IRC log of #novawebdev for Thursday, 2021-10-07

jelknerlelkneralfaro: ping19:30
jelknerpaul flint is about to arrive19:30
jelkneri won't be able to make the meeting today19:31
jelkneryou wanted to talk19:32
jelknerwe have an extra week on AEA19:32
lelkneralfaroahh thats great19:32
jelkneri forgot that monday is a holiday19:32
jelknerno meeting19:32
lelkneralfaroNatalia should be able to help by then19:32
jelknerso it will be the following monday19:32
jelknerhow is she doing?19:32
lelkneralfarostill sick19:32
lelkneralfarobut getting better19:32
jelknerwe are under pressure to get that flier done19:33
lelkneralfaromaybe colombene can help19:33
jelknerheylin said she would check with nana, and if she didn't get a response, we would look for plan b19:34
jelknerthe event is oct 2319:34
jelknerpeople are asking for info19:34
lelkneralfaroprobably best to leave natalia alone19:34
lelkneralfaroabout work19:34
jelknersounds good19:34
jelknerso, we need a plan b19:34
jelknerseems like something nova needs to plan for in any case19:34
lelkneralfarookay, well I can ask colombene but I don't know anything about it19:35
jelknercool, flint hasn't arrived yet19:43
jelknerbut as is his habit, he is sure to appear at the most inopportune moment ;-)19:43
LittleWebsterWarning: There are no items on the agenda!19:51
abuchholz!add Update on MMALO Website19:51
LittleWebsterSuccess: "Update on MMALO Website" has been added to the agenda.19:51
LittleWebstermjsir911 : abuchholz : jelkner : lelkneralfaro20:00
LittleWebsterTick Tock!20:00
LittleWebsterIt's 20:00 UTC o'clock and NOVA Web Development's meeting is starting.20:00
LittleWebsterThis is the agenda for today:20:00
LittleWebsterUpdate on MMALO Website (added by abuchholz)20:00
LittleWebsterHave a nice day, Websters!20:00
lelkneralfaroLet's do it abuchholz :)20:00
abuchholzI like your thinking ;)20:00
lelkneralfarofirst things first, reprimand SITarabuta for his absence20:00
lelkneralfarohello ubuntourist we're really on BBB20:03
LittleWebsterThis is the agenda for the next meeting:20:03
LittleWebsterUpdate on MMALO Website (added by abuchholz)20:03
sitarabutaSilence on the meadows of OFTC20:05
lelkneralfarohi colombene we're really on bbb20:06
lelkneralfaroACTION drops the bag of gravel20:24
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