IRC log of #novawebdev_learn for Thursday, 2020-09-10

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Hisham94Good morning!09:51
Hisham94I don't happen to see the zoom meeting for today's class10:11
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jelknerGood morning!11:48
Alex27good morning11:48
Maya15Good morning!11:48
jelknerI'm in the Zoom meeting too, can you try to join me there so we know it works?11:49
IbraHow do we join In Zoom?11:50
jelknerIbra, can you look on Canvas?11:50
jelknerIt's in the announcements11:50
jelknerI don't want to paste it here for all the world to see ;-)11:50
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JBlockHi, i'm having trouble finding the link to the meeting12:03
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Patrick_BPatrick here12:03
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JBlocki'm going to try another device now12:04
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TommyN64cant find a link to join the zoom meeting12:05
JBlocksame here12:06
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Henry11We're waiting for people I guess?12:07
JBlockis anyone in the zoom call?12:07
Henry11There's a zoom call?12:07
Maya15Go on the link on canvas under announcments.12:08
TommyN64Anyone get into the zoom call using that link?12:09
Henry11Doing this on a school computer is pure ass. The system wont let me download it because I need to have an administrator password12:09
AK52 here is the link12:09
Maya15Yep I am in12:09
Maya15Just go on the browser12:10
AK52i am not in12:10
TommyN64are you in the waiting room or are you actually in?12:10
Maya15I am in12:11
AK52waiting room12:11
JBlockok i just used the link from the chat12:11
TommyN64I'm just in the waiting room12:11
JBlockim in the waiting room12:11
Henry11Ok I'm in the waiting room12:11
Henry11Can we tag people here, like on twitter or something12:11
JBlock@jelkner could you let us in please12:12
JBlocki think so Henry12:12
Hisham12go to canvas12:12
Hisham12then to web design12:12
TommyN64are any of you in the meeting and not in the waiting room?12:12
Hisham12then click on announcements12:12
Hisham12and the nova link12:12
Hisham12to zoom12:12
JBlockI just did that12:13
Henry11Whats the point of being both on zoom and in freenode IRC, doesnt zoom have a chat function12:13
JBlockNow im in the waiting room12:13
Maya15He's letting people in.12:13
JBlockbecause not everyone can get into zoom12:13
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JBlockalso when we're not in zoom12:13
JBlockI'm still not in12:15
AK52same here12:15
JBlockI just realized i forgot something in the other room12:16
Maya15Ok I will tell him12:16
Maya15Ok if you guys try to come in I will let you in.12:20
Henry11Ok somehow I just muted myself and I can't unmute myself12:21
Maya15I will try12:22
Maya15You are not muted12:22
Henry11My browser is muting me12:23
Henry11Not letting me access my microphone12:23
Maya15Oh ok12:23
Finleyim here12:45
Jail_PRO15I am here12:45
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bmcmullinhi this is Bradley McMullin12:45
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Finleyfinley is here12:46
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johnputnamJohn Putnam is here12:46
bmcmullinI am here, this is Bradley McMullin12:46
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TommyN64I'm here12:46
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AK52im here12:48
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KhulegenIm here12:50
MarianI'm here12:52
Henry11jelkner how will the end of year certification test go, or will we not have that12:52
Maya15Im here13:08
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Taco1What up homies13:28
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Jacksonyall heard about big aerosol13:35
jelknerACTION signs off to switch computers bb in 10 minutes14:45
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jelknerHi Charlesbmale!16:09
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jelknerHi Oscar!16:14
jelknerCharlesbmale, Guest6803116:17
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