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LittleWebsterThis is the agenda for the next meeting:15:17
LittleWebsterOnline ToolKit Proposal (added by abuchholz)15:17
LittleWebsterPositioning Overview (added by abuchholz)15:17
LittleWebsterNextCloud Attendees Feature | Feature we should use (added by abuchholz)15:17
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abuchholz!add Payment for Internal Work15:21
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LittleWebsterThis is the agenda for the next meeting:15:21
LittleWebsterOnline ToolKit Proposal (added by abuchholz)15:21
LittleWebsterPositioning Overview (added by abuchholz)15:21
LittleWebsterNextCloud Attendees Feature | Feature we should use (added by abuchholz)15:21
LittleWebsterPayment for Internal Work (added by abuchholz)15:21
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LittleWebsterThis is the agenda for the next meeting:18:48
LittleWebsterOnline ToolKit Proposal (added by abuchholz)18:48
LittleWebsterPositioning Overview (added by abuchholz)18:48
LittleWebsterNextCloud Attendees Feature | Feature we should use (added by abuchholz)18:48
LittleWebsterPayment for Internal Work (added by abuchholz)18:48
LittleWebsterThis is the agenda for the next meeting:19:25
LittleWebsterOnline ToolKit Proposal (added by abuchholz)19:25
LittleWebsterPositioning Overview (added by abuchholz)19:25
LittleWebsterNextCloud Attendees Feature | Feature we should use (added by abuchholz)19:25
LittleWebsterPayment for Internal Work (added by abuchholz)19:25
LittleWebsterThis is the agenda for the next meeting:19:26
LittleWebsterOnline ToolKit Proposal (added by abuchholz)19:26
LittleWebsterPositioning Overview (added by abuchholz)19:26
LittleWebsterNextCloud Attendees Feature | Feature we should use (added by abuchholz)19:26
LittleWebsterPayment for Internal Work (added by abuchholz)19:26
sitarabuta!add Neurodivergent U Payment19:26
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nrcerna!add Friendly reminder to use:
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nrcerna!add Mr Zawolo's email19:46
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LittleWebsterThis is the agenda for the next meeting:19:58
LittleWebsterOnline ToolKit Proposal (added by abuchholz)19:58
LittleWebsterPositioning Overview (added by abuchholz)19:58
LittleWebsterNextCloud Attendees Feature | Feature we should use (added by abuchholz)19:58
LittleWebsterPayment for Internal Work (added by abuchholz)19:58
LittleWebsterNeurodivergent U Payment (added by sitarabuta)19:58
LittleWebsterFriendly reminder to use: (added by nrcerna)19:58
LittleWebsterMr Zawolo's email (added by nrcerna)19:58
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ubuntouristWell. That was brief...19:59
LittleWebsternrcerna : abuchholz : sitarabuta : ubuntourist20:00
LittleWebsterTick Tock!20:00
LittleWebsterIt's 20:00 UTC o'clock and NOVA Web Development's meeting is starting.20:00
LittleWebsterThis is the agenda for today:20:00
LittleWebsterOnline ToolKit Proposal (added by abuchholz)20:00
LittleWebsterPositioning Overview (added by abuchholz)20:00
LittleWebsterNextCloud Attendees Feature | Feature we should use (added by abuchholz)20:00
LittleWebsterPayment for Internal Work (added by abuchholz)20:00
LittleWebsterNeurodivergent U Payment (added by sitarabuta)20:00
LittleWebsterFriendly reminder to use: (added by nrcerna)20:00
LittleWebsterMr Zawolo's email (added by nrcerna)20:00
LittleWebsterHave a nice day, Websters!20:00
nrcernaHello Everyone!20:00
abuchholzHello :)20:00
nrcernaWe're missing colombene here20:01
nrcernaBut let's start20:01
LittleWebsterThis is the agenda for the next meeting:20:01
LittleWebsterOnline ToolKit Proposal (added by abuchholz)20:01
LittleWebsterPositioning Overview (added by abuchholz)20:01
LittleWebsterNextCloud Attendees Feature | Feature we should use (added by abuchholz)20:01
LittleWebsterPayment for Internal Work (added by abuchholz)20:01
LittleWebsterNeurodivergent U Payment (added by sitarabuta)20:01
LittleWebsterFriendly reminder to use: (added by nrcerna)20:01
LittleWebsterMr Zawolo's email (added by nrcerna)20:01
nrcernaFirst item: Online ToolKit Proposal 20:01
nrcernaabuchholz :)20:01
