IRC log of #novawebdev_learn for Friday, 2020-10-16

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Jioi got lost15:54
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chuccSorry im late. Charlie E. is here16:49
jelkneryou're not late, chucc16:52
jelknerit's not even 1 pm yet16:53
jelknerbut you can check-in any time *before* 1:45 pm16:53
jelknerso you could check-in when you wake up in the morning, if that is more convenient for you, chucc16:53
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CouperCouper is here today17:13
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CharlieHamrickCharlie is here17:16
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mateo_cMateo Cardinale is here today17:19
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ScamperRowan is here today17:24
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pyuan@Jelkner sorry if this is too late. Peter, Francesco, and Adrian were all here today18:05
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bradleymcmullinMr. Elkner,20:01
bradleymcmullinI am having trouble with lesson 7 exercise 2 where my pics for gallery2.html are not showing up20:03
bradleymcmullinmy code looks like this:          <p><img src="desert1.jpg" alt="Desert1" height="600" width="600"></p>        <p><img src="mountain.jpg" alt="Mountain" height="600" width="600"></p>        <p><img src="desert2.jpg" alt="Desert 2" height="600" width="600"></p>        <p><img src="sky.jpg" alt="Sky" height="600" width="600"></p>        <p><img20:03
bradleymcmullinsrc="sunset.jpg" alt="Sunset" height="600" width="600"></p>20:03
bradleymcmullinand when I try to open one of the actual pics I am trying to use in a web browser it shows up as a black screen with a white outline of a square in the middle20:08

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