IRC log of #novawebdev for Saturday, 2017-04-15

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ubuntouristI hate network stuff. (I also hate security stuff.)11:05
ubuntourist!remind Fix DNS MX records (unless Ubuntourist solves that issue first).11:06
remindBotwill print Fix DNS MX records (unless Ubuntourist solves that issue first). at 2017-04-18 19:00:0011:06
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jelknergood morning, ubuntourist12:08
ubuntouristGood afternoon, jelkner12:21
ubuntouristjelkner, my new "Oooh! Shiney!" has arrived. I'm in the midst of configuring the Dell XPS 13 DE, unboxed yesterday.12:23
ubuntouristjelkner, I assume you saw the message about DNS MX records. Not sure who makes that fix, but I know I don't have the requisite credentials to DIM (Do It Myself).12:24
jelknerLet's talk about it on Tuesday.12:29
jelknerWho has the credentials?12:29
jelknerif I need to do something, ubuntourist, I will, but I need to know what to do.12:30
ubuntouristjelkner, my limited understanding is that it's relatively simple: Follow the directions in the e-mail message. 12:33
ubuntouristjelkner, you're listed as the contact for the domain
ubuntouristjelkner, it is registered with (?) or is that some sort of masked thing?12:34
jelknerOkey Dokey12:35
ubuntouristjelkner, presumably, in a control panel for, there is an "Add DNS record" which you would use three times to enter the three MX records from the e-mail.12:35
ubuntouristI don't quite know what I'm talking about, but from all you've told me, you've done this LOTS of times before.12:36
ubuntourist(I know I've recently bollixed it up when I tried to do it for DC Books to Prisons, and I've finally thrown in the towel.)12:37
ubuntourist(I tried pointing the three domain names we own to a single site, but only one of the three appears to work, despite all three being set identically.)12:39
ubuntouristjelkner, if you point me to the login credentials, I can try to add the MX records myself, but lacking URL, username and password, I'm at an impasse.12:42
jelkneryou have everything you need, ubuntourist?12:54
ubuntouristjelkner, I *believe* so.12:55
ubuntouristjelkner, well... It's a step in the right direction. After adding the records, a message that was sent three days ago finally arrived.13:21
ubuntouristjelkner, however, I'm still not able to verify to Gmail's satisfaction that I am, in fact,
ubuntouristjelkner, I'm hoping that's just some propagation delay issue, and that, in a few hours it will no longer be a problem.13:22
ubuntouristjelkner, aaaand Yesssss! We're good to go!13:36
jelknerOK, over and out.  Time to visit my grandmother.14:29
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