IRC log of #novawebdev_learn for Friday, 2020-10-02

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Cyrus6jelkner does the private chat work11:48
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ScamperRowan is here today16:07
jelknerGM, Scamper, you are present and accounted for. Have a wonderful weekend!16:32
jelknerActually, good afternoon ;-)16:32
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mateocMateo Cardinale is here today17:00
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chuccCharlie Elliott is here today.17:11
jelknerthanks, chucc!17:20
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Coupercouper is here today17:20
jelknerthanks, chucc17:21
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jelknergreat Charlie17:21
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FrancescoHi Jeff, im checking in for today17:37
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Daryus_MaschinoI can't seem to join the zoom call17:50
jelknerWhat's happening, Daryus_Maschino17:54
jelknerwhat error are you getting?17:55
Daryus_MaschinoI simply can't join the zoom call17:55
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Shawhi my zoom is not working17:57
Daryus_Maschinojelkner, am I the only one with this problem, I'm getting a bit nervous17:59
Daryus_MaschinoI keep getting a notification that there was some sort of "server difficulty"18:00
Daryus_Maschino@jelkner I'm good18:01
jelknerDaryus_Maschino, sorry about that18:01
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