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remindBotI am here to remind you of things at 19:00 on tuesdays. Use me by typing in `!remind <msg>`07:29
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jelknerGood morning, Bots!08:47
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ubuntourist!remind 6. Captioning / subtitling progress? Questions?09:42
remindBotwill print 6. Captioning / subtitling progress? Questions? at 2017-04-18 19:00:0009:42
ubuntouristjelkner, wheel "broke the install" how? Evidence seems to continue to indicate the installer wants it for something.09:46
ubuntourist(The above URL may offer a clue as to why the installation wants it.)09:46
jelknerubuntourist, yes, but it failed to install with it in requirements, and did install (with an error message) without it.09:47
jelkneri don't have bandwidth to figure this out09:47
jelkneri'm working on
ubuntouristjelkner, I'm not denying that. I was wondering if "failed to install" came with an error message.09:47
jelknera huuuge traceback09:48
jelknersince we need to work on celina's site, i just removed, finished setting things up, and moved on.09:48
ubuntouristwe need to use pastebin.09:48
ubuntouristTime to educate Minion et al in that particular toy.09:49
jelkneri know how important that is, but i forget how to do it09:49
ubuntouristI'll bring that up this afternoon.09:50
jelknerback to studying grid layout...09:50
ubuntouristNot hard: Copy. Go to (or similar). Paste. Tell people the URL of where you pasted.09:50
ubuntouristHave fun.09:51
ubuntouristFor the logs:
ubuntouristA Python-based pastebin application:
ubuntouristAfter investigation, LodgeIt from pocoo appears to be a dead parrot.10:27
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* jelkner just finished setting up tryton server for mjsir911 to play with today10:32
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FernandoGood morning!11:30
German_Hello, replaceafill 11:35
replaceafillhey German_11:35
German_Hello, jelkner , ubuntourist 11:35
replaceafillGerman_, have you registered your nickname....?11:35
replaceafilli see you changing it every other day...11:36
German_ /msg NickServ identify pro1111:36
replaceafillGerman_, you just displayed your password here11:36
replaceafillyou'll need to change it now11:36
German_yes, my bad11:37
replaceafillwhat irc client are you using?11:37
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ubuntouristgerman_, hexchat (like many clients) has a way for you to automatically do the equivalent of /msg nickserv identify -------12:01
German_I already did it, Also I setup my hexchat to auto log in. ubuntourist 12:06
jelknerGood afternoon, ubuntourist, replaceafill, and German_!12:10
jelkneri'm in class, but students are all busy working12:10
jelknerthis is the most fun time of the year12:10
German_Hello, jelkner 12:10
jelknersince they have real skills by now12:10
jelknerso i guess i've done my job pretty well ;-)12:10
jelkneri'm working on grid layout12:11
jelknerreading a good book and creating a new zoo12:11
jelknerGerman_, we should talk about how to deal with the media files12:14
jelknerbasically, the belong in a static directory somewhere, and don't need to be included in the git repo12:14
German_Ok, jelkner 12:14
jelknerbut don't do anything yet12:14
jelknersince we need to define a set of practices for novawebdevelopment that will make this clear12:15
jelknerso that we know what to do (and where to put things) without thinking about it12:15
jelknerwe don't have that yet12:15
jelknerand we will need input from replaceafill, ubuntourist, and mjsir911 before we decide12:16
jelkneri'll ask the advice of my friend mattva01 as well12:16
replaceafill$0.10 mattva01 will mention Amazon S3 for such thing12:16
replaceafill$0.10 that*12:17
replaceafillat some point we'll have to have "business expenses" like that12:17
jelkneryes, he will12:25
jelknerreplacaefill, i'll talk to him on thursday12:26
jelknerto find out the latest (and cheapest) way to go12:26
jelknerhe uses s3 a lot12:26
jelknerwe could also look into an openstack provider12:27
jelknersince we are dedicated to software freedom12:27
replaceafillswift is the alternative in the openstack world12:28
replaceafillthis is the provider we use at *work*...
