IRC log of #novawebdev_learn for Friday, 2020-10-09

*** JBlock has joined #novawebdev_learn12:00
JBlockJoy is here12:01
JBlockim sorry, i mixed up the days12:05
*** jelkner has joined #novawebdev_learn14:05
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ScamperRowan is here16:17
*** pyuan has joined #novawebdev_learn16:23
*** Francesco92 has joined #novawebdev_learn16:24
pyuanjelkner Peter Yuan is here16:24
Francesco92Francesco92 is here16:24
Francesco92because I have 91 predecessors16:24
jelknernumber 92, same to you16:25
*** mateo_c has joined #novawebdev_learn17:06
mateo_cMateo Cardinale is here today17:06
*** pyuan has joined #novawebdev_learn17:14
pyuanjelkner Adrian is also here.17:15
*** CharlieHamrick has joined #novawebdev_learn17:15
*** chucc has joined #novawebdev_learn17:24
chuccCharlie E. Is present today.17:24
jelknerpresented and accounted for chucc and CharlieHamrick17:27
jelknerhave a great weekend!17:27
pyuanHey jeff17:28
jelkneryes, pyuan17:28
jelkneror are you just saying "Hey"?17:28
pyuanAdrian went to get his wisdom teeth earlier so I'm not sure if about his attendance17:28
jelkneraah yes17:28
pyuanso I was just wondering if all the attendance stuff was taken care of17:28
jelkneri think i should mark him absent17:28
jelknerhe told me about that17:29
pyuanok cool. just checking to make sure everything is going smoothly17:29
pyuanYou have a good weekend jelkner!17:30
jelknerYou too, pyuan!17:30
*** Couper has joined #novawebdev_learn17:45
CouperCouper is here today and was here yesterday, I was running the ultimate frisbee club meetings and forgot to check in.17:46

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