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jelknerMorning Bots, it's good to see you both here! ;-)08:11
jelknerI hear mjsir911 hasn't been taking such great care of you lately.08:12
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mjsir911finally i got my phone working08:18
mjsir911seems it is linked with my main account too08:18
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jelknerGood morning z0nny!09:42
jelknermjsir911_mobile: nice!09:42
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ubuntouristjelkner, is there a phone number that's safe to put on the business cards?09:50
ubuntouristjelner (and I'm assuming, no fax number)09:52
ubuntouristjelkner, I recall an answering machine w/ you saying "NOVA Web Development" but I could be mis-remembering.09:52
jelknerYou are not mis-remembering09:55
jelknerwe have that, ubuntourist, though no one regularly checks it.09:55
jelknerIt is my google voice number09:55
ubuntouristI will put it on the cards then?09:56
jelknerone thing I've learned from Our Revolution09:56
jelkneris that it is better not to list a contact method than to list it and not check it09:56
jelknerwe will of course need a phone number later09:57
jelknerit's a matter of timing09:57
jelknerwhy not run a small batch of cards09:57
jelknerwithout a phone number09:57
jelknerand then once we figure this out, run a larger batch with a phone number09:58
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mr_germanHi jelkner 13:51
jelknerHi mr_german! We have a 2:30 pm, yes?13:52
mr_germanjelkner, yes!13:52
mr_germanjelkner, I updated the Member List and Portfolio
mr_germanHey zOnny 13:53
jelkneri just had to message z0nny, mr_german, since he doesn't have anything to notify him when someone messages him14:23
jelknermjsir911 is going to help him with that.14:24
jelknermr_german, while i have you both here, let's go over what we need to get done.14:24
zOnnyHey Mr. German14:25
jelknermr_german, are you here?14:25
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mr_germanjelkner, yes!14:29
jelknerok, did you see my email from this morning?14:29
jelknernever mind, you did, since you replied to it ;-)14:29
mr_germantalking about AEA14:30
jelknerso, Friday the aea political action committee, A-PAC, will interview candidates14:30
mr_germanjelkner, I did "git pull"14:30
jelknerand make an endorsement14:30
mr_germanjelkner, and then I restarted the service14:30
jelknerso the template i modified is not currently being used14:31
mr_germanjelkner, you have to restart Apache2 service14:31
mr_germanwe should remove it?14:31
jelknerI will want to modify what it says after Friday14:32
jelknerthen work with you to link it into the site.14:32
mr_germanjelkner, Ok, did you see the link?14:33
jelknerAnd add a "Breaking News!" section on the home page that mentions it.14:33
jelknerSo when can you be around this Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday?14:33
jelknerSo i can plan14:33
jelkneri'm available Friday night after i get home (around 8 pm)14:34
mr_germanthis friday I won't be around, maybe Saturday in the afternoon?14:34
jelknerbtw. are you available for 40 hours per week now?14:34
mr_germanjelkner, yes!14:34
jelknerdo me a big favor14:35
mr_germanjelkner, from 2:30 pm to 10 pm14:35
jelknerwhenever you start work, type /me clockin14:35
jelknerwhenever you stop, type /me clockout14:36
* jelkner clockin14:36
mr_germangot it!14:37
jelknermjsir911 will write python scripts to add up your time and generate reports14:37
jelknerthat will help make it really easy for us to keep track of what we are doing14:37
mr_germanjelkner, that sounds good!14:37
mr_germanjelkner, We could have a meeting this saturday if you can.14:38
mr_germanjelkner, and work with AEA14:38
jelknergreat, let me look at something14:38
mr_germanjelkner, ok14:38
mr_germanzOnny, are you around?14:38
jelknerz0nny is around, but he is working with mjsir91114:39
mr_germanjelkner, Oh14:39
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mr_germanjelkner, I updated our website14:39
mr_germanjelkner,  did you see it?14:40
jelknermjsir911 is trying to get z0nny setup with notifications14:40
zOnnyit works!14:40
jelknerwhenever someone pings him14:40
zOnnythe notifier I mean14:40
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jelkner!remind Talk about /me clockin /me clockout and ask for protocol for recording project worked on14:41
remindBotwill print Talk about /me clockin /me clockout and ask for protocol for recording project worked on at 2017-05-09 19:00:0014:41
mjsir911hello world 14:42
* mjsir911 is still testong zOnny's notifications14:43
mr_germanzOnny, are you able to have a quick meeting with me today at 4.30pm?14:46
zOnnymr_german Ok!14:55
mr_germanzOnny, great!14:55
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jelknernote - found a good reference for local html validation on ubuntu:
jelknermr_german, i'll be back on later this evening, but now i need to go to a staff meeting.15:15
* jelkner clockout15:15
* mr_german clockin15:22
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* jelkner clockin19:50
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jelknermr_german, how are you?19:50
mr_germanjelkner, Im good and you?19:53
jelkneri'm doing well19:53
jelknerwe have a lot to do19:53
mr_germanjelkner, I had a meeting with zonny19:53
mr_germangood guy ;-)19:54
jelkneryes he is!19:54
jelknerhe is a hard worker, too19:54
jelknervery disciplined19:54
jelknerwe need to be that to get this business off the ground19:54
jelkneri want to do a few more websites19:54
jelknerincluding the Tacos El Papi one he started19:55
jelknerwhat are you working on now?19:56
jelknerdid you notice the /me clockin19:56
jelknerand /me clockout ?19:56
mr_germanjelkner, yes!19:56
jelkneri'm thinking if we add /me working on ....19:57
jelknerwe can get mjsir911 to automate data collection for us19:57
mr_germanthat would be good19:57
jelknerwe need the data so we can figure out how much things cost19:58
jelknerok, i'm going to get back to reading the Eloquent JavaScript book19:59
jelknerI asked z0nny to use that one for the programming class he has with me20:00
mr_germanjelkner, did our new portfolio?20:00
jelknerlet me look...20:00
jelknersince we are getting so many now (which is really good), it is time to turn that into a slide show20:01
jelknerthe page now looks too busy20:01
jelknertime to make them show one at a time20:01
jelknerdo you think you can work on that?20:02
jelknerwe need to add lee carter too20:02
mr_germanjelkner, yep, I can work on that20:03
jelknerok, back to work for me20:03
* jelkner working on updating dns and learning JavaScript20:04
* mr_german working on NOVA web site "portfolio"20:06
ubuntouristjelkner, mr_german Do either of you have a printer near you and a phone that can scan QR Codes?20:42
ubuntouristI want to know if I've added too much data to the QR code for the size of a business card.20:43
mr_germanubuntourist, let me see20:44
mr_germanubuntourist, yes I have it on my cellphone20:45
ubuntourist(Once the code exceeds a certain density, it becomes useless, since the printer dpi may not be good enough or the phone camera resolution may not be good enough.)20:45
ubuntouristmr_german, and you have a printer? I need to test if it can be read from paper, not a screen.20:46
mr_germanoh, I don't have one :-( ubuntourist 20:46
ubuntouristOK.  Well, I'll try experiment later then.20:47
mr_germanubuntourist, ok20:47
* ubuntourist decides it's time to quit and get food and drink.20:47
* jelkner clockout21:05
jelknertoo tired to continue21:05
jelknergood night21:05
* mr_german clockout21:06

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