IRC log of #novawebdev for Friday, 2017-04-07

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jelknerGood morning Bots. Let's get this day off to a wonderful start!07:54
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jelknermjsir911: good morning!08:20
jelkneri've gotten into the habit of first saying good morning to the Bots, then a bit later, to you ;-)08:20
jelknermjsir911: i've got a new challenge for you from our meeting last night.08:21
jelknerwhich i hope you can work on during class today08:21
mjsir911Which class?08:22
jelknerScientific Programming08:22
jelknerbut both, actually08:22
jelknerPeter Hufford put this together:
jelknerIt relies on chrome, but mattva01 was suggesting we try to substitute the headless browser:
jelknerlet's talk during class.08:23
mjsir911Oh I've been working with that08:24
jelknersweet, you're one step ahead of me (as usual ;-)08:24
jelknerwe need the data for mennis08:24
jelknerso getting this running during the morning class would be ideal, so mennis has data to work with during the afternoon class08:25
mjsir911We'll have to use selenium to use phantomjs in python08:25
jelkneryup, phufford's scripts do that08:25
mjsir911oh if he uses selenium it is SUPER SIMPLE to just switch out the phantomjs browser due to the similarities in APIs through seleneium08:26
mjsir911I can get on that right away :D08:27
jelknerA switch to python3 would also be nice08:46
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ubuntourist!remindBot April 15 fast approaches.  Do you need / have your W-2 income tax forms?10:50
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* mjsir911 is on the bus so spotty connection10:51
ubuntourist!remind April 15 fast approacheth.  Do you need / have your W-2 income tax forms?10:56
remindBotwill print April 15 fast approacheth. Do you need / have your W-2 income tax forms? at 2017-04-11 19:00:0010:56
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* ubuntourist is testing out HexChat but thus far liking Konversation better.11:21
ubuntourist(And HexChat, at least in my repository, appears no more officially sanctioned than Konversation. Both are in Universe.)11:22
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* ubuntourist testing encryption. Setting decrypt password to "readme". Let me know if you can read the following11:44
ubuntourist+OK jOSsz0aiPQi.Mnquz/KrEIO.EhbQe179C6j111:44
ubuntourist+OK hfzEt1I54SD0FsfVN0o.dDk.bY6Wn0DIvHM.7NLXl/.6LUa.DU6US/MXsXG.11:44
jelknergood morning, ubuntourist11:46
ubuntourist+OK PrtsU0OiZRG011:47
ubuntourist+OK oCuZZ1MVdqF1Mnquz/KrEIO.EhbQe179C6j111:47
jelkneri am *really* looking forward to Sunday morning.11:47
jelknerwe have much to discuss.11:47
ubuntourist+OK Pbb2Y1aqgfG.zCqh6/yZXZR1FTEHu0X4/6O011:47
ubuntouristjelkner, I was testing encryption. I take it you did not see the messages "Can you read this?" in the #novawebdev channel11:48
* ubuntourist turned encryption off again11:49
jelkneri only saw jibberish11:49
ubuntouristAh. So the jibberish does go through. Good to know.11:50
ubuntouristI decided to check out HexChat. Still liking Konversation better, but now have the settings configured so that they look similar.11:51
jelknerboth preceded by +OK11:51
* ubuntourist thinks, for encryption: parties must be using hexchat and must issue "/setkey password" where everyone is using the same password.11:52
ubuntouristto turn it off again, "/delkey #novawebdev"11:53
ubuntouristAnyway, not terribly important. Getting ready to go off to Gallaudet.11:53
jelknerthat would be really cool12:03
jelknerwe could share password and such12:03
replaceafillhello jelkner12:04
jelknergood morning, replaceafill12:05
replaceafilldid you see my messages yesterday about how i think you should test your todo client?12:05
jelknerdo you mean your links to ST examples?12:07
jelkneri plan to look at that next week12:07
jelknerin the mean time, mjsir911 is working on getting phantomjs working12:07
jelknerwhich will be a big help in doing front end testing12:08
replaceafilljelkner, so you don't need me to change anything on qunit yet, correct?12:10
jelkneri think your links to the ST examples put the ball back in my court ;-)12:11
jelknerso correct12:11
replaceafilllet me know if you have questions12:11
replaceafilloh btw12:11
replaceafillnext week is "semana santa" around here, so i probably won't be around much12:12
jelknersemana santa for me too, so i'll be around *a lot* ;-)12:12
replaceafillbut i just thought that i'll be able to get into the early meeting12:12
jelknerthat would be nice12:13
replaceafillsince i don't have to drop Camila to school12:13
* replaceafill done12:13
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jelknerGerman, i talked to louie this morning.14:35
jelknerHe will have time to help with Celina's website over the weekend.14:36
GermanOk jelkner 14:42
Germanhopefully, we can this website online this weekend. jelkner 14:45
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GermanHello, replaceafill15:15
Germancelina's domains still don't work, replaceafill15:16
jelknerwe will, German15:17
jelknereven if it's not perfect, we will put it out there15:17
jelknershe needs it15:17
* jelkner signs off for the day15:32
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* ubuntourist will need an IRC password he can remember. ;-)15:35
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ubuntouristmjsir911, I have not beaten on it too much yet, but at least the rudiments of your app are running on the Gallaudet Mac, at the moment.15:54
mjsir911Thats good!15:54
ubuntourist(All I've done is make sure the app opens. I haven't created trials or ratings, or saved, or reloaded a saved file yet.)15:55
ubuntouristI think I have improved, slightly, the install and compile shell scripts -- now split in two.15:55
ubuntouristmjsir911, data appears to be stored correctly in the JSON file.  However, opening an existing JSON file created by your program shows nothing in trials.16:08
mjsir911nothing at all?16:08
ubuntouristmjsir911, (It also shows messed up ratings, but I'm not concerned about that right now.)16:09
ubuntouristmjsir911, It opens with the two buttons, Ratings and Trials, and shows the last ratings (I entered two sets, it shows the second).16:10
ubuntouristmjsir911, clicking the Trials button results in nothing.16:10
ubuntouristmjsir911, I just sent you e-mail with the JSON file and two PNGs of what I see.16:17
ubuntouristStepping away for a bit.16:18
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GermanHello, ubuntourist19:31
ubuntouristhi, German19:32
GermanCan I create a repository for celina on bitbucket?, ubuntourist19:32
ubuntouristGerman, you can create one, but I do not know if you can create it as part of the team. I will check.19:33
GermanI think, I am owner19:33
ubuntouristYou can do it as part of the NOVA Web Development team or as your own personal repository.19:35
ubuntouristI needed to check: We are only allowed to have five repositories as part of the group. We have three now.19:35
ubuntouristSo yours will be number 4.19:35
GermanOK, thanks ubuntourist19:36
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