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the all knowingAll these timestampes are four hours ahead!!!34:00
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jelknerGood morning mjsir91110:34
jelknerI'm here at Gallaudet10:34
jelknerKevin is suffering, since that Mac here is driving him crazy10:35
jelknerI don't suspect we will see him online today10:35
jelknerI'm meeting with German at 11 am.10:35
jelknerDo we have a weblog yet?10:35
mjsir911Yea but I can't deploy since it seems the webfactional server isn't accepting my publickey anymore10:35
jelknerwhat's up with that, and how can we fix it?10:36
mjsir911I don't know, its giving me a strange error `muxclient: master hello exchange failed10:36
mjsir911Failed to connect to new control master`10:36
jelknerAs one of our sys admins, we are going to need you to have the access required, naturally.10:37
mjsir911yea of course10:37
jelknerbtw. Did you ever send Osvaldo the PDF with your invoice?10:37
jelknerI don't recall seeing it.10:37
mjsir911Oh I did it but I didn't send the email. Do I attach it or just tell him its there?10:38
jelknerIf I'm going to nag you to get things done, I need to pay you.10:38
jelknerEither way.10:38
jelknerIf it is in the shared drive, just link to it.10:38
mjsir911ok will do that ASAP10:38
jelknerBut without the email, he will never likely send you the money.10:38
mjsir911theres another problem though, I can generate html logs perfectly find for daily log files but what you see on schooltool's website is actually a wsgi application running with apache, it is serving the pages dynamically10:39
jelkneryes, that's what we are going to want.10:40
mjsir911I think I need access to the webfactional frontend to create a wsgi application on webfaction10:41
jelkneragain, i don't care how the backend looks, though i suspect the pov folks knew what they were doing, as long as the front end is virtually indistinguishable from what #schooltool had10:41
jelknerwe will give you all the access you need.10:41
jelknerJust tell me what you need.10:43
mjsir9111 second10:44
mjsir911Yea the novawebdev webfactional credentials dont seem to be on google drive, and I need that10:45
mjsir911I've also got to figure out why it's not letting me log on10:45
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ubuntouristGreetings from Gallaudet.10:50 is closing the connection after i successfully authenticate :/10:50
jelknerah, ubuntourist, i didn't expect to see you.10:50
jelkneryoung master mjsir911 is having ssh troubles10:50
ubuntouristI won't be glancing at this too often. (On the Mac, and getting into IRC via the web link I provided earlier in the week.)10:51
jelkneri expected not to see you at all10:51
jelknerso it's an unexpected pleasure to see you.  back to work now...10:51
mjsir911do you have ssh access to the website? is this localized to me?10:53
jelknerlet me check...10:53
jelkneri can login without trouble10:55
jelknerthough i don't understand what i see10:56
mjsir911oh but it is letting you connect?10:56
jelknerin my personal webfaction account i see several directories10:56
jelknerincluding webapps10:56
mjsir911oh what about novawebdev@novawebdev.webfactional.com10:57
mjsir911is that what you are logged on to?10:57
jelknerwhen i login to the novawebdev account, i see only a novawebdev directory10:58
jelknerinteresting, i can log in with my own account, but not with the novawebdev user10:59
jelknerwhen i do the later, i get immediately kicked out10:59
mjsir911oh does it give you an error?10:59
mjsir911yep that is happening to me too, so that means somethings wrong with the account10:59
jelknerconnection to [ip address] closed by remote host10:59
jelknerlet me try the control panel11:00
jelknerthat works11:00
jelknerlogin to the control panel and fix the problem, young jedi11:01
mjsir911All you had to do was login? it works for me too now11:01
mjsir911oh um the server is running out of memory11:02
mjsir911-bash: fork: retry: Resource temporarily unavailable11:02
mjsir911also I dont have the password to my.webfaction.com11:03
jelknerwow, that's scary.  we must have screwed up.11:07
mjsir911Might be ddos11:07
jelknercan you give me a phone number to call, and i'll call you with the info you need to get to the control panel11:08
jelkneryou're going to need that anyway11:08
mjsir911+1 571 241 111511:09
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jelknerhola, German11:13
GermanCan we talk here?11:14
jelknerwe are working to move regular communications to this place11:14
jelknerfor several reasons:11:14
jelkner1. it will autolog (Marco has that setup now).11:14
jelkner2. the logs will soon be browsable through a web interface (Marco is working on that now)11:15
Germanthat's cool man11:15
jelkner3. it will help build our coop, since it encourages collaboration11:15
