IRC log of #novawebdev for Thursday, 2021-09-02

LittleWebsterWarning: There are no items on the agenda!15:23
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LittleWebsterWarning: There are no items on the agenda!19:15
nrcernahi colombene 19:15
LittleWebsterWarning: There are no items on the agenda!19:15
nrcernaI was checking the agenda19:15
nrcernano items19:15
colombeneoh, yes, I didn't know how to add19:16
nrcernayou need to do !add19:16
nrcerna and then the item19:16
LittleWebsterError: Cannot add an empty item to the agenda!19:16
nrcerna!add item here19:17
LittleWebsterSuccess: "item here" has been added to the agenda.19:17
nrcerna!remove item here19:17
LittleWebsterSuccess: "item here" has been removed from the agenda.19:17
nrcernayou have to do : !add colombene 19:17
colombenewe never got clarity on payment19:19
LittleWebsterAvailable commands: !add, !agenda, !help, !remove19:20
colombeneso I have to put my name in the action?19:23
nrcernajust bang and add then the item19:36
LittleWebsterWarning: There are no items on the agenda!19:42
nrcernalelkneralfaro, abuchholz , colombene - Someone wanna add something?19:52
LittleWebsterWarning: There are no items on the agenda!19:54
lelkneralfaro!add Stefan's compensation19:55
LittleWebsterSuccess: "Stefan's compensation" has been added to the agenda.19:55
colombeneI think there are items for discussion, but not sure I have specific proposals to vote on19:55
lelkneralfaroI agree19:55
lelkneralfaromore BBB stuff then for here19:56
lelkneralfaroeven the conversation around Stefan should probably discussed on BBB first before here19:56
nrcernaSounds Great19:57
nrcerna!add time line - (projects)19:57
LittleWebsterSuccess: "time line - (projects)" has been added to the agenda.19:57
LittleWebsterThis is the agenda for the next meeting:19:57
LittleWebsterStefan's compensation (added by lelkneralfaro)19:57
LittleWebstertime line - (projects) (added by nrcerna)19:57
LittleWebsternrcerna : abuchholz : sitarabuta : colombene : lelkneralfaro20:00
LittleWebsterTick Tock!20:00
LittleWebsterIt's 20:00 UTC o'clock and NOVA Web Development's meeting is starting.20:00
LittleWebsterThis is the agenda for today:20:00
LittleWebsterStefan's compensation (added by lelkneralfaro)20:00
LittleWebstertime line - (projects) (added by nrcerna)20:00
LittleWebsterHave a nice day, Websters!20:00
nrcernaHello everyone20:00
lelkneralfarohi! 20:00
nrcernahope you're doing great20:00
abuchholzHello :)20:00
lelkneralfaroI have the first item, should I begin?20:00
lelkneralfaroI think we should talk about my item on bbb20:00
lelkneralfaroit's about sitarabuta's payment20:01
lelkneralfaroACTION done20:01
sitarabutaah that's me20:01
nrcernaOk, next item: time line - (projects) 20:02
abuchholzwait what20:02
abuchholzare we gonna vote?20:02
abuchholzim confused is the first item resolved? 20:02
sitarabutalelkneralfaro said we'll talk on bbb20:03
lelkneralfaroabuchholz, it is not, we will discuss on bbb20:03
abuchholzk nvm20:03
nrcernaNo problem20:03
nrcernaWell I added the second one20:03
nrcernaI just want to clarify some thing regarding timeline20:04
nrcernaI know you noticed that I've been kinda busy20:04
nrcernaFirst: I would like to ask if I can meet you colombene on Monday to fix what you were mentioning in our website20:05
nrcernaMaybe after our Weekly meeting20:05
colombeneusually, yes, just noting Monday is labor day20:05
colombenein US20:05
nrcernaI forgot that20:05
nrcernaare you going to work guys? lelkneralfaro , colombene , abuchholz ?20:06
nrcernaor everyone is going to be off?20:06
sitarabutawell i am not in the US, so i guess i'll work? lol20:06
abuchholznot sure, my parents might make me do smth20:06
nrcernasitarabuta not really20:06
sitarabutai assume you already knew that ;-)20:06
sitarabutalabour day is the 1st of may here20:06
nrcernashould we move the meeting to tuesday?20:06
lelkneralfaronrcerna, i was planning to be at my computer20:06
lelkneralfaronrcerna, that sounds like a good idea to me20:07
sitarabutaomg i spelled it labour instead of labor i am transforming!20:07
colombeneyes, i go for Tuesday20:07
lelkneralfarositarabuta, showing your true colours20:07
sitarabutaim turning over to the Bri'ish!20:07
nrcernasitarabuta, now you have to say: " is chewsday innit?"20:07
sitarabutathat is so goood\20:08
sitarabutayou killed me with that one20:08
sitarabutaTuesday works btw20:08
nrcernaIt came so naturally, and it fits20:08
nrcernaperfect ;-)20:08
sitarabutaIt is actually much better than Monday this time20:08
nrcernaso? should we move it then?20:09
nrcernatuesday then, same time20:09
colombeneand I can meet after the group meeting nrcerna20:09
nrcernaSounds perfect20:09
nrcernathanks colombene 20:09
nrcernaFor the Cleaning coop - I'll meet with Heylin probably (She needs to confirm) next Wednesday to show her some  progress20:10
nrcernaI'm working on the info that the website will have20:10
nrcernaACTION Done20:11
nrcernaAnything else, anyone?20:11
sitarabuta*Silence propagates through the room*20:11
nrcernaACTION Drops the bag of gravel20:12
nrcernaThanks everyone20:12
nrcernasee u on BBB20:12
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