IRC log of #novawebdev_learn for Tuesday, 2020-10-27

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Alex27Good Morning Alex is hear11:37
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SebDuallI am here11:56
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bradleymcmullinim here12:02
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adhakalhello jelkner!12:15
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Marian47I'm here12:17
adhakaljelkner, I'm not sure if you know, but Shushan, Conor, and Charles are all taking the SAT today and there's no way for them to be back in class by 11:5012:20
adhakalOscar might also be in a similar position, so I wanted to reach out to make sure you know...especially with all the presentations that are supposed to happen today, including Kevin's Altair 8800 demo12:21
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JBlockHi, im here12:29
JBlockI just messed up and went to the wrong class12:29
JBlockjelkner could you please help me get to my proper breakout room12:30
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pyuanHey jelkner. Are you still bringing the altair 8800 to my house today?14:02
jelknerpyuan now it looks like thursday or friday14:40
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chuccCharlie E. is present today.17:26
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CouperCouper is here today17:35
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ScamperRowan is here today17:39
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mateo_cMateo Cardinale is here today.17:45
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