jelkneryou and i can be meeting, but everyone else can see what we are talking about11:15
jelknerand chime in if they feel they have something useful to add11:15
jelkneranyway, to business11:16
jelknerwe have two things on our agenda today:11:16
jelkner1. Celina's website11:16
jelkner2. AEA website11:16
mjsir911I think we are just using all the memory of the webfaction server11:16
jelknermjsir911 how?11:16
GermanRight now, I'm working on that11:16
jelknerGerman, mjsir911 says we are running out of resources11:17
jelkneron our novawebdev account11:17
mjsir911can't do anything on the webfaction server for novawebdev cuz it says Resource temporarily unavailable11:17
jelknerwe may need to ask replaceafill about that11:17
mjsir911I could troubleshoot more if I could run some commands11:17
Germanoh, yeah I can't access to ssh11:18
GermanI don't know why..11:18
ubuntouristjelkner, is there an after-school plan for today?  (And just how soon is after-school today?)11:18
jelknermjsir911 through the control panel you should be able to shut things down11:18
mjsir911yea but which things?11:18
jelknerubuntourist: not today, i'm celebrating my son's b'day11:19
jelknermjsir911: everything you need to.11:19
jelknereven our website11:19
mjsir911ok will do11:19
jelknerthen bring things up one at a time and see that is causing the problem11:19
jelknerusually sys admins look in logs, too ;-)11:19
GermanI haven't work on novawebdev, because I couldn't connect to ssh11:20
jelknerbut first you need shell access back11:20
jelkneryes, German, that's the first problem11:20
jelknerit is entirely possible that since we are using flask, a web application, for our website, there is a bug that is eating resources11:20
GermanWe have too many apps11:21
jelknerwhat apps do we have?11:21
jelknermost of the things we are working on are in their own accounts11:21
jelkneraea is not on our account11:22
jelknerthe pwpc sites are all separate11:22
jelknerthe only thing i know that is running on our account now is our website11:22
mjsir91112 websites, some with multiple applications11:22
jelknerwow, really?11:22
Germanyeah but, we have apps that we don't use11:22
mjsir911still running though11:23
jelknerok, time to list them, and get rid of what we are not using11:23
jelknerhow do we have 12?11:23
jelkneranyway, i will leave that in your able hands11:23
jelkneri have to grade and lesson plan11:23
jelknerso that i can earn $$ to pay you two ;-)11:23
mjsir911German, ssh should work now but dont expect to be able to do much after connected11:24
jelknerso, let's have a brief meeting, German, to make plans, and then i'll leave you to it.11:24
jelknercan we talk about 1?11:24
GermanCelina's website?11:24
jelknerso, Celina is Roxana's cousin's wife.11:25
jelknerRoxana and I went to her house (where we used to live) yesterday to knock on doors for her.11:25
ubuntouristI may be the only one, but if you can keep MediaWiki running, I'd appreciate it.11:25
mjsir911oh will do11:25
jelknerover half the people we talked to said, "I'll check out her website".11:26
jelknerbut she doesn't have one.11:26
jelknerI was planning on making a cash contribution to her campaign, but instead, i told her i would contribute a website11:27
jelkneri purchased last night11:27
ubuntouristmjsir911 - I'm SLOWLY migrating my pages from there to somewhere that I'm not subject to the winds of change (like this one).11:27
jelknernow we need to get something up asap, since the election is one month from today11:27
GermanRight now, I'm working on that11:27
GermanI need to talk to her11:28
Germanabout: colors, pictures and info11:28
jelknerwith the new problems with resources, let's put off the aea discussion until later this week11:28
jelknerok, let me call her.11:28
jelknergive me a few minutes now.11:28
Germanaea is running python 3.5 btw11:29
GermanI have the new documentation, here is the link:
mjsir911oops irc client broke a bit11:32
jelknerGerman: do you have whatsapp ?11:33
jelkneryou mean the logger?11:33
Germantell me11:34
jelknerdo you have whatsapp?11:34
Germanthe app?11:34
jelknercelina thought you would11:34
jelknershe said you can call her with that11:34
Germancan you give me her number?11:35
jelknerlet's do a quick google hangout so i can give you here information11:35
mjsir911Do you get emails about the server, jelkner?11:37
* jelkner goes to check his email11:39
Germanaea is running python 3.5 btw11:39
GermanI have the new documentation, here is the link:
jelknerI'll look that over11:39
jelknerbut today i need to do school teacher work11:39
jelkneror i'll be in trouble tomorrow11:40
jelknerso i'm going to do that11:40
Germanoka, no problem11:40
jelknerand look at aea on Monday afternoon11:40
jelknerwe should remove the Django Control panel info, yes?11:41
Germanmm yeah11:41
jelknerwhat does mm mean?11:41
jelkneryou have to excuse me, i'm old, and don't know this language yet ;-)11:42
