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jelknerMorning, Bots, good to see you both here ;-)07:27
* jelkner checks to see if the missing logs from yesterday have been restored by mjsir911...07:27
jelknerDarn, they're not there.07:28
jelknerI'll have to pester mjsir911 until they are.07:29
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jelknerGood morning, mjsir911!07:54
jelknerDid you see my email?07:54
jelknerLogs are still missing from yesterday07:55
jelknerPlease insert what i emailed to you into the record07:56
jelknerpreserving the few things that came after07:56
jelkner(Rena_'s posts, mainly)07:56
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German_Good morning, jelkner !08:26
jelknerBuenos dias, German_!08:26
jelknerVoy a trabajar mas en SEO hoy.08:27
German_I have a question, jelkner 08:27
jelknerIn 2 minutes i have a phone meeting with my doctor08:28
jelknerSo ask now ;-)08:28
German_Should I change the SEO for Elizabeth's site or Rena should do it?, jelkner 08:28
jelknerYou two should work together to figure out who does what.08:28
jelknerI don't care, as long as it gets done.08:28
German_Ok, jelkner 08:29
jelknerFor us to be really effective, we are going to need to learn to communicate quickly and smoothly.08:29
jelknerTo figure out what needs to be done with minimum fuss, and to do it!08:29
German_jelkner, try to find Elizabeth's site on google it should appear "Elizabeth Guzman Candidate for Virginia House", "Elizabeth Guzman Running Candidate" etc08:41
jelknerI think we are doing fine with this, German_.  It still shows up on the middle of page 2 for me, but don't worry about it.08:46
jelknerI like what I'm reading in the Google manual.08:46
jelknerBasically, we should be focusing on best practices for good web page design, and not trying to "trick" the search engines.08:47
jelknerSo descriptive titles are good.08:47
jelknerpages rise in google searches based a lot on how many other pages link to them (page rank).08:48
jelknerSo a really good page that a lot of people use naturally raises in the ranks.08:48
jelknerThat's good news.08:48
jelknerIt means focus on our customer.08:48
jelknerProvide a website that is useful to them and helps them achieve what they are trying to achieve.08:49
jelknerThat will then naturally interest other people in the website, increase the number of folks who like to the page, and raise its rand.08:49
jelknerSo it's my job to keep reading the SEO thing from Google.08:50
jelknerYou only have to add the changes I request.08:50
jelknerI have a question for you, though.08:50
German_tell me08:50
jelknerDo you think we could setup a meeting with Elizabeth, you, and the graphics designer I want to bring into the project?08:50
jelknerI think the header looks bad.08:51
jelknerDaniela could make it look much better.08:51
jelknerBut I want to talk to Elizabeth about that.08:51
German_Sure, jelkner 08:51
jelknerDo you usually communicate with Elizabeth or with her campaign manager?08:52
German_mm no, just with Elizabeth08:52
jelknerthat will make it easier08:52
jelknerok, i'll work on setting that up if we agree tonight to try to work with Daniela08:53
German_See you then, jelkner 08:53
jelknerHasta siete, hermano08:53
* German_ is leaving the office08:53
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jelknerGerman_, do you have any idea why Elizabeth's site is down?13:19
jelknermjsir911 is looking into it.13:19
jelknerbut i wondered if you knew what it could be?13:20
German_jelkner, The website is up for me13:29
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German_I won't be here for the meeting, jelkner 14:49
German_But I can check the logs later, jelkner 14:49
mjsir911ssh kvmhost16:02
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German_jelkner, check the logs ;-)16:23
jelknerwhich logs?16:24
jelknerGerman_, irc logs?16:24
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Big_Brotheroh hey I got it working17:19
Big_BrotherI'm always watching o.o17:19
Big_Brotherquick reboot17:20
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remindBotRecommend for NOVA Websters to view and discuss as we decide how to organize ourselves.19:00
remindBotQuote for website19:00
remindBotLook into value of Electric Embers: https://npogroups.org19:00
remindBotTalk about Logos and ask if we should approach Daniela19:00
