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jelknerTypical morning on #novawebdev, just /me and the Bots ;-)07:59
jelknerDid I get the slash wrong? \me or /me08:00
jelkner\me tries again.08:00
* jelkner tries again.08:00
jelknerahh, it has to start a line.08:00
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GermanHello jelkner 10:07
jelknerHello, German10:07
GermanI have an issue with celina's webfactional10:08
jelknerwhat's wrong?10:08
GermanFor some reason my app doesn't work. jelkner 10:09
jelknerYou should talk to your uncle10:10
jelkneryou know more than me about webfaction10:10
jelknerhe knows more than you ;-)10:10
GermanOk jelkner 10:10
Germanyes ;-)10:10
jelkneryou could also talk to mjsir91110:11
jelknerwe are trying to get him up to speed on this, so we don't need to bother replaceafill all the time10:12
jelknerwe need redunancy in our skills if we are going to be successful10:12
Germanbtw, I have the layout for Calina's site, but she doesn't send me the information yet10:14
Germanjelkner: 10:15
Germanand I talked with her yesterday. jelkner 10:15
jelkneri can call her10:15
GermanThe layout is ready10:15
GermanI just need the info10:15
jelknerhold on...10:16
jelknerShe didn't answer her phone, German10:19
Germanehmmm :-/10:20
jelknerAnd she doesn't have voicemail setup10:20
jelknerPlease send her a reminder email and cc me.10:20
jelknerI can try to call her again this afternoon.10:20
jelknerI'll text her also, since she uses that mostly.10:20
GermanOk jelkner 10:20
Germanthanks. 10:20
GermanOk, I just send her a msg jelkner 10:22
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GermanI'll wait for the info jelkner10:38
jelkneri talked to louie, German.10:39
jelkneri'm thinking we may want to offer customers help with writing their content10:39
jelknerhe could potentially do that.10:39
jelknerwe should talk about it at our meeting10:40
Germanthat would be good jelkner 10:40
GermanYeah, how I told you the design is done. jelkner 10:41
jelkneri've noticed a lot of customers say the want a website, but have trouble telling us what they want on it.10:41
jelkneranyway, the ball, as they say, is in celina's court10:42
jelknerlet's wait for her to hit it back to us ;-)10:43
jelknerwe've done all we can10:43
jelknerthe thing i was telling louie is that if we don't get her website up it hurts us as well as her10:43
Germanyep that's true10:44
jelknersince we are spending valuable resources on something we can't use in our portfolio10:44
jelknerok, back to school work.10:44
jelknerthnx, man!10:44
GermanNo problem, jelkner 10:44
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jelknermjsir911: we have *a lot* to do today!11:53
jelkneri'm looking forward to talking to you.11:53
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jelknerhey, German!12:47
GermanHello jelkner 12:53
jelknerwe need to figure out how to coordinate you and louie13:01
jelknerCan you take what Celina sent you and put it on her home page?13:01
jelknerThen we can ask Louie to edit it.13:02
GermanI'll send you the static version, because I'm working with the flask version jelkner 13:11
jelknerGerman, we need to use this project and aea to perfect our workflow for this.  mjsir911 is interested in helping with that, since it will involve using github triggers (?)13:13
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replaceafillhi jelkner, are you around?13:34
jelkneri sure am, replaceafill. i live here ;-)13:37
replaceafilli saw your email about qunit13:37
replaceafillIMO, if you think you need the db for qunit, something is not designed correctly13:38
replaceafillif you need to access a db then you're doing functional testing, not unit testing13:38
jelkneri don't know, professor, i come to you as a beginner with only aspirations, not skills13:39
jelkneri want to learn to do TDD13:39
replaceafilldude, you teach this stuff!13:39
jelkneri'm just a high school teacher, dude!13:39
jelknerdid you see what mjsir911 did with decorators, btw?13:40
jelknerthe young jedi is pretty amazing.13:40
jelkneri'm going to learn a lot from him.13:41
replaceafillso, i was looking at the client code, but seems... emtpy?13:41
jelknerthere is a single test13:41
replaceafillwhy is it in the client/html/index.html file?13:41
jelknerthat confirms that it gets 3 todo items13:41
replaceafillisn't that supposed to be the client app?13:42
jelknerhold on...13:42
jelkneri was following this:
replaceafillsure, but you want a separate file for the qunit test setup13:44
jelkneranyway, i'd be most grateful if you could get me started with how to setup client side testing13:44
replaceafill(what you currently have in index.html)13:44
jelknerany chance you could show me how to do that?13:44
replaceafillnot today, sorry13:45
replaceafilli'm swampped right now13:45
jelknerok, when you can13:45
jelknerweekend sounds great13:45
replaceafillthat works for me13:45
replaceafillsunday works best for me13:45
