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jelkner!add Drupal study plan & adding Keegan to our Zulip12:11
LittleWebsterSuccess: "Drupal study plan & adding Keegan to our Zulip" has been added to the agenda.12:11
LittleWebsterThis is the agenda for the next meeting:12:11
LittleWebsterDrupal study plan & adding Keegan to our Zulip (added by jelkner)12:11
jelkner!add Our current interns12:33
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LittleWebsterThis is the agenda for the next meeting:12:33
LittleWebsterDrupal study plan & adding Keegan to our Zulip (added by jelkner)12:33
LittleWebsterOur current interns (added by jelkner)12:33
jelkner!add AEA-PAC Website estimate13:28
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LittleWebsterThis is the agenda for the next meeting:13:28
LittleWebsterDrupal study plan & adding Keegan to our Zulip (added by jelkner)13:28
LittleWebsterOur current interns (added by jelkner)13:28
LittleWebsterAEA-PAC Website estimate (added by jelkner)13:28
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jelknermjsir911: ping16:14
mjsir911hi jelkner!16:14
jelknercan i give you a call?16:14
mjsir911sure, on the phone?16:15
jelkneryeah, mjsir911, you remember what those are, right? ;-)16:15
mjsir911yep! I am awaiting a phone call now16:15
jelknercould i call after?16:15
jelkneri have a 2:45 pm meeting16:16
mjsir911awaiting your phone call now :P16:16
jelknerbut i'm free until then16:16
jelknerwhat's your number?16:16
jelknermjsir911: i got voice mail16:18
jelknerleft my number in the chat16:18
jelknercan you call me?16:18
jelknerI lost you, mjsir911 16:23
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LittleWebsterThis is the agenda for the next meeting:18:52
LittleWebsterDrupal study plan & adding Keegan to our Zulip (added by jelkner)18:52
LittleWebsterOur current interns (added by jelkner)18:52
LittleWebsterAEA-PAC Website estimate (added by jelkner)18:52
LittleWebsterThis is the agenda for the next meeting:19:59
LittleWebsterDrupal study plan & adding Keegan to our Zulip (added by jelkner)19:59
LittleWebsterOur current interns (added by jelkner)19:59
LittleWebsterAEA-PAC Website estimate (added by jelkner)19:59
LittleWebsternrcerna : Amirah : Eduardo : jelkner : colombene : lelkneralfaro20:00
LittleWebsterTick Tock!20:00
LittleWebsterIt's 20:00 UTC o'clock and NOVA Web Development's meeting is starting.20:00
LittleWebsterThis is the agenda for today:20:00
LittleWebsterDrupal study plan & adding Keegan to our Zulip (added by jelkner)20:00
LittleWebsterOur current interns (added by jelkner)20:00
LittleWebsterAEA-PAC Website estimate (added by jelkner)20:00
LittleWebsterHave a nice day, Websters!20:00
jelknerGood afternoon, Websters!20:00
nrcernaHello everyone!20:00
nrcernaHope everyone doing great :-)20:01
nrcernaAlright, let's start!20:01
nrcernaFirst Item: Drupal study plan & adding Keegan to our Zulip20:02
jelknerThat's me20:02
jelknerSeveral of us just got off a great Show-and-Tell where we talked about this20:02
jelknercolombene: did you see my Zulip message on who the particiants are?20:02
jelknerwhat i wanted to ask here is if anyone has an objection to inviting keegan to our zulip so he can participate with us in the study?20:03
jelknerbtw. Keegan is now an official voting member of Agaric.20:03
colombeneyes, I had a question about other names I've seen.20:03
jelknergo for it, colombene 20:03
nrcernaWe can invite him in to a Stream for that purpose, right?20:03
nrcernaso first, we need to create the stream20:04
jelknerthe Coop Principles stream20:04
jelknerwe already have it20:04
jelknerunder education20:04
jelknerthough you're right, nana, we may want a new one for this, since it is large scale20:04
nrcernasince is going to be a stream with a lot of topics, me thinks20:05
jelknery'all tell me what to name it20:05
nrcernaWe can call it : " Eduacation: Durpal?"20:06
jelknersince the organization and naming conventions are so good, i don't want to muck them up20:06
jelknerworks for me20:06
colombeneAlso wondering about interns being under principle 6. I'm not sure how that fits. Perhaps internships would have their own stream/topics too.20:06
nrcerna+1 colombene 20:06
jelknerthis is great, but we are getting in the weeds now, and don't have time20:06
colombeneok, so discuss on BBB?20:07
jelknercan we agree in principle to invite keegan to the new stream, and then i'll wait for you to tell me what to call it?20:07
jelknercolombene: i need to leave 10 minutes after this meeting to another meeting20:07
jelknerbut you can tell me what to call it20:07
nrcernanext item is related to the first one20:08
nrcerna"Our current interns"20:08
nrcernayou again my friend ;-) jelkner 20:09
jelknerWe have 6 capstone seniors plus two college grads20:09
jelknerAmirah, Eduardo (both with us now), Jacob, Jack, and Leila are the Arl Tech seniors20:10
jelknerFaith and David are the other two20:10
jelknerour study group will include the 8 of them plus me and Keegan20:10
AmirahRachel Wilson as well?20:10
jelknerThanks, Amirah!20:10
Amirahlol :D no problem20:11
jelknerShame on me, yes, Rachel!20:11
jelknerit means i can't count either, Amirah ;-)20:11
nrcernaThat's great, are they going to join our IRC meetings or just the zulip, jelkner ?20:11
nrcernaThat's great :)20:12
jelknerand they will represent us at Show-and-Tell too20:12
nrcernaNice to have you here Eduardo  and Amirah 20:13
AmirahIt's nice to be here!20:13
nrcernaI'm Natalia Cerna, AKA. Nana20:13
EduardoNice to meet you20:13
AmirahNice to meet you, my name is Amirah Jones 20:13
nrcernaGood to mention my name since my username is different20:13
Amirahright :D20:14
nrcernaNext item:  AEA-PAC Website estimate 20:14
jelknerSo, did you see what I put in Zulip?20:14
jelkneri would like to schedule a meeting soon to talk about it20:15
nrcernaYes, and I read that lelkneralfaro  and colombene  commented20:15
colombeneyes, we had more questions20:15
jelknerhaven't had a chance to look20:15
jelknerwould tomorrow work?20:15
lelkneralfarotomorrow is good for me20:15
jelkner3:15 pm?20:15
lelkneralfaroyes that's fine20:16
jelknerwe can discuss then20:16
jelknerACTION done20:16
nrcernaThanks jelkner 20:16
nrcernaanything else, anyone?20:16
jelknerif not, we can jump over to BBB early and i'll have a wee bit more time to talk20:16
nrcernaACTION Drops the bag of gravel20:17
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nrcernaThanks everyone20:17
jelknerthanks, Nana!!20:17
nrcerna:) jelkner 20:17
jelknerAmirah and Eduardo, do you know our BBB?20:17
AmirahNo I don't 20:17
jelknerACTION goes to look it up20:18
colombeneViewer Code: 6255ee662020:18
nrcerna  Viewer Code: 6255ee662020:18
Amirahthank you!20:18
jelknerViewer Code: 6255ee662020:18
jelknerACTION signs off20:19
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