'll want to talk to you about that19:05
jelkneri'm meeting with micky now19:06
jelknersince we are the only two at show-and-tll19:06
nrcernaI see, will be great, there's a few thing that I havent consider since I was use to the layering we use for our websites, I found a book name "Drupal for Designers" so I'm trying to understand how I can design properly and maybe try to help Ben and Chris to fix some issues with Layering19:08
nrcernaI mentioned Louie that would be great if one of our developers learn hot to theme drupal and together we can help AGARIC with some projects jelkner 19:09
nrcernaMaybe not Louie, Maybe Adrian, or in some case last chance for German19:09
nrcerna!add this week progress / work19:15
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nrcerna!add Helping others would help us19:17
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LittleWebsterthis week progress / work (added by nrcerna)19:17
LittleWebsterHelping others would help us (added by nrcerna)19:17
nrcernastill there jelkner ?19:36
nrcerna!add MHAction website Inquiry19:40
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LittleWebsterThis is the agenda for the next meeting:19:40
LittleWebsterthis week progress / work (added by nrcerna)19:40
LittleWebsterHelping others would help us (added by nrcerna)19:40
LittleWebsterMHAction website Inquiry (added by nrcerna)19:40
LittleWebsterThis is the agenda for the next meeting:19:55
LittleWebsterthis week progress / work (added by nrcerna)19:55
LittleWebsterHelping others would help us (added by nrcerna)19:55
LittleWebsterMHAction website Inquiry (added by nrcerna)19:55
nrcernaare u coming to the bbb? jelkner 19:57
jelknernrcerna: yes19:57
jelknernrcerna: ??20:00
nrcernait didnt fire 20:00
jelkneri guess stefan didn't fix it20:00
nrcernaHello everyone!  (we're missing colombene, stefan and adrian here)20:00
nrcernaHi Hisham ;-)20:01
nrcernaAlright, let's start20:01
nrcernafirst item: this week progress / work 20:01
nrcernaI just wanted to let you'll know that I've been working on the branding and logo proposals, 20:01
nrcernaI remember that a long time ago I was sending some "Thursday report" by email, so I'm planning having kinda the same with the progress I made, I'll be using zulip to do that in our branding stream20:01
lelkneralfarofor me TDD20:02
lelkneralfaroand Decidim20:02
nrcernaSo we can check that in the weekly check-in / work session we planned with colombene and  Adrian on mondays20:02
lelkneralfaromeeting with Open Source Politics tomorrow20:02
nrcernathat's great lelkneralfaro 20:03
nrcernaI would like to switch the items order, and go with the "MHAction website Inquiry" now20:03
jelkneri've been working on setting up the meeting lelkneralfaro has tomorrow, as well as with mt rainier city councilor next tuesday20:03
nrcernagood jelkner :)20:04
jelkneralso preparing for fall capstone interns20:04
jelknerwill have more to say about that in 2 weeks20:04
jelkneroh, and getting novalaciro paypal account20:04
nrcernathanks for sharing20:04
jelknersetting up database for mail with big help from abuchholz!20:04
jelknerthanks, abuchholz!20:04
nrcernathanks abuchholz 20:05
nrcernaNext item: Regarding "MHAction website"20:05
nrcernaI added this to the zulip thread20:05
nrcernabut just to bring a bit of context20:06
nrcernaSophia Santos (a Web Designer) contacted us to collaborate with her in a project where she needs some "dev support"20:06
jelknernice, nrcerna!20:07
jelknerthat's the reverse of what usually happens to us20:07
nrcernashe emailed me asking if some of the dev team could me next monday between 3 and 5 PM ET20:07
jelknerand lelkneralfaro said he could20:07
nrcernaabuchholz, mentioned that can't make it, so lelkneralfaro  can attend, let's see if Stefan could make it as well20:07
nrcernayeah jelkner 20:07
jelknerin zulip ;-)20:07
nrcernaACTION Done20:07
nrcernaOh, I forgot... I send an email to her saying we're going to meet that day20:08
nrcernaOk, next item, is more like a discussion20:08
nrcernaand I guess since you were meeting with Micky jelkner, I would like to know more about it20:09
jelknerwhat is the item, nrcerna?20:09
LittleWebsterThis is the agenda for the next meeting:20:09
LittleWebsterthis week progress / work (added by nrcerna)20:09
LittleWebsterHelping others would help us (added by nrcerna)20:09
LittleWebsterMHAction website Inquiry (added by nrcerna)20:09
nrcerna"Helping others would help us"20:09
jelknerHelping others would help us?20:09
jelknerahh, yes20:09
jelknercan we talk about that on BBB?20:10
jelkneri'll report on the show-and-tell discussion i just had20:10
nrcernaWell, this is a bit of what I think, This week I realized that designing and exporting assets when the dev team is using other framework is tricky, I've ven doing research and trying to learn how to design properly, for example the project that I'm working right now: 20:10
nrcernaVulk , so. AGARIC is using Drupal as CMS, and Bulma as wireframe (that is nothing similar to Boostrap), this has been challenging for the developers and for me as well (all this layering situation)20:10
nrcernaLong story short, I really feel that one of us (meaning our developers) should learn about this, so we can help them with theming (some front end), this will help each other to survive. At least I see it that way.20:10
nrcernaLet's continue this on BBB20:11
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