IRC log of #novawebdev_learn for Friday, 2020-09-11

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jelknerGood morning, Lucas84!12:20
Lucas84Good Mroning12:21
jelkneror as we say in vim s/Mroning/morning12:21
jelknerbut it's good whatever it is ;-)12:22
jelknerLucas84, do you have class now?12:25
Lucas84yah we are just doing a jamboard, so I'm just doing someother work and ecided to join this12:25
jelknerOk, but i want to be careful not to distract you from class.12:28
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Jiome and miguel gotta get in the zoom call15:50
JakobAyerswhere do i find da link15:52
Jiomiguel knows probably15:53
*** Lucas84 has joined #novawebdev_learn15:54
Lucas84it should be the same meeting link as yesterday, correct?15:54
JakobAyersmight be15:54
Lucas84You're not in?15:55
Lucas84*two days ago15:55
JakobAyersused the link but im not in15:56
JakobAyerssays the host has to let me in15:56
Lucas84yah same15:56
Lucas84I think if we go through VCCS website we don't have to be let in, somebody did that last time15:57
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JakobAyersoh im in now15:58
DevinMcFMy git repo for this class is
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jelknerDevinMcF, got a second?16:44
jelknerDevinMcF, ping16:45
jelknerDevinMcF, that's the operating agreement i said i would email you16:45
jelknerfigured i could just paste it here16:45
jelknerread it over and let's talk about it next week16:46
*** LeilaM has joined #novawebdev_learn17:00
jelknerHello, LeilaM17:06
LeilaM@jelkner are we supposed to make a presentation?17:07
jelknerLeilaM, you don't need the @ in irc17:07
jelknerif you mention my nick, i hear a beep ;-)17:07
jelkneryes, a less than 5 minute presentation17:08
LeilaMok, thank you17:08
jelkneri want to practice presenting and i want to review the chapter at the same time17:08
jelkneryou're welcome, LeilaM17:08

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