Germanno problem, mm is ehmm11:42
jelknerthat makes sense11:42
jelknerso it doesn't mean anything ;-)11:42
Germanan expression11:43
jelkneri'm joking, German, i understand11:43
mjsir911So I've filed a ticket, I can't do enough on the control panel to properly fix this11:43
jelknermjsir911: ouch!11:43
jelkneri need to get back to school work, so i'm hoping you can figure this out.11:44
mjsir911yea I've started up a couple websites back up because those dont seem to affect anything11:44
jelknerwe need to keep infrastructure running with minimal cost in time or effort, or our business model is broke11:44
jelkneranyway, let's see what you can figure out, young jedi11:45
mjsir911Yea my hands are tied on this unfortunately11:45
mjsir911Gotta wait for someone on that end11:45
jelknerlet's see how they respond11:45
jelkneri'll check in with you tomorrow11:45
mjsir911Will do11:46
jelknerGerman, please email celina and cc me11:46
Germancan i send the msg in spanish?11:46
jelkner(or should i say *por favor*! ;-)11:46
jelknermjsir911, i just got an email with the ticket11:47
jelknerdo you see those responses as well?11:47
Germanwe need to have this web site ready for this week?11:48
mjsir911I set it to CC me but im not getting emails...11:48
jelknerPor favor!11:48
GermanOk, jeff11:48
German:-) manos ala obra.11:48
jelknerIf we can't get something up by the end of this week, it's not worth doing.11:49
jelknershe should be able to point people to it by next weekend11:49
jelknersooner, if possible11:49
jelknerit can be simple (but bilingual)11:49
jelknerand we can add to it later11:49
jelknermanos ala obra!11:49
jelknermjsir911 do you want me to forward it to you?11:50
mjsir911yes please11:50
jelknerYou should set it so you get them.11:50
GermanOk, we have a plan11:51
jelknerGerman, later, gater11:51
Germanthx guys!11:51
jelknerjelkner drops the bag of gravel11:52
ubuntouristmjsir911 - I'm afraid you need to do things the old-fashioned way. Work. Hard.  ;-) The future module you found broke OSC.11:54
ubuntouristmjsir911 - I cannot even fathom how.11:55
ubuntouristmjsir911 - I have to guess that it overrides the default built-in Python __future__ which I am using.11:56
ubuntouristThat OSC should break was completely unexpected.11:56
ubuntourist(I guess I can set up a virtual machine for your app, and a different virtual machine for mine,11:57
ubuntouristbut since they're both supposed to be part of the same project, that seems odd.)11:57
mjsir911yea i'll just do it manually12:00
jelknermjsir911: did you see the reply from webfaction?12:18
jelknerlooks like you have your sysadmin job cut out for you.12:18
jelknertoo many threads12:18
mjsir911Would you like to reply to tell which to kill?12:19
ubuntouristIf you REALLY need to kill the wiki, I suppose, I'll live ;-) As long as the files stay out there, I may be able to resurrect it somewhere else.12:21
mjsir911It seems our problem Isn't so much any singular application is using too many resources(suggested 2-5), it's that we have a lot of applications using 2-5 each12:22
ubuntouristCan the lesser-used apps be encouraged to use fewer resources? (See "man nice" for example.)12:23
mjsir911it's not so much resources as thread count thats limiting us12:24
mjsir911and yes the threads can be reduced but to what effect I don't know12:24
* mjsir911 is afk12:33
jelknerubuntourist: both you and aelkner use the wiki, but you are the only two at present.12:51
jelknercan we get a list of the resources we are using, and decide together which to eliminate.12:52
jelknerit's possible we would decide we can't eliminate any, and need to up our resources.12:52
jelknerbut that would cost, so naturally i'd like not to do that if we can help it12:52
jelkneri think we are all in agreement that this irc channel will be a priority resource, yes?12:53
jelknerwe will use it daily, and having logging is an absolute requirement for me if we plan to do that.12:53
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ubuntourista question I posted there three weeks ago.13:28
jelkneri think the reason i like it so much is that it is a "virtual place", and thinking about it that way helps build our virtual community, since we can meet in our virtual place13:34
jelkneri can start a google chat, but once the chat is finished, the session ends, and you need to start another the next time you want to chat13:34
jelkneryou also need to explicitly invite people in each time13:35
jelknerhere, on the other hand, our virtual meeting place is always here.13:35
jelknerwe just have to show up13:35
jelknerwhen we get in the habit of doing that, getting in touch with each other becomes really easy13:35
jelknerand with logging in place, this also becomes a great tool for keeping track of important things "naturally" in the course of conversation13:36
