IRC log of #novawebdev for Tuesday, 2017-05-02

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ubuntourist!remind Business cards11:56
ubuntourist!big_brother wha?11:57
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jelkner!remind Discuss
jelknerubuntourist: what's your ETA?12:26
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jelknerubuntourist: what is your ETA today?13:25
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jelknermr_german, good to see you, sir!15:05
jelknerwe have *a lot* to talk about.15:05
mr_germanHi, jelkner 15:07
jelknergood, replaceafill is here, too15:07
jelknerthe three of us should plan your work for the coming week15:07
jelknerweeks should run from Tuesday at 7 pm until the following Tuesday at 6:59 pm ;-)15:08
jelkneror thereabouts15:08
jelkneranyway, we have much to be done15:09
jelkneri'm hoping you and z0nny will develop a solid working relationship soon15:09
mr_germanjelkner, ;-)15:10
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* replaceafill is back15:37
* mr_german will come back at 6 pm15:42
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jelknerz0nny: are you here?16:39
zOnny yes! 16:45
jelknermr_german is gone until 617:11
jelkneri'm trying to get the two of you communicating17:11
mjsir911confirmed is still logging17:20
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* mr_german is back17:44
mr_germanjelkner, I'm back17:45
jelknergreat, mr_german. for us to be really successful, you need to get to know your new best friend, z0nny! ;-)17:45
jelkneryou two should become a team17:46
jelknerz0nny has some great skills, and he learns fast17:46
jelknerhe is willing to learn enough gimp to help us with our banner images17:46
ubuntouristSpeaking of images... Daniella?17:47
jelkneramanuel was talking to me, but i was just about to say17:49
jelknerDaniela is very skilled, but seems to be overextended17:50
jelknershe is taking too long to get things done17:50
jelknerour problem of finding a graphics person remains, methinks17:50
jelknerz0nny says his brother has some skills in that area17:50
jelknerif anyone else among knows a graphics person, please speak up17:51
jelknerbut the fact that z0nny is willing (and interested) in learning is good17:51
ubuntouristGood to know.17:53
jelknerbtw, you all should check out this:
ubuntouristI'd seen it a few weeks ago, on a phone.17:53
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jelknermr_german, are you here?17:56
mr_germanjelkner, yes!17:56
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remindBotI am here to remind you of things at 19:00 on tuesdays. Use me by typing in `!remind <msg>`17:57
ubuntouristWelcome back remindBot ;-)17:57
mjsir911gotta refresh its memory17:57
mjsir911!remind Agenda for next meeting: 1. PWPC websites top priority. Discuss a) skills needed b) collaboration c) workflow17:57
remindBotwill print Agenda for next meeting: 1. PWPC websites top priority. Discuss a) skills needed b) collaboration c) workflow at 2017-05-02 19:00:0017:57
mjsir911!remind Business cards17:58
remindBotwill print Business cards at 2017-05-02 19:00:0017:58
jelknerGreat to see you back, remindBot, I've come to depend on you.17:58
mjsir911!remind Discuss
remindBotwill print Discuss at 2017-05-02 19:00:0017:58
mr_germanjelkner, Edzon will be added to our "Member list" tonight18:05
mr_germanbecause I need to work on the translation ;-)18:05
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jelknerhail, hail, the gangs all here18:58
jelknermeeting starts in 2 minutes18:58
remindBotAgenda for next meeting: 1. PWPC websites top priority. Discuss a) skills needed b) collaboration c) workflow19:00
remindBotBusiness cards19:00
jelknerGood evening19:00
jelknerlet's keep this quick and to the point19:00
replaceafillhello everybody19:00
jelknerwe have come a long way19:00
jelknerbut we still have a ways to go before we are ready to function as a viable business19:01
jelknerwe agreed the key is to get mr_german working full time19:01
jelknermr_german, you and i need to talk about your schedule, priorities for the week, etc.19:01
mr_germanjelkner, ok19:02
jelkneri won't bother everyone with the details of that, so let's do that ourselves sometime tommorrow19:02
jelkneri'll look for you on the channel here19:02
jelknerin general, though, it i'm thinking we should use your new full time status to finish adding polish to our key marketable websites:19:03
