IRC log of #novawebdev_learn for Wednesday, 2020-09-16

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Henry11jelkner Sorry I wasn't in class yesterday, I had a dentists appointment.12:56
jelknerHi Henry1112:56
jelknerYou can always look on the website to find out what we are doing.12:56
jelknerHenry11, we are still settling into online learning routines12:57
jelknerWill you be in class tomorrow, Henry11?12:57
Henry11I will.12:57
Henry11Is it normal that the link on the Web Page design II Canvas course leads to the Web Page Design I website?12:58
jelknerHenry11, until i figure out who is in which class, we are all in one on the website12:59
Henry11Oh alright.12:59
Henry11Ok, thanks12:59
jelknerand make sure you are in the place you want to be12:59
jelknerthat's what we worked on yesterday12:59
jelknersince ms.magro is in the process of getting you all into the right nvcc classes13:00
jelknerother than that, we tried out breakout rooms13:00
jelknerand started learning Unix CLI13:00
jelknerHenry11, which class will you be in?13:01
Henry11It says I'm in Web Design and Multimedia.13:01
jelknerHenry11, so you are not doing dual-enrolled, yes?13:02
Henry11I don't think so.13:02
jelknerwe are going to use khan academy13:02
jelknercould you set up an account for yourself?13:02
jelknerlet me give you the link13:03
Henry11I think I already have an account set up from high school.13:03
jelknerHenry11, this is the link to the course we will use13:05
jelknerSee you in class tomorrow, Henry11!13:06
jelknerglad you found me here13:06
jelknerthis is where i am hoping students will come with questions13:06
jelknergreat job, Henry1113:06
Henry11Yup, will do. I will contact you here more if I need help.13:06
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Jiook bye16:57
jelknerJio, you made it16:58
jelknerbut quit so fast i couldn't even say hi16:59
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jelknerHi Daryus_M!18:47
jelknerDaryus_M, let's try ssh again18:47
jelknerthere you go18:47
jelknerdo you have the password written down?18:48
jelkneri don't what to type that here18:48
Daryus_MYes, I do18:48
jelknercopy and paste it at the prompt18:48
jelknermessing an e18:49
jelknerDaryus_M, you're missing an e18:49
jelknerthere you go18:49
Daryus_Mthank you18:49

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