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jelknerGood evening19:01
replaceafillhello everybody19:01
jelknermjsir911's remindBot worked like a charm again19:01
jelknerthat's cool!19:01
jelknerok, i don't see louisea or German_19:02
jelknerso we are at a bit of a disadvantage19:02
jelknerbut let's do what we can with who we've got19:02
jelknerRena_ isn't here either19:02
ubuntouristOnce again, to those of you who have not, please register an IRC nickname and try to stick with it.19:03
jelknerthanks, ubuntourist19:03
jelknerthis is an ongoing struggle that we older folks (and mjsir911, who rocks this stuff), need to help everyone else with19:03
ubuntouristMany IRC clients are capable of "watching" for particular nicks, and so, for example, if I'm on IRC but not on the novaweb channel,19:04
ubuntouristyou can still be aware that I'm available and "ping" me to join the channel.19:04
jelknerok, we need to focus on the two main projects of this past week - PWPC and the RFP19:05
ubuntourist(I have my system set to watch for jelkner, replaceafill, and mjsir911, as these have all "stabilized" as nicknames).19:05
jelknersince the PWPC folks aren't able to say much about that19:05
jelknerfor the record i can say we've made a lot of progress19:05
jelknerElizabeth Guzman is really happy with what we have done for her19:06
jelknerand she has been thanking us publicly and promoting us19:06
jelkneri talked to her this morning19:06
ubuntouristProgress? For the Progress Coalition? Who woulda thunk. ;-)19:06
jelknershe mentioned that someone came up to her at an event the other night and asked who did her website19:07
jelknertelling her it looked nice19:07
jelkneri think we can make it look even better, so i wanted to ask what folks thought about inviting another young person to work with us19:07
jelknerher name is Daniela, and she is a graphics designer19:08
ubuntouristWhile they may not be paying much, I was saying to jelkner earlier that the candidates are motivated to advertise themselves,19:08
jelkneri've been paying her to make logos for me for the past two years19:08
jelknershe does nice work19:08
ubuntouristand we're advertised because we're a subclass of them, sort of.19:08
jelknerwhat do folks think about asking Daniela to be "part of our coop"?19:09
ubuntouristHer name has come up before.  Any online samples for people to look at?19:09
mjsir911can anyone reach her website?
mjsir911Webfaction has been moving servers so they've been off and on19:10
jelknerno, i can't19:10
jelknerthat's bad19:10
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jelknerubuntourist, i like your question19:10
German_Hello, I'm sorry for the delay, jelkner 19:10
jelknercan i tell her we had a meeting and folks wanted to see her portfolio?19:10
jelknerthat will be good for her19:11
jelknershe may not have it together yet, but she could do that for us19:11
jelknerGerman_, good evening19:11
German_good evening, jelkner 19:11
jelknerI don't know what happened to louisea and Rena_19:11
ubuntouristlguzman's ssh still works, taking me to web560.webfaction.com19:12
jelknercan we figure out what is going on?19:12
jelknerthis happened earlier today also19:12
jelkneri got word from webfaction on some other accounts that my server had been moved and i had a new ip address19:13
mjsir911It's back up19:13
jelkneri wonder if it could be the same thing19:13
ubuntouristGerman_ You should get in the habit of using the nickname you registered. (If I recall, you did register one.)19:13
jelknerthat would be good, German_19:13
jelknerregister a nick (maybe GermanES or something)19:13
mjsir911We should look into how to minimize downtime on webfactional's migrations19:14
jelknerand then log in with it19:14
jelknerreplaceafill can help you with that19:14
ubuntouristmjsir911 +119:14
jelknerHow are things going, German_?19:15
jelknerGerman_, are you still here?19:16
German_well, I still waiting for Elizabeth answer.., jelkner 19:16
jelknerabout what?19:16
ubuntourist(+1 is "IRC-speak" for "I agree" or "I voted 'yes' to that proposal".)19:16
German_about the SEO, jelkner 19:17
German_I'm stuck with that19:17
jelknerdid you see the document i made?19:17
jelknerSEO is my job, not hers19:17
ubuntouristGerman_ I doubt Elizabeth would have any idea what you're asking.19:18
German_did you update it19:18
jelknershe is busy running a campaign19:18
