IRC log of #novawebdev for Sunday, 2017-04-16

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jelknerRena_, great to see you here!13:20
jelknerafternoon to you, too, ubuntourist13:20
jelkneri'm trying to get an irc client working on my phone13:20
ubuntouristjelkner, Hey.13:21
ubuntouristjelkner, did you get the e-mail with both from and to
jelkneri haven't looked at email13:22
ubuntourist(_Rena, same question.)13:22
jelknernow i'm updating to 17.0413:22
ubuntouristI'm trying to move all my stuff to the Dell XPF 13, while trying madly to learn to make a printable brochure from scratch by tomorrow.13:23
jelknergood luck13:23
jelkneri ordered the system76 laptop13:24
jelknerso i could give my previous one to louie13:24
ubuntouristjelkner, check for the e-mail soon, and confirm receipt.13:24
jelknercan't now13:25
ubuntouristjelkner, No. You gave your previous one to Louie so youu could order a new one. ;-)13:25
jelknerabout to go to dinner with family13:25
jelkneryes, ubuntourist, i can't deny it ;-)13:25
ubuntouristHeh. ;-) Any idea when it ships? Before PyCon? After PyCon?13:26
* ubuntourist retypes nick correctly: (Rena_, same question.)13:27
* ubuntourist has switched to a different window. Ping to get his attention.13:28
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jelknerVery cool, I logged in from my phone!14:50
jelknerJust me, you, Rena_, and the Bots here now.14:51
jelknerNo matter. Thanks to the Bots, anything we say is saved for use later.14:52
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mr_germanHello, jelkner, ubuntourist , Rena_ 15:04
ubuntouristmr_german, Hi.15:05
ubuntouristmr_german, were you able to see my e-mail to your new address?15:05
jelknermr_german, good work adding Louie to our website.15:05
jelknerNow you should update our portfolio.15:06
mr_germanubuntourist, yes!15:07
mr_germanubuntourist, right?15:07
ubuntouristmr_german, excellent.  I think it means we're all ready to start using the new addresses for business.15:08
mr_germanjelkner, thanks!15:08
mr_germanjelkner, do you the information for the portfolio?15:09
mr_germanjelkner, do you have*15:09
jelknerdo you mean the descriptions?15:10
jelknerI will have to write those.15:10
mr_germanjelkner, yes15:11
jelknerI'll do that tomorrow morning.15:11
mr_germanjelkner, ok15:11
mr_germanjelkner, I want to show my progress with Elizabeth's site.15:11
mr_germanjelkner, I added "Endorments page".15:12
jelknerI am about to go to dinner at Celina's, so I can work on that description with her.15:12
mr_germanjelkner, Great!15:12
jelknercan't look now, I doing this from my phone.15:13
mr_germanjelkner, ok no problem!15:13
jelknerwhile my wife is driving.15:13
jelknerok friends, see you tomorrow.15:15
mr_germanjelkner, bye o/15:15
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mr_germanI can send and receive email, ubuntourist 16:24
mr_germanubuntourist, but I think I should change it to german.tejada16:25
ubuntouristmr_german, I guess we can talk about it all on Tuesday, since it has taken a week to get everything working.16:31
* ubuntourist is packing up and getting to shut down for a while.16:31
mr_germanubuntourist, ok!16:32
*** ubuntourist has quit IRC16:34
* mr_german time to go16:35
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