jelknerme too13:46
jelkneri'll be at gallaudet13:46
replaceafillyou should add to the of both server/client how you are testing them13:46
jelknerwe can also do it asynchronously13:46
replaceafillah ok13:46
jelknerwhat mjsir911 did was just a branch and pull request13:47
jelkneri looked at the changes and understood13:47
replaceafillok, we can try that13:47
jelkneri'm not even sure qunit is what you want me to use13:47
jelkneri did some googling and that looked most promising13:48
jelknerbut you're the boss13:48
replaceafilli'm not sure what you're trying to do :D13:48
jelknerwell, that i can tell you in English13:48
replaceafill"learning TDD" doesn't say much about the goal of the client directory13:48
jelkneri want to write a failing test that says "you can load the task list from the REST server"13:49
jelknerthen i want to make that pass13:49
jelkner(i already did that, but i'm using the "real" database")13:49
jelknerso i need to not use the real database13:49
replaceafillin a qunit test you usually use hardcoded data for that13:50
replaceafilllike pure lists or {} objects13:50
jelknerthen, i want a failing test that says, "the list items are displayed nicely in an html list".13:50
jelknerok, I can do that13:50
jelknerif you look at the commented out script, you can see i was trying to go that route13:50
jelknerbut i didn't know the right way to do things13:50
replaceafillhold on13:51
jelknerfrom there we will have tests like: this checkbox was checked and the submit button was pressed, and it formulated the proper JSON and http header to sent a PUT request13:51
replaceafillsorry that ST is all i know :(13:54
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jelknernp, man, that's what we can learn from! :-)13:55
replaceafilland here's the setup:
replaceafillall the gradebook.js functions are imported into the global namespace13:55
replaceafillwhich is terrible btw13:55
replaceafilland then the qtest.js uses them13:56
replaceafillbut you can see most of the tests create their own setup elements13:56
replaceafillit doesn't need a full "real" table13:57
replaceafillgathered from a db13:57
jelknerthis likes a great resource13:59
jelkneri'll look it over before Sunday13:59
replaceafillyou don't need to test that the db is sending 3 tasks, right?14:02
replaceafillthat's already tested in the server code14:02
replaceafillyou need to test that if you give some client function a list with three objects, it can represent them in a table like cells14:03
replaceafill(or something like that)14:03
GermanI'll send you the link to celina's site, jelkner 14:03
jelknertype it here14:04
replaceafillhi German14:04
jelknerso i can easily find it14:04
GermanHello, replaceafill 14:04
Germandid you see my email? replaceafill 14:04
replaceafillGerman, i saw your email14:04
replaceafillwhat's the issue?14:04
Germanfor some reason my webfactional app doesn't work, replaceafill 14:05
replaceafillwhat's the repo?14:06
replaceafillfor the app14:06
GermanI don't repo14:06
Germanthis app is on celina's webfactional14:07
replaceafillGerman, hm?14:07
replaceafilllet me try to understand14:08
replaceafillCelina needs a bilingual flask app, correct?14:08
replaceafilllike the one running for www.novawebdevelopment.com14:08
replaceafillso, uses code from, correct?14:09
replaceafillnovawebdevelopment/Website, iirc14:09
replaceafillGerman, please try to say what you want to say over the phone here14:10
replaceafilli need you to develop that skill14:10
replaceafill(i know the phone would be faster, easier, whatever)14:11
replaceafillbut you need to learn IRC14:11
replaceafillso, she needs a flask app, right?14:11
GermanI set up my app, but when I restart apache2, replaceafill 14:15
Germanit doesn't show anything just the default html from webfaction, replaceafill 14:15
replaceafillGerman, what's the repo for the flask app?14:15
GermanI don't have repo at the moment, I have to create one14:16
Germanthis is the url
replaceafillyou *should* start with the repo14:16
replaceafillyou know that, don't you?14:17
GermanI don't know how to explain you this problem14:17
replaceafillGerman, it would help if i could see code14:18
replaceafillmaybe it's a typo, maybe it's a misconfiguration, maybe... maybe...14:18
replaceafillyou know what i mean?14:18
Germanreplaceafill, even with static files, the app doesn't work14:18
GermanI mean the static app14:19
Germanit doesn't work14:19
replaceafillcan you paste the link to the credentials doc?14:21
replaceafillalways assume these conversations are public14:21
replaceafillnever disclose production passwords here14:21
replaceafillit's ok to share username/passwords to "testing" things14:22
replaceafillbut remember, there's even a log of all of this14:22
replaceafillit's ok to paste google doc url IMO14:22
replaceafillsince those need authentication14:23
replaceafillGerman, got the webfaction comming soon message14:31
