IRC log of #novawebdev_learn for Thursday, 2020-10-22

*** Patrick has joined #novawebdev_learn11:47
Guest9096Patrick here11:49
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Alex27good morning Alex is hear11:57
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SebDuallI'm here11:58
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bradleymcmullinim here11:58
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Marian50I'm here12:08
*** JBlock has joined #novawebdev_learn13:04
JBlockhey, i just remembered i could use this13:04
JBlockim stuck in the main room and cant get to my breakout room13:05
JBlocki tried restarting zoom but it didnt help13:05
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CharlieHamrickCharlie is here16:55
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mateo_cMateo Cardinale is here today17:06
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ScamperRowan is here today.17:25
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CouperCouper is here today17:25
*** jelkner has joined #novawebdev_learn20:00
jelknerNote to self: To install Bluefish on school mac, drag to desktop, then System Preferences, Security to allow20:01

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