jelkner1. the campaign websites, Celina's and the PWPC websites19:03
jelkner2. the AEA website19:03
jelknerwe really need to get that evote working19:03
jelknersince that will showcase our ability to make webapplications work19:04
jelknerz0nny will be working on the Tacos El Papi website in class19:04
jelknerthat's another good one for our portfolio19:04
mr_germanjelkner, What about Lee's site?19:05
jelknerthat is one of the PWPC websites19:05
jelknerwith 40 hours, you should be able to get both Lee's and Elizabeth's into tip top shape, yes?19:06
mr_germanjelkner, yes!19:06
mr_germanwhat I mean is, we should add Lee's site to our portfolio19:07
jelknerwe still have the crucial problem of not having a graphics designer19:07
jelknerDaniela has the talent, but I don't think she has the time.19:07
jelknerIf z0nny is willing to give gimp a try, I'm game for letting him take a shot at that.19:08
jelknerI emailed Rena about her Summer availability, but I haven't heard back yet.19:08
jelknerFor now, it is mr_german and z0nny on the front end, and marco on the backend (with amanuel beginning to be trained as marco's new minion)19:09
jelknerlouisea is working with ubuntourist on the accountant question19:10
jelknerthey have a meeting scheduled with the accountant for may 1719:10
jelkneri don't know if i have anything else19:11
ubuntouristSame day I leave for PyCon. ;-)19:11
jelknermr_german, please work out times with z0nny to begin working together19:11
mr_germanjelkner, Sure19:12
jelknerLet's see what z0nny can do with the banner images19:12
jelkneri won't give up totally on daniela, but we can't wait for her19:12
jelknerand we need to be able to respond in real time to these things if we are going to do more campaign websites19:13
jelknerbtw. did you see the google doc with my comments on banner images?19:13
mr_germanjelkner, Yes I did19:13
jelknerdo the comments make sense?19:13
jelknerOK, let z0nny try to edit the images19:15
jelknerand you can then deploy them19:15
mr_germanjelkner, Yea!19:15
replaceafilldoes zOnny have html experience?19:15
jelknerz0nny was brand new to all of this in September19:16
jelknerand in just a bit over half a school year, got to the point were he could do the Tacos El Papi website on his own19:16
replaceafillstep 1 (if that hasn't happened yet) should be to instruct him how to have a local dev environment with these websites19:17
jelknershows what else he has been learning19:17
jelknerabsolutely, replaceafill19:17
jelkneri'm hoping mr_german will take him under his wing and teach him that19:18
jelknerso the two of them can work seamlessly together19:18
jelknerz0nny is super hard working and learns fast19:18
jelknerbut is new, and needs a lot of help getting up to speed on everything19:19
ubuntouristMovin on...19:19
jelknerubuntourist, do you have any suggestions for the evote project?19:19
jelknerits now may, and that seems to have floundered19:20
ubuntouristA long-standing problem on the Gallaudet project has been solved, which means I can move forward with that.19:20
ubuntouristOh, not moving on. ;-)19:20
mr_germanzOnny, are you there?19:20
ubuntouristI don't. Haven't looked at it recently.19:20
jelknerz0nny is probably asleep19:20
ubuntouristWill TRY to poke at it.19:20
mr_germanmmm ok!19:20
ubuntouristIn other news19:20
ubuntouristSo, I've done rudimentary business cards using Scribus and QRencode. I'm going to print some to take with me to PyCon. Here's to hoping Scribus to PDF to Kinko's / Office Depot works well.19:20
jelknerlet us know19:21
jelknerbusiness cards would be nice for Pycon!19:21
jelknerok, anything else from anyone?19:21
mr_germanjelkner, I'll try to have a meeting with zOnny tomorrow!19:21
jelknergreat, mr_german, thanks!19:22
replaceafillnothing from me19:22
* mr_german done19:22
ubuntouristAnything about the Open Schoolhouse gang you want to mention, jelkner?19:22
* jelkner after appropriate wait time, drops the bag of gravel ;-)19:22
jelknerubuntourist - not at the moment19:23
jelknerlet's wait til we have something more concrete19:23
* ubuntourist hears the thud.19:23
jelknerok, see ya'll next Tuesday!19:23
* ubuntourist is shutting down, packing up.19:23
mr_germanbye o/19:23
replaceafillthanks everybody19:23
jelknermr_german, cya tomorrow19:23
mr_germanjelkner, cya tomorrow19:23
mr_germanbye replaceafill !19:24
replaceafilllater mr_german19:24
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