IRC log of #novawebdev_learn for Wednesday, 2021-01-27

*** chucc has joined #novawebdev_learn17:24
chuccCharlie E. is here today. I have a doctors appt. and that is why I am signing in early today.17:24
*** Eduardo has joined #novawebdev_learn18:13
EduardoEduardo Here for CC18:14
*** Couper has joined #novawebdev_learn18:15
CouperCouper is here today18:15
*** Christopher has joined #novawebdev_learn18:19
ChristopherChristopher is here18:19
*** Rowan has joined #novawebdev_learn18:20
RowanRowan is here today18:20
*** CharlieHamrick has joined #novawebdev_learn19:02
CharlieHamrickCharlie is here today19:02

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