abuchholzAlright so Jeff sent an email on a potential, we probably wanna do some investigation to determine if it's Drupal or Django work20:02
abuchholzif its Drupal, it might be tricky20:02
abuchholzif its Django then this is something we should definitely take20:02
jelknerWe aren't ready for Drupal work20:02
jelknerI agree20:02
nrcernaIf is drupal, we can share that with our friends, and partnership with them on what they need20:02
nrcernaDesign, UX, etc20:02
colombeneaccording to the RFP it just said it had to link to Drupal - didn't see a specification it had to be in Drupal20:02
abuchholzcolombene, yep, we just probably want to make sure20:03
sitarabutacolombene, +120:03
jelknerIt looked to me like static website20:03
jelknerthat's why i shared it20:03
abuchholzwe should probably send an email and then if they say we can do django work we can begin a proposal20:03
abuchholzI believe its due first week of September 20:03
abuchholzmight be wrong20:03
abuchholzDoes anyone want to take lead and email them if they have any specifications on the software it should use?20:04
abuchholzwe can then spend next week if they get back to us and say django is good working on a proposal 20:04
abuchholzwe can talk about who should do the email after20:04
abuchholzACTION done20:04
nrcernanext item: Positioning Overview 20:05
abuchholzI added this but idk if you want to talk about this colombene 20:05
nrcernathis is regarding our current meeting, right?20:05
abuchholzI can give a general overview if you'd like20:05
nrcernaBBB one20:05
colombeneYes, we had a great start and recorded it.20:05
nrcernaGreat dicussion, we have some shared notes as well20:05
jelknerACTION would love to watch the recording20:06
jelknerjust go to BBB page?20:06
abuchholzThis is also something we can maybe continue after the meeting.20:06
abuchholzyep jelkner 20:06
colombeneWe discussed our values, market/clients and industry. We can continue after this meeting or another time to finish looking at model websites/companies and some other details.20:06
jelknercool, abuchholz, thanks!20:06
nrcernaSeems like we're going to have sessions for Business Discussion? colombene 20:06
colombeneYes, I think there's a more detailed business services discussion that was emerging. We could schedule for next week maybe.20:07
nrcernathat guide us to our next item: NextCloud Attendees Feature | Feature we should use 20:08
colombeneI'll put on the Monday agenda to schedule.20:08
abuchholzAlright, so 20:08
abuchholzI opened a ticket cause we encountered some issues20:08
abuchholzthe idea was that we want to add individuals to events so that it sends them an email which they can accept or reject20:08
abuchholzhowever, doesn't appear to be working20:08
abuchholzif you wanna read up on why I have the support ticket open20:09
abuchholzthe issue is with Nextcloud not Mayrfirst so I may need to file an issue on their GitHub20:09
sitarabutaabuchholz, 20:09
sitarabutaI got a lot of emails20:09
jelknerACTION and ubuntourist can do this20:09
sitarabutatest emails20:09
jelknersince we have individual accounts20:09
nrcernawe're trying over and over sitarabuta 20:09
nrcernathat's why20:09
jelknerbut members of a group can not, apparently20:09
sitarabutaI got them from the Nextcloud account20:09
abuchholzwhat i have found20:09
abuchholzis that you need to be the owner of the calendar for it to work20:09
abuchholzsince the calendar is shared20:10
abuchholzwe are not owners20:10
abuchholzu can only have one onwer20:10
nrcernaeven we tried to see if there was a way to share using the "circles" feature they have20:10
abuchholzthe owner in this case is novawebdev20:10
sitarabutashouldn't work like that. we are not gonna make the people we invite owners20:10
nrcernabut it didn't work20:10
abuchholzsitarabuta, whoever implemented this did not think it through20:10
colombeneFrustratingly, it acts like it works but then doesn't send the emails.20:10
sitarabutaor it is glitchy20:10
abuchholzits both, we can cover it briefly after the meeting20:11
abuchholzwe just can't spend too much time on it20:11
abuchholzACTION done.20:11
nrcernawe need to thing how are we going to use it then, so we can add events effectively without killing ourselves20:11
abuchholz+1 nrcerna 20:11
nrcernaNext item: Neurodivergent U Payment20:12
nrcernathat's you sitarabuta 20:12
