IRC log of #novawebdev for Thursday, 2021-10-21

LittleWebsterWarning: There are no items on the agenda!19:50
nrcernano irc today?19:52
nrcernaDo we have any items? lelkneralfaro , abuchholz 19:58
nrcernaHi jelkner 19:58
jelknerhi nrcerna!19:58
nrcernaI noticed that we don't have items here on IRC19:59
jelknerokie dokie19:59
jelknershort meeting then ;-)19:59
LittleWebstermjsir911 : nrcerna : abuchholz : sitarabuta : jelkner : lelkneralfaro20:00
LittleWebsterTick Tock!20:00
nrcernaBut I guess you're going to let us know regarding what you talked to Heylin yesterday? jelkner 20:00
LittleWebsterIt's 20:00 UTC o'clock and NOVA Web Development's meeting is starting.20:00
LittleWebsterUh-oh! That is embarassing...20:00
LittleWebsterUnfortunately, there are no items on the agenda!20:00
LittleWebsterHave a nice day, Websters!20:00
jelknerstarting next Thursday, i will have physical therapy on tuesdays and thursdays20:00
jelknerso i won't be able to make thursday meetings20:00
nrcernaI see20:00
jelkneruntil my knee gets better20:00
lelkneralfaroahhh I see that's a change20:00
lelkneralfarowe'll have to adjust20:00
abuchholzjelkner, did it not get better?20:00
jelknerit is such a looong journey, abuchholz 20:01
jelkneri am fortunate i am at the career center20:01
jelknerwe have physical therapy here20:01
sitarabutaWasn't it fine after the surgery?20:01
jelknerthe doctor says if i come in two days a week, he'll have me riding a bike by spring20:01
lelkneralfarojelkner move over to bbb please20:02
jelknersitarabuta, i can walk, but i can't ride a bike20:02
jelknercan't bend it enough20:02
jelkneri need to change computers to do that20:02
sitarabutaWell I wish you get well fast jelkner 20:02
lelkneralfarothat's an unfortunate hardware setup 20:02
jelknersorry, lelkneralfaro 20:03
jelknerit's for teaching20:03
jelknerit works well for that ;-)20:03
jelknerACTION logs off to switch another computer20:03
*** jelkner has quit (Quit: Leaving)20:03
lelkneralfaroACTION drops the bag of gravel20:03
*** abuchholz has quit (Quit: Leaving)20:03
nrcerna:D bye20:03
*** lelkneralfaro has quit (Quit: Leaving)20:03
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