IRC log of #novawebdev for Wednesday, 2017-04-19

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jelknerGood morning, Bots!07:56
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jelknerGreat to see you, mjsir911!12:14
jelknerIt gets lonely here with just the Bots to talk to ;-)12:15
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replaceafillhey jelkner13:24
replaceafilli just saw your email13:24
replaceafillhow can i help?13:25
jelkneri would like to meet with you and German at the same time13:25
jelknerare you available tomorrow at 10:30 am?13:25
jelknerwe have several things to discuss13:25
jelknerElizabeth is expecting to pay for work German is doing on her website now13:26
replaceafillno, i can't tomorrow morning13:26
jelknerthat is income *above* his base hours13:26
jelknerit is important we understand the business implications of this process13:26
replaceafillis there a list of things he has to do?13:26
jelknertiming is everything13:26
jelkner1. Complete all outstanding requests she gives him as soon as possible13:27
jelkner2. Get them deployed as soon as possible13:27
jelkner3. Get an invoice generated and sent to her as soon as possible13:27
jelkner4. Get SEO working, fixing problems ubuntourist reported and researching others13:28
replaceafillthat's it?13:30
jelknerI think that is the immediate issue13:30
replaceafillon 1. is there a list of "outstanding reqeusts"13:30
jelknerI wanted to work with you and him on where to store media13:30
jelknerbut i need to talk with mattva01 on that first13:30
jelknerGerman deals with Elizabeth directly13:31
replaceafilldid you ask Celina about using the video?13:31
jelkneronly he knows what is on the list13:31
jelknermy concern is that he understand how important timing is13:31
replaceafilldo you get CC on those deals?13:31
jelknerit's great that he is in charge13:31
jelknerbut our future success depends on properly handling present opportunities13:32
replaceafilli don't think he's there yet13:32
replaceafillyesterday for instance13:32
replaceafillhe showed me an endorsment page13:32
replaceafillhe didn't mention anything during the meeting13:32
jelkneri don't know that he has to mention that during the meeting13:33
jelknerhe just needs to make sure she is happy, and things are moving13:33
jelknerand to ask for your help when he needs it13:33
replaceafillwhen he asks me about this kind of things i send him to you and the client13:33
replaceafilli think he's expecting approval from you13:33
jelkneri don't want him to need my approval13:33
jelknerwe are a coop13:33
replaceafillto him you're still his boss13:34
replaceafillyou need to make that clear13:34
replaceafilland make him believe it13:34
replaceafilli haven't pushed on that13:34
jelknercan we do a quick hangout?13:34
replaceafillok, but i need to leave in 2513:34
replaceafillhold on13:35
jelknermy fingers are getting sore, and seems we are about to have difference of opinion ;-)13:35
jelknerhold on...13:37
jelkneri keep forgetting firefox doesn't work anymore13:38
jelknerreplaceafill, are you here?16:10
replaceafillyes jelkner16:10
jelknercould we try to voice conference again now?16:10
replaceafilljelkner, i'm in the middle of something, can we try in 15-20?16:11
replaceafilljelkner done16:26
replaceafillwe can try now16:26
jelknerwhat happened?16:27
jelknercould you hear me?16:28
replaceafilli haven't seen the calling dialog yet16:28
jelknerchrome is acting up16:29
replaceafilli can't hear you16:29
jelknerever since my update to zesty16:30
jelknerthings have not worked well16:31
jelkneris there another audio tool we could use?16:31
jelkneri don't have skype16:32
jelknerbut ubuntourist got me on this open source thing16:32
jelknerhold on, replaceafill, my machine has become unstable16:33
jelkneri'm going to restart it16:33
* jelkner thinks he's running windows or something :-(16:33
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