sitarabutaSo we got our money from Neurodivergent back.20:12
sitarabutaLouis and I were talking how much I should get paid from it.20:12
jelknerthat's cause sitarabuta had such great documentation20:12
jelknerthe video showing the working app20:13
nrcernathanks sitarabuta 20:13
sitarabutaI thought it would be fair if I brought it up at the meeting if I can get all of it / part of it / none etc.20:13
sitarabutainstead of deciding between the two of us20:13
jelkneryou totally need to do that, sitarabuta20:14
jelknersitarabuta, colombene, nrcerna, abuchholz, and lelkneralfaro need to be on the same page20:14
jelknerso everyone feels they are being treated justly20:14
jelknerour next revision of our operating agreement should probably make the process more explicit20:15
abuchholzI have my opinion. I believe that in this scenario Stefan should get all of it.20:15
abuchholzidk if we should vote or something20:15
jelknerfor now, as we struggle to survive, we need to be a little more flexible perhaps, as long as y'all think the practice is transparent and fair20:15
colombeneshould we do here or BBB?20:15
jelknercolombene: discuss on bbb20:16
jelknervote here20:16
abuchholzdo we want to do a vote?20:16
nrcernaLet's vote then?20:16
abuchholzok works with me20:16
jelknernrcerna: we don't have a proposal20:16
jelknerso next meeting we vote20:16
jelknerafter in BBBB y'all decide20:16
nrcernaI see20:16
nrcernaI just noticed that I missed on item that was added before this one: Payment for Internal Work 20:17
jelknernrcerna: that is part of the same discussion20:17
abuchholzYeah thats another discussion, I just wanted some clarification.20:17
jelknera super important one20:17
abuchholzIts just a question I guess20:17
abuchholzSo in the past we have split the money 50/5020:17
abuchholz50 goes to the developer20:18
abuchholz50 goes to nwd20:18
nrcernaright but that just apply for you abuchholz and sitarabuta 20:18
nrcernaI'm I right?20:18
nrcernaAm I*20:18
jelkneri don't think so20:18
sitarabutadoes it?20:18
jelknerbut let's talk after20:18
colombeneI think it'd be good for BBB - there's a lot of considerations.20:18
jelknerin BBB20:18
abuchholz+1 colombene 20:18
nrcernaNext item: Friendly reminder to use:
nrcernaPlease ;)20:19
nrcernaI found it useful20:19
sitarabutaI will try setting it up20:19
nrcernaSo everyone can be aware of what we're doing20:19
abuchholzYeah, I rather like the tool20:20
nrcernathanks colombene for sharing and organizing it for us20:20
colombenesure, glad it's helpful20:20
nrcernaNext item: Mr Zawolo's email20:21
nrcernadid you get it jelkner 20:21
jelknerno, nrcerna 20:21
ubuntouristNor I20:21
jelkneri see him every day now20:21
jelknerbut he didn't mention anything to me20:21
nrcernaHe sent some information for the website that Hisham was working on20:21
nrcernamy question: 20:21
nrcernaWho is going to handle that, since Hisham wont be available?20:22
jelknerthat's me20:22
jelkneri'll talk to him20:22
jelkneryou can take that off your plate20:22
jelknerACTION done20:22
nrcernaThanks jelkner , I'll forward that email to you as well20:23
nrcernado we have anything else?20:23
jelkneri met with the four capstone interns20:23
jelknerthey have been added to our zulip20:23
nrcernathat's great20:23
jelknerwe'll talk more about what they can do20:23
nrcernawe should welcome them20:23
jelknerdavid izy just gave a nice presentation at show-and-tell20:24
ubuntouristjelkner, and they're with us until May-ish right?20:24
jelknerand i had a really good conversation with agaric20:24
jelknerubuntourist: june20:24
jelknermid june20:24
nrcernaDaniela's brother? jelkner 20:24
jelkneryup, Daniela's brother20:24
nrcernagood, did they record that?20:25
jelknernot sure20:25
nrcernaI would like to watch it20:25
jelkneri'll check, nrcerna 20:25
nrcernaACTION Drops the bag of gravel20:25
nrcernathanks everyone20:25
jelknerlet's meet in BBB20:25
jelknerthanks, nrcerna!20:26
nrcernasee u there20:26
ubuntouristDid anyone go to Micky's "coffeehouse" or whatever she called it?20:26
nrcernaI wasnt aware of that ubuntourist 20:26
ubuntouristNeed a break. May join in a minute.20:26
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ubuntourist(May join BBB in a minute.)20:26
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