IRC log of #novawebdev_learn for Wednesday, 2020-11-04

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tylergu3jelkner the web page for the Quidditch Challenge is down. I am trying to double check that me and my partner did the code right. Is there any way you can fix it or possibly post the information here?15:31
jelknerit isn't down15:31
jelkneri'm working on a new challenge15:31
jelknerand i realize each challenge needs its own directory15:31
jelknerhold on, i didn't update the link15:31
jelknertry now15:32
jelknerafter reloading the page15:32
tylergu3ok it works now thank you!15:32
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CharlieHamrickCharlie is here today17:47
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Christopherchristopher is here18:12
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Guest9626Im pressent CC Support Eduardo18:13
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chuccCharlie E. is here.18:21
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