replaceafillGerman, you said you tried with a static webfaction app?14:32
Germanyes, replaceafill 14:32
GermanI uploaded a static website to test it, but it didn't work, replaceafill 14:33
replaceafillGerman, apache is not even being hit by the request14:35
replaceafillGerman, when did you set it up?14:36
Germanyesterday at night, replaceafill 14:36
replaceafillGerman, everything seems correct14:45
replaceafilland dns seems to be solving already14:46
replaceafilli want to see how long those take, i just set a new app "test" under dev.celina...14:47
replaceafillGerman, are you making progress on the *FLASK* app?14:48
replaceafilli recommend you to continue with that14:48
GermanI'm working on that, replaceafill 14:48
replaceafillif you need to show things, you can use the novawebdev webfaction in the meantime14:48
replaceafillgorito ftw :)14:48
Germanok, replaceafill ;-)14:49
replaceafilli'll check again tonight14:49
replaceafillif it "starts" to work (the celina... domain), let me know14:49
Germanok, replaceafill 14:50
Germanjelkner, are you there?14:50
jelkneri practically live here, German.  yes ;-)14:51
jelknerGerman, replaceafill is absolutely right (as usual), you should *start* with a github repo.14:53
jelknerThat will make collaboration so much easier14:53
jelknereventually, you will be very glad you learned to do that14:53
jelknereven though it may seem like extra work now14:53
Germanok, jelkner 14:54
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Germanthis is the link for celina's site "static version", jelkner 14:55
German, jelkner 14:55
jelknerreplaceafill, question - what happens to that url when someone who is not shared on the doc gets it?14:56
jelknerwhen i click on it, i go to the doc (nice and easy)14:56
jelknerbut we wouldn't want docs with sensitive information to end up out in public.14:56
replaceafilljelkner, you're probably already logged in to gmail or google14:59
ubuntouristmjsir911, ConfigMaker/stable is back to failing with super()...15:00
mjsir911on python3???15:00
mjsir911Try pulling because It's working perfectly fine for me, issue a bug on github if it continues to not work with system specs :P15:01
ubuntouristmjsir911 Hold a sec. Maybe I don't have the special future module on this machine.15:01
mjsir911I uninstalled future module, are you using python2 or python3?15:03
ubuntouristmjsir911, On the Mac, python2 is my only option. I thought that was WELL established, and that you told me stable would stay at python2...15:06
ubuntouristmjsir911, the and requirements.txt that I set up assume that your code will live in a virtual environment, since installing future globally messed things up, but installing it in a virtualenv for your code alone worked.15:08
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jelknerhello, amanuel!15:19
jelkneri was telling amanuel that by signing in to this channel whenever he starts work, and signing out when he finishes, he would have an easy way to keep track of his hours.15:20
jelknerirc, the gift that keeps on giving!15:20
amanuelYes sir,  whats up15:21
jelkneri just wrote what's up ;-)15:21
jelknerdo you know about our auto web logger that mjsir911 setup?15:21
mjsir911Ubuntourist, working on getting it back to python2, srry15:21
amanuelyou are right in terms of keeping hours15:22
ubuntouristOnce again, though, register your nicknames if you have not done so already.15:23
mjsir911Ported back to python215:23
jelknertogether we are writing the history of nova web development15:23
jelknerit will be fun to look back on these logs years from now when we are a thriving business15:24
jelknerand remember how it all started15:24
jelknermjsir911: let's go over some of the things we need to get working:15:25
ubuntouristTo learn about registration and identify type (on two lines) "/msg nickserv help register" and "/msg nickserv help identify" (in IRC but without quotes).15:25
ubuntouristjelkner: He needs to have ConfigMaker working by TOMORROW.15:25
jelknernever mind, mjsir91115:26
jelknerwe'll talk Sunday15:26
mjsir911ubuntourist try running the newest version15:26
ubuntouristmjsir911 Will do in a second.15:29
jelknerubuntourist: what is the name of the department that Chiz works in?15:32
ubuntouristmjsir911, it appears to be working.15:33
jelknerI'm filling out that Arlington Community Foundation grant application, which is due tomorrow15:33
mjsir911Yea sorry I misunderstood.15:34
ubuntouristjelkner, the whole unit which includes both Dragana and Chiz is the Hearing, Speech and Language Sciences (HSLS) department.15:34
ubuntouristChiz's project is simply called the Balance Lab.15:35
jelkneri'll just put: Gallaudet University, Department of Hearing, Speech and Languages Sciences (HSLS)15:35
ubuntouristBy the way, on Sunday, we'll have a BRIEF field trip to the basement snack bar to look at the exhibit on the Gallaudet Eleven.15:35