* German_ is leaving the office12:50
* ubuntourist is packing up13:20
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jelknerGood evening everyone18:59
jelknerlet's see how mjsir911's reminder bot does.18:59
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jelknerit should be printing our agenda any second18:59
remindBotLLC for Dummies19:00
remindBotSRT and VTT captioning with Amara19:00
remindBotprepare for PyCon?19:00
remindBotDid Jeff call / e-mail Andrew Jacobs?19:00
remindBotTalk about Tryton (
remindBotFix DNS MX records (unless Ubuntourist solves that issue first).19:00
remindBotReport from Louie and discussion of how we move toward a business plan.19:00
remindBot1. Report from Louie and discussion of how we move toward a business plan.19:00
remindBot2. Discussion of Tryton ( in context of 1 above.19:00
remindBot3. Check-in with everyone on their project status and plans for the week.19:00
remindBot4. Get everyone configured for the new e-mail addresses19:00
remindBot6. Captioning / subtitling progress? Questions?19:00
jelknerlouisea, you're up19:01
louiseaLooks good!19:01
louiseaSo we are still waiting on contacting the accountant.19:01
louiseaHe'll be able to fill us in on all the tax information we discussed last week.19:01
louiseaUntil that meeting things are on pause19:02
louiseaAnd with the end of tax season they have been very busy. But hopefully we can get a meeting soon19:02
jelknerok, so next week you'll have more to report19:02
jelknersweet, let's move on then19:03
jelknerubuntourist, replacaefill, mjsir911 and i have begun looking into tryton19:03
jelknerhello, Rena__19:03
ubuntouristRena_, hey19:04
ubuntouristActually, Rena__, hey. (Missed the double underscore.)19:04
jelknerwe are anticipating louisea's work by thinking about software we can sell19:05
jelknermjsir911 set up tryton for me this afternoon19:05
Rena__my bad, __ was from being logged in twice19:06
mjsir911Yes I have that working, you should get the qcow image from the virtualmachine right away19:06
jelkneri plan to start learning how to use it tomorrow19:06
jelknerreplaceafill, it would be great if you could take a look under the hood19:06
jelknerand see if it meets your standards19:07
jelknerare there tests?19:07
jelknerdoes it use tech with which we could work, etc?19:07
jelkneri'm going to start lurking on the irc channel as well19:07
replaceafilljelkner, ok19:07
replaceafilli have actually19:07
jelknerunless anyone else has anything to add, i think that's enough for that item19:07
jelkneroh, and?19:08
replaceafillthere's some overlap with our tech, yes19:08
replaceafillmaybe you'll find interesting that one of the web/javascript clients uses qunit for tests :)19:09
replaceafillbut i think we should move on19:09
replaceafillwe'll learn more about it for sure19:09
jelknerand revisit next week19:09
replaceafillyou should try the timesheets module and see how that fits19:09
jelkneryes, we are going to dogfood this one to get started19:09
jelknernext item - campaign websites19:10
jelknerRena__, what's the latest with PWPC?19:10
ubuntourist(Dogfood = Developers should use their own products -- i.e. eat their own dogfood.)19:10
Rena__been going good19:10
Rena__working with steph to rework the in the news to how she wants it19:11
jelkneri have a question on search engine optimization19:11
jelknerwhen i google elizabeth guzman her website doesn't show19:12
jelknerfacebook, twitter, but not her website19:12
Rena__Just checked and it looks like I just got the rest of the content for lee's site this afternoon19:12
jelkneri'm afraid we are missing out on all the fuss going on around them now19:12
jelknerGerman_, any word from Elizabeth?19:13
German_Yes, jelkner 19:13
jelknerWhat did she say?19:13
jelkneri emailed her asking her if she wanted a bilingual site19:13
jelknershe never responded19:13
German_I haven't talk with her yet19:14
jelknerplease reach out to her19:14
mjsir911from a quick search, refer here for how to do the search optomization stuff:
jelkneri know she is crazy busy19:14
jelknerthanks, mjsir91119:14
jelknerwe should look into that in the week ahead19:14
jelknerknowing how to add it to our sites is going to be important for us19:15
German_I'll send her a email after the meeting, jelkner 19:15
jelknerubuntourist, mjsir911, do you want to update us on Gallaudet?19:15
ubuntouristWe know where we're going but not how to get there. ;-)19:16
German_I've been working on Elizabeths site, I added the page that she was asking for, jelkner 19:16
