IRC log of #novawebdev for Saturday, 2017-04-01

the all knowingAll these timestampes are four hours ahead!!!34:00
2017-04-01T13:16:00.027332 *** Logger_Logger_WI has joined ##NovaWebDev
2017-04-01T13:17:25.412894 *** Logger_WIP has joined ##NovaWebDev
2017-04-01T13:17:34.775265 <mjsir911> test test 1234
2017-04-01T13:17:37.880550 <mjsir911> all systems go?
2017-04-01T13:17:44.700675 * mjsir911 tests loggerbot
2017-04-01T13:17:47.920977 *** mjsir911 has quit IRC
2017-04-01T13:17:52.235468 *** mjsir911 has joined ##NovaWebDev
*** Logger_WIP has joined ##NovaWebDev13:20
mjsir911final testin13:20
mjsir911everythin looks good13:20
*** mjsir911 has joined ##NovaWebDev17:17
*** jelkner has joined ##NovaWebDev21:11
jelknerah, mjsir911, good to see you here.21:11
mjsir911yep, you too21:12
mjsir911Where do you want the logs to be on the internet?21:12
jelknerif we make sure we login whenever we are online (which, since we are geeks, is most of our waking hours ;-) it will encourage others to join us.21:12
jelknergood question.21:13
jelknergive me a minute21:13
jelknerhow about ?21:14
mjsir911Will do21:15
jelknermakes sense, yes?21:15
jelknerI'll check-in with you tomorrow to see how it is going.21:15
*** mjsir911 has joined ##NovaWebDev21:29

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