ubuntouristThis seems to be a banner year for balance and vestibular studies. Dragana is cooking up something in that area as well, I think. And the Gallaudet Eleven is all about vestibular systems in zero gravity.15:37
ubuntourist(I think the exhibit will be up by then. They were putting it up last week. Slowly.)15:37
mjsir911ubuntourist where did you want default save location to be15:42
mjsir911Oh neverm mind found it in the logs :P15:43
jelknerubuntourist: does mjsir911 have anything pressing to fix for you now?15:46
jelkneri don't want to distract him, but we have a lot of things we need to work on.15:46
ubuntouristjelkner, I'm still testing.15:46
jelknerhe told me he thought he was done15:46
ubuntouristmjsir911, ~/Code/dragana/Sound Advice/Presets/15:46
ubuntouristI'm using os.path.expanduser() to make the "~" cross-platform.15:47
jelknermjsir911: are you ready for the task list?15:47
mjsir911ubuntourist I set the new save location, ping me if any other problems15:48
ubuntouristmjsir911, it is your belief / hope that the trials portion is fully functional? (I'm slowly adding multiple trials to see.)15:48
mjsir911Yes ido believe that trials works completely15:48
mjsir911Yea im ready for task list jelkner15:49
jelkner1. help German and jelkner implement and test a work flow for the AEA and Celina Benitez websites.  This means deciding on our standard way to run both production and dev instances side-by-side15:52
jelknerHaving me (and German) running dev instances on our local machines so we can make changes15:52
jelknerand then web hooks so we can push changes to github and have them deploy to the dev instance.15:53
mjsir911which server are we deploying on?15:53
mjsir911deploying development on15:54
jelkneraea and celina both have their own web faction accounts15:55
jelknerthe credentials are in our shared docs.15:55
ubuntouristmjsir911, I will have to see what caused it, but I managed to get an IndexError: list index out of range exception. It looks like it was caused by a zero-length list. But the program hasn't crashed.15:56
ubuntouristmjsir911, I probably spun a spinbox down to zero, but I didn't notice the error until I switched back to a terminal window after lots of experimenting.15:56
ubuntouristmjsir911, So I don't know where / when it occurred.15:57
mjsir911Yea that's normal should probably give a better exception message for it15:57
ubuntouristmjsir911, I sent a pull request. A new  Amazing what happens when Bash interprets a Python script as a Bash script. ;-)16:18
ubuntouristjelkner, did you get gmail e-mail from me a second or two ago?16:18
mjsir911!remind delete aeava cms16:20
remindBotwill print delete aeava cms at 2017-04-11 19:00:0016:20
ubuntouristmjsir911, It appears to store everything for trials, but loading a file it saved, it ignores "program" and "targets". So, editing old documents is fraught with peril.16:35
ubuntourist!remind me when? 16:36
remindBotwill print me when? at 2017-04-11 19:00:0016:36
mjsir911gotcha, will work on that ASAP16:37
mjsir911set it up to auto remind on tuesdays, its not smart enough to know we rescheduled16:37
ubuntouristI see remindBot always likes meeting time?16:37
ubuntouristmjsir911 I really hadn't investigated remindBot and just decided to see what time it would pick. When it picked the same time twice, I figured you'd set it to "next tuesday at 7" as either a default or the only time it knows.16:39
mjsir911yea thats exactly what I did, next tuesday at seven16:39
mjsir911ubuntourist, what did we agree on with targets. Are we starting at 0 or 1?16:51
ubuntouristTargets start at 1.16:51
ubuntouristmjsir911, targets are speakers, and the speakers are 1 through 8.16:51
mjsir911ignoring program and targets is resolved, pls confirm and close issue #616:52
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germanHello, jelkner 20:45
jelknerhello german20:49
germandid you see the url?, jelkner 20:50
germanok wait20:50
jelknerpaste it here20:50
jelknermakes it easier to find20:50
germanI did, jelkner 20:50
germanbut here is again:
jelknerlet me call louie tomorrow morning20:52
jelknerit is late now, and i am sleepy20:52
jelknerplus i have to go home soon20:52
jelknerand clean up my classroom after our meet up ends a 920:52
germanI'll call celina tomorrow again20:52
jelkneri'll show this to louie20:52
germanok. jelkner 20:52
jelknerand ask if he has time this weekend to work on this20:53
jelkneri'll message you early tomorrow20:53
germanSome of the info that celina gave us is on "Get Involved"20:53
germanjelkner, 20:53
jelknerit looks great20:53
germanok jelkner 20:53
jelknerwe need to get the lorum ipsum replaced or removed, get the text in both languages, and get the site deployed20:54
jelknerthis weekend would be a great target20:54
jelknerlet's see if we can make it happen by Sunday night20:54
jelknergreat work, man.  Thanks!20:54
germanThanks, man 20:55
jelknerhasta mañana20:55
germanhasta mañana ;-)20:55
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