ubuntouristNot much has changed since last week. But since I have the floor...19:16
ubuntouristlouisea, I won't be available this weekend. I'm representing the DC hackerspace at a Smithsonian hackathon.19:17
jelknerso i'll have to get you your laptop some other way19:17
ubuntouristlouisea, however, I've set aside "LLC for Dummies" and have to remember to get it to you at some point.19:17
louiseaubuntourist, thanks for letting me know19:17
jelknerok, anything else from anyone?19:17
louiseaubuntourist, if he is available should I set up a meeting with the accountant without you?19:18
German_4. Get everyone configured for the new e-mail addresses?, jelkner19:18
ubuntouristE-mail aliases: Mine, Marco's and Amanuel's are working. Jeff's should be but hasn't been proven to yet.19:18
jelknerlet's stay on after the meeting to talk about the accountant meeting19:19
jelknerok, that's all19:19
ubuntouristreplaceafill, German_ I'm guessing you can setup yours.19:19
German_my new email?19:20
replaceafillubuntourist, ah yes19:20
ubuntouristCaptions? Subtitles? Any questions?19:20
German_no, ubuntourist 19:20
ubuntouristGreat. I think that's it from me.19:20
jelknerAnything else?19:21
replaceafillubuntourist, thanks for the links you've sent on that btw (captioning)19:21
replaceafilljelkner, remember to ask Celina about the copyright19:21
jelknerwill do19:21
replaceafillif we should use that video19:21
* replaceafill done19:21
jelknerLast call...19:21
jelknerAnything else?19:22
Rena__I'm good19:22
jelknerCool, we kept our meeting to under 30 min.19:22
* jelkner drops the bag of gravel19:22
replaceafillthanks everybody19:22
jelknerspecial thanks to mjsir911 for the remind bot, it rocks!19:23
* German_ is leaving the office.19:24
replaceafilljelkner, just for the record19:25
replaceafillElizabeth's site html is missing <title> and <meta description> tags19:26
replaceafillthat's *one* of the reasons it's not indexing properly19:26
jelknerahh, that's one for German_19:26
jelknerlet me work with ubuntourist and louisae on the accountant meeting19:26
replaceafilljust those 2 tags make wonders19:27
jelknerthen call celina19:27
* replaceafill goes to get dinner19:27
jelknerand get back to you and german tomorrow19:27
jelknersound good?19:27
replaceafilljelkner, cool19:27
jelknerlouisea, you are going to contact lindsey about the meeting, yes?19:27
louiseai need her contact info19:28
jelknerperhaps you should get a collection of available times from ubuntourist first19:28
jelknerso you can plan a time that already works for him.19:28
ubuntouristI think I mentioned before: Wed, Thurs, Sat, Sun work best. Weekends being best of all.19:28
louiseaYup, that's what I had in mind from our last conversation19:29
ubuntouristI'm not much of a morning person. I'm up, but not about.19:29
jelkneri don't think our accountant will meet on a weekend19:30
louiseabut this weekend wont' work. So I should try for next Wednesday Thursday19:30
ubuntourist(Usually, I'm staying home to rouse milady, who is even less of a morning person.)19:30
louiseayeah I doubt a weekend meeting will be possible.19:30
louiseaand for me late morning/early afternoon is best19:30
jelknerkeep in mind we are getting a free consultation instead of a $250 per hour one19:31
jelknerso we go whenever the account says so19:31
ubuntouristOK. Where? I need to coordinate transportation.19:31
louiseathe office is in Bethesda19:31
ubuntouristjelkner says "Walking distance from the Metro." So, good 'nuf.19:32
louiseaokay. I'll let you know. And I'll keep my fingers crossed that he is available during one of our convenient times19:33
ubuntouristlouisea, I forgot to mention, we should probably set you up with a fancy e-mail address. (It can wait until we're in the same place at the same time, but nudge me about it if you think of it.)19:34
ubuntouristAnd, I guess that's it for me. Time to bug out and get food.19:34
louiseame too. and next time we're together I'll try to remember about the email19:34
*** German_ has joined #NovaWebDev19:34
louiseawell, until next time!19:35
German_Hello, jelkner I just saw the logs19:35
ubuntouristGerman_, replaceafill says Elizabeth's site has no <title> or <meta description> tags...19:35
German_I just send a email to Elizabeth, jelkner 19:35
* ubuntourist is packing up, shutting down, etc. 19:36
German_I added the "titles for pages", but I need to add "meta" tag, jelkner  19:36

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