jelknerif we want her to keep loving us19:18
jelknerwe need to do for her, not ask her to do for us19:18
jelknerlet's develop some skills in creating great campaign websites19:19
mjsir911I don't see a mention of robots.txt. This is important for web crawlers to know about the website:
German_Ok, jelkner 19:19
jelknerquickly and with minimal hassle to the candidate19:19
ubuntouristIs <meta keywords> still a thing? Or has that been discouraged because people misuse it.19:19
German_I'll work on that after the meeting, jelkner 19:19
replaceafillubuntourist, it has been discouraged, yes19:20
jelknerGoogle says <meta name="description" content="">19:21
jelkneris recommended19:21
German_what about the header image?, jelkner 19:21
German_jelkner, we should talk with the graphic designer?19:22
replaceafilljelkner, just FYI, this document is public19:22
jelknerwhich document?19:22
replaceafillthe one you just linked19:23
replaceafillthe content notes19:23
jelknergood point19:23
replaceafillbe careful about permissions and putting links in here :)19:23
jelkneryes indeed19:23
replaceafillirc logs are crawled19:23
ubuntouristSo, people searching for Guzman will find jelkner's page instead. ;-)19:23
replaceafillgood SEO!!!19:24
jelknerok, permission changed19:24
jelknerbut your point is well taken, replaceafill19:24
jelkneri'll be more careful19:24
jelknerGerman_, you missed our discussion a few minutes ago19:25
jelknerubuntourist asked to see Daniela's portfolio19:25
ubuntouristreplaceafill, robots.txt with an exclude clause can help make the IRC logs a bit more private. mjsir911 can create.19:25
German_jelkner, I came 9 minutes later, sorry!19:25
jelknerto save time, i may ask her to include a header for Elizabeth's website as part of that ;-)19:25
jelknernp, man, just updating you19:26
replaceafillubuntourist, i think it's good to be crawled19:26
jelknerso you don't have to worry about graphics19:26
jelknernot your job19:26
jelknerthere are so many things to learn, we need to specialize a bit19:26
jelknerdaniela is adept at photoshop and illustrator, i can vouch for that19:27
jelknerbut i'll ask her for a portfolio19:27
German_jelkner, Ok19:27
jelknerand get her started with the website headers19:27
jelknerCelina's and Elizabeth's19:27
ubuntouristI've seen some of her work but it would be good if everyone can see it.19:27
jelknerwill do, ubuntourist19:28
jelknerok, any thoughts on the RFP?19:28
mjsir911btw, the link i linked last week:
mjsir911is super important, we should set up our websites with google analytics to tell google when change stuff19:29
ubuntouristI gave my minor tweaks before sending Flint at it.19:29
jelknerubuntourist and replaceafill?19:29
replaceafilljelkner, decent attempt for so short notice IMO19:30
jelknercool, let's send it in as a "hail mary"19:30
ubuntouristThere was some ALL CAPS text in it that still needs replacing, I think. (I replaced some of that.  I interpreted it as "Louie is not sure what to put here.")19:30
jelknerthat's correct, ubuntourist19:31
replaceafilli used ALL CAPS for the same reason19:31
jelknerit may be that louisea and flint are chatting as we speak19:31
jelkneri don't know that19:31
ubuntouristI *think* there's still some all-caps text. I don't know that Louie has seen Flint's suggestions yet.19:31
jelknerbut my hunch is that louisae has some good reason for not being here19:31
jelknerok, it's 7:3219:32
jelknerwe should strive to keep our meetings to 30 minutes19:32
jelknershort and sweet19:32
jelkneranything else pressing before the gravel falls?19:32
* replaceafill done19:33
* jelkner drops the bag of gravel19:33
jelknersee ya all next tuesday19:33
replaceafillthanks everybody19:33
replaceafilljelkner, btw, thanks for the video19:34
replaceafillabout coops19:34
replaceafillvery informative19:34
jelknerlet's talk about that in the future19:34
German_jelkner, I'll talk to you soon!19:34
jelkneri was going to, but without louisae i wanted to wait19:34
jelknertalk soon, German_!19:35
jelknerto the Lost Dog with ubuntourist and me!19:35
* German_ is leaving the office!19:35
ubuntouristMeanwhile things are starting to cook a little with the tech co-op people on the platform co-op mailing list.19:35
ubuntouristAnd, I'm gone.19:35
* ubuntourist gets ready to raise a glass.19:35
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