IRC log of #novawebdev_learn for Thursday, 2020-10-15

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Alex27good morning i am hear11:51
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FinleyOim here12:01
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bradleymcmullinim present12:07
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SebDuallI'm here12:07
Patirckhello there12:12
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Marian33I'm here12:21
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jelknerGM, Scamper16:19
jelkneri mean, good afternoon16:19
ScamperGood afternoon16:20
jelkneryou are present and accounted for16:20
jelknerthis is working out really well16:20
jelknereasy for you, yes?16:20
jelknerit is certainly easy for me16:20
jelknersince i can check the log any time16:20
ScamperYes this is easey16:21
jelknerand you all can just drop in for a few seconds16:21
jelknerreport you're here16:21
jelknerand go do what other more important things you have to do16:21
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CharlieHamrickCharlie is here16:36
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mateo_cMateo Cardinale is here today17:01
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CouperCouper is here today17:16
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ChristopherChristopher is here17:19
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jelknerhi chucc17:24
chuccCharlie E. is present.17:24
jelknerindeed, i got ya17:24
chuccThank you, have a nice day Mr. Elkner.17:24
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