ubuntouristI guess I want that list of what the choices are before I declare IRC a higher priority than everything except our website itself.13:36
jelknerwell, suggest them13:36
jelknerwe've been using google hangouts for meetings.  i think this is better13:37
jelknermjsir911 agrees13:37
jelknerwe would poll the others13:37
ubuntouristWhat I mean is, what else is running that we need to give up? I don't know. That's what Marco's figuring out, right?13:37
jelkneri hope so13:37
jelknerwe need a list of things running13:38
jelknerwe (and by we here i mean me ;-) are paying marco to be a sys admin on this, so i assume he will do it13:38
ubuntouristVoice is a faster way to communicate. So, for SCHEDULED meetings, I still prefer the "invite to some audio system". For asynchronous13:38
jelkneri would challenge you on that13:39
ubuntouristcommunication, I've always been okay with e-mail but IRC and logging is okay.13:39
jelknerfor you it is faster, since you aren't responsible for managing communication13:39
jelknerfor me, i have to remember what we decided, and send out an update with a summary, tasks, etc.13:39
jelkneron irc, on the other hand, we get that for free13:40
ubuntouristFair enough.13:40
jelknerlet's give it a try, ubuntourist, and see how you like it after we use it a bit13:42
ubuntouristI've still never really understood the popularity of IRC. It is like using Twitter for conversation. I'm too verbose to do that. ;-)13:42
jelknernot at all13:42
jelknersince the conversation is so much more readable!13:43
jelknerif you've been away for a day or two and want to know what's been going on with novaweb, you can glance over two web pages (once marco gets that working) and have your answer13:43
jelkneragain, like a wiki, it is more about social relations than it is about tech13:44
jelknerjust the right amount of tech for the job13:44
jelknersimple, low bandwidth, but very effective13:44
ubuntouristThat's how I use e-mail: Conversations, organized by date, searchable by subject, body, sender, recipient, date...13:45
jelkneri use email like that too, but for a cooperative group, this is so much better13:45
jelknersince an email once again must be directed at someone13:46
jelknerthis is a place we meet13:46
ubuntouristLoggable, no need to answer the question "What is IRC?" ;-)13:46
ubuntouristOK. I'm willing to give it a go.13:46
ubuntouristStepping away.  Back in a bit.13:48
mjsir911so jelkner, we need to figure out what's important13:51
mjsir911 has; checkitout, douglas_flask, evote, evote_redirect(?), gorito_flask, jandji, novaweb, ourstorybook, site_jandji(?), timesheets, webappsdev, wiki13:55
ubuntouristWhat's webappsdev? The others I sort of recognize.13:59
jelknercool, you can kill site_jandji jandji immediately14:00
jelkneri believe production ourstorybook runs on another account.14:01
jelknerlet me check14:01
* jelkner calls mjsir911 with another login / password...14:06
jelkneri just tried to call, but you didn't answer14:07
mjsir911oh sorry14:08
mjsir911I don't use my phone for calls often14:08
mjsir911password for what?14:08
jelknerstill not answering14:09
jelknercan you pick up the phone?14:09
mjsir911yea 1 min14:09
jelkneri'll try again when you give me the word14:09
jelknerok, so remove: jandji and site_jandji(?)14:17
jelknerremove checkitout14:17
jelknerremove ourstorybook14:18
jelknerhopefully that will give you the space you need for the irc logger14:19
jelknerwe definitely want that *before* next Tuesday's meeting14:19
jelknerif we can get it, i'll ask to meet on irc next Tuesday14:19
jelknerand put on the agenda continued cleanup of our webfaction resource14:20
jelknerso at the beginning of the meeting, be prepared to make the same list you just put here (minus the ones you delete, of course, and the irc logger you add).14:20
jelknerthen we will ask each of us to claim which applications are theirs, and to say whether they need them or not.14:21
jelkneri'm going to ask that the evote apps be moved to the aea webfaction account, since we are developing that for them.14:21
jelknersound good, mjsir911?14:21
mjsir911I'm gonna ask to kill the evote processes since we arent using them right now14:22
mjsir911not delete the websites but just stop em from running14:22
jelkneryou can definitely do that14:22
jelknerwe aren't using it now14:22
mjsir911how did u fix the ssh problems?14:24
mjsir911I'm getting them again14:24
jelknerubuntourist: you can get a bike if you don't have your key!14:44
mjsir911oh sorry looked like he said it14:45
ubuntouristmjsir911 Jeff wants to BikeShare to his next gig, and doesn't have the magic fob to unlock the bike.14:45
ubuntouristmjsir911 - He's just learned he can do it without the fob.14:46
mjsir911o ok14:46
* jelkner checks out for the day.15:00
mjsir911@ubuntourist do you know how to quit with a quit message?16:04
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