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LittleWebsterWarning: There are no items on the agenda!19:27
nrcerna!add Question regarding Cleaning Coop website19:27
LittleWebsterSuccess: "Question regarding Cleaning Coop website" has been added to the agenda.19:27
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Guest802HELP REGISTER19:56
LittleWebsterThis is the agenda for the next meeting:19:56
LittleWebsterQuestion regarding Cleaning Coop website (added by nrcerna)19:56
Guest802!add rate for internal work19:57
LittleWebsterSuccess: "rate for internal work" has been added to the agenda.19:57
LittleWebsterThis is the agenda for the next meeting:19:58
LittleWebsterQuestion regarding Cleaning Coop website (added by nrcerna)19:58
LittleWebsterrate for internal work (added by Guest802)19:58
LittleWebsternahomy : nrcerna : jelkner : Guest80220:00
LittleWebsterTick Tock!20:00
LittleWebsterIt's 20:00 UTC o'clock and NOVA Web Development's meeting is starting.20:00
LittleWebsterThis is the agenda for today:20:00
LittleWebsterQuestion regarding Cleaning Coop website (added by nrcerna)20:00
LittleWebsterrate for internal work (added by Guest802)20:00
LittleWebsterHave a nice day, Websters!20:00
nrcernaHello Everyone!20:00
Guest802hello everyone :)20:00
nrcernaWell... we're just a few here20:00
nrcernaBut welcome! :)20:00
nrcernaAlright... Let's start 20:00
nrcernaJust two items20:01
nrcernafirst one: Question regarding Cleaning Coop website20:01
nrcernaI added this one 20:01
nrcernaThis is a question for you jelkner 20:01
nrcernaI want to know if the Mujeres Manos a la Obra can have donate button20:02
nrcernabefore you say no20:02
nrcernaI want to show you the design20:02
jelknerSorry, nrcerna 20:02
nrcernamaybe we can meet tomorrow ? jelkner 20:02
jelknerThe interns are asking me questions20:02
nrcernano problem20:02
jelknerthey are here in the room with me20:02
nrcernacan we meet tomorrow?20:02
jelknerand i can't walk and chew gum...20:03
jelknerno, now is good20:03
nrcernano, because I need to screenshare and want to talk more about that20:03
jelknerahh, nrcerna, no20:03
nrcernajelkner, that's the reason that I wanted to meet with you20:03
jelknerMujeres Manos a la Obra is a business20:03
jelknerone doesn't generally "donate" to a business20:04
jelknerunless one is jelkner and the business is nova web ;-)20:04
nrcernaI know like the Coffee Shop (BOL) that wanted to do the same20:04
jelknerpeople who want donate should donate to NOVALACIRO20:04
jelknerwhich is sponsoring the coop20:04
nrcernaI see20:04
colombeneYea, maybe it could link to Novalaciro20:04
jelknerdonations to NOVALACIRO are tax deductable20:05
jelknersince NOVALACIRO is a 501c320:05
jelknerand NOVALACIRO will in turn help the coop with education, training, support20:05
jelknerso, no donate button20:05
nrcernaThanks jelkner 20:05
nrcernaI'll update the design20:06
nrcernaACTION done20:06
jelknerbtw, nrcerna20:06
jelkneri am not really the one to ask about that20:06
nrcernaI asked Heylin20:06
jelknersince it is the owners of the coop who decide20:06
nrcernashe told me to ask you20:06
nrcernaI know 20:06
jelkneri'll talk to Heylin, to see if she agrees with me20:07
jelknercan i ask another question?20:07
jelknerwe need a stream for our PHP / Drupal study20:07
jelkneri didn't know what to call it20:07
nrcernaYeah, we discussed that with colombene  20:08
nrcernaEducation: Drupal (is what I remember)20:08
jelkneri just created Development: PHP and Drupal Study Group20:08
colombeneyea, there is one20:08
nrcernanot sure if we created 20:08
jelknerno one created it20:08
jelknerso, can you please rename the one i created to the convention you want?20:08
colombeneIt's Education: Drupal - I created it Monday20:08
nrcernaI dont see it either20:09
colombeneOh, I guess you have to add it20:09
jelkneri don't see it at all20:09
nrcernacan you suscribe me there please colombene ?20:09
nrcernaand jelkner  as well20:09
jelknerahh, i bet you only see Streams to which you are subscribed20:10
nrcernaI would like to be there , since we're going to be learning drupal stuff with zOnny (Edzon)20:10
nrcernaand maybe I can find something useful there20:10
jelknercan we delete the one you made20:10
jelknerand rename the one i made?20:10
colombeneYou should be able to look in STREAMS (+) Browse streams20:10
jelknersince it already has everyone subscribed?20:10
nrcernacan you add me jelkner ?20:11
colombenencerna, I think you can add yourself if you browse streams20:11
nrcernaI'll check it then :)20:12
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nrcernaNext item: rate for internal work20:13
Guest802this is mine20:13
jelknerwho is Guest802?20:13
nrcernalelkner ( Guest802 )20:13
Guest802I think $20.00/hr US and UK20:14
Guest802$10.00 for ES?20:14
nrcernasounds good I think20:14
nrcernaACTION Waiting20:15
Guest802ACTION done20:15
colombeneok, how does it work if there's no money? is the goal to do backpay until it's paid off?20:15
colombenedoes there need to be some agreement on what to work on?20:16
Guest802colombene, yes there does need to be agreement20:16
Guest802if there is no money, I suppose we can agree to pay someone 20:16
Guest802if we agree that they should work on something internal20:17
Guest802and we pay them when money comes in20:17
colombeneok, that might need to be part of the weekly meetings - proposals for work20:18
Guest802that sounds good20:18
nrcernamaybe we need to decide who attend some meetings? since if we dont coordinate that we will be losing a lot of money20:19
nrcernaanything else? anyone?20:20
colombeneI have 2 things, not sure for here or BBB20:20
nrcernais about our meeting yesterday?20:20
colombeneone is a basic proposal to work with contractors, but details are TBD20:20
nrcernathat's great20:20
colombenethe other is on NOVA website - if we want to include bios (I think that was from the meeting yesterday?)20:21
nrcernaYeah, I didnt added since I thought we we're about to discuss it on BBB 20:21
nrcernabut seems like jelkner is kinda busy20:21
colombeneso the question is - do we work with contractors? temporary, project-based collaborations that do not assume (but encourage) membership20:21
nrcernawith the interns there20:21
colombeneit sounds like yes if we work with Edzon on Vulk, but just clarifying20:22
nrcernaMaybe not just Vulk20:22
nrcernawe need a Front-End Developer, and the Theming for other projects that Agaric has20:23
nrcernaBut yeah, maybe we need to discuss how is he or any other contractor is going to be paid20:23
nrcernaand include that in the proposals / invoices20:24
colombeneok. just clarifying if we want to pursue and work out details for that. or wondering if details are decided on how that works. (or is this for BBB?)20:24
nrcernammm maybe is something for here or BBB, but I feel like we're missing Adrian and Stefan's input20:25
nrcernaand maybe jelkner since is busy20:25
nrcernathe question would be, when?20:26
nrcernaMaybe we can schedule a meeting20:27
nrcernawe need to ask the other members, or maybe next thursday :(20:27
nrcernaACTION Done20:27
nrcernaACTION Drops the bag of gravel20:27
colombenethanks! I'm on BBB20:28
nrcernaThanks colombene ,Guest802 , Andrei, nahomy and jelkner 20:28
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jelknermjsir911: doesn't see you're here at the moment22:07
jelknermjsir911: you're back23:25
mjsir911hi jelkner! Was just going to respond to your email.23:25
mjsir911I'de love to be invited to the zulip chat. 23:25

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