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jelknerGood morning z0nny and aantonio!08:27
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jelkneraantonio, you didn't reply to my last email.08:58
jelkneryou need to pick a slot08:58
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aantoniogood morning09:04
aantoniowhat slot09:04
jelknerread the email, sir ;-)09:16
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mr_germanHi, jelkner 12:34
mr_germanHi zOnny ;-)12:43
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jelknerhello, mr_german14:50
jelkneris mjsir911 taking good care of you?14:50
mr_germanI haven't spoken with him yet. jelkner 15:02
mr_germandid you see my email btw?, jelkner 15:02
jelknerwhich one?15:03
mr_germanI sent you an email yesterday15:03
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aantoniohello, jelknor. Do you want me to come today because i have had an other meeting and i just finished it. but if there is important one, please tell me.15:06
jelkneraantonio, are you here?15:41
jelkneri just tried to call you.15:41
jelkneri was expecting to see you in class.15:41
jelknerit's thursday15:41
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jelknermr_german, i did see the nvm email.15:43
jelkneri plan to do that site myself.15:43
jelknerand my goal is to do it *without* javascript15:43
jelknersince css3 makes more and more things possible without the need for js15:44
jelkneri will need your help to make the website bilingual15:44
jelknerwhich happens on the server, not the client, yes?15:44
mr_germanjelkner, oh ok! sure15:47
jelknerin the mean time, you have a task - connect with mjsir911 to get evote going15:52
jelknerreplaceafill, you here?15:54
mjsir911old evote server here:
replaceafilljelkner, back15:58
mr_germanmjsir911, Can I use that server?16:01
mjsir911yea its on novawebdev webfaction in webapps/evote/web2py/applications/evote/16:02
mr_germanmjsir911, do you have the admin password?16:09
mjsir911no but ill try to generate an account for you, give me a moment16:12
replaceafillwe should create a shared document with evote credentials16:13
replaceafill(if we don't have one already)16:13
replaceafillremember gentlemen, providers/credentials should land in shared documents16:14
mjsir911multiple users can be admins, so I'll probably just add a user and make it admin16:16
replaceafillhas a way to change the admin password in web2py16:16
mjsir911does evote use web2py password?16:16
mjsir911oh im looking in the wrong place then :P thanks16:17
replaceafillmjsir911, or not16:17
replaceafilli wrote this a while back16:17
replaceafilli remember Kevin tried to do something with it16:17
replaceafillso things may have changed16:17
replaceafillcan someone turn privacy on on this please...16:18
replaceafilli didn't...16:18
replaceafillmjsir911, mr_german i don't know if that's easy to do16:18
replaceafillbut we should traverse all the shared folder16:18
replaceafilland change everything to private16:18
replaceafillmaybe there's a folder option of some kind16:19
mjsir911I agree, whoevers owner can do that16:19
mjsir911there is16:19
replaceafillmjsir911, you have ownership on the nova web dev shared folder, right?16:19
mjsir911although this particular document doesnt have to be private does it?16:19
replaceafillbut we should apply "all or nothing"16:20
replaceafillon our shared folder imo16:20
replaceafillin this case "nothing" :D16:20
mjsir911replaceafill, you are owner but it seems i can change access permissions16:21
replaceafillmjsir911, sure16:21
replaceafillyou have ownership of the parent folder16:21
replaceafillcan you take that task? change permissions of everything to private?16:21
replaceafillit's not urgent16:21
mjsir911sure but it'll be on backlog16:22
replaceafillbut we should do it sooner rather than later16:22
replaceafillmjsir911, thanks16:22
replaceafillmjsir911, do you have a backlog doc?16:22
replaceafillhow do you track your tasks?16:22
mjsir911also i disagree, only the documents that should be confidential should be private, but we'll discuss next week16:22
mjsir911i track my tasks poorly16:22
replaceafillin my experience if you leave a door open somehow...16:23
replaceafillsomeone will make a mistake16:23
replaceafilleven if it's well trained16:24
replaceafillbut sure16:24
replaceafilllet's discuss it with the rest of the team16:24
replaceafillif they're*16:24
mjsir911mr_german can you connect to the webfaction server and run `~/webapps/evote/bin/python -c "from gluon.main import save_password; save_password(raw_input('admin password: '), 80)"` to input a password?16:30
mjsir911this is to set admin password16:31
mr_germanok wait16:32
mr_germanlet me try16:32
mr_germanit says "ImportError: No module named gluon.main16:35
replaceafillactivate virtualenv first16:36
mjsir911no you gotta be inside the path ~/webapps/evote/web2py16:36
mjsir911`cd ~/webapps/evote/web2py`16:37
mr_germandone it, I can access to it, replaceafill and mjsir911 16:38
replaceafillmr_german, cool16:39
mjsir911good, make sure you add an account for youself16:39
replaceafillfrom the top of my head16:39
replaceafillif you start testing emails16:39
replaceafillwith gmail16:39
replaceafilltry using the novawebdev account16:39
mr_germanI created one already16:39
mr_germanok replaceafill 16:39
replaceafillor if you use something different make sure you lower the security settings16:40
replaceafilli don't remember how that's called exactly16:40
replaceafillbut it's that setting that allows you to connect to gmail from "not secure" apps16:40
replaceafillmr_german, do you know the specific evote task you need to do?16:44
replaceafilldid jelkner say something about it?16:44
mr_german"learn to use it and style it"16:44
replaceafillor is it like "learn to use it"16:44
replaceafillif i were you16:45
replaceafilli'd start with the last part16:45
replaceafillstyling it16:45
mr_germani'll try16:45
replaceafilland try using a layout of an existing site16:45
replaceafilli think AEA is the main goal for this?16:45
replaceafillyou could use that layout for start16:46
replaceafillbut your client is jelkner16:47
replaceafilli'm just talking air as usual16:47
jelkner!remind 1. Discuss moving all sensitive customer data off Google Docs to an encrypted, accessible location (gpg?)17:13
remindBotwill print 1. Discuss moving all sensitive customer data off Google Docs to an encrypted, accessible location (gpg?) at 2017-05-30 19:00:0017:13
jelknermr_german, 1st step is to learn to use this thing17:15
jelkneryou can run votes with us as testers on things like:17:16
jelknerWhich secure storage technology do you prefer?17:16
jelknerand several choices17:16
jelknerso we can vote17:16
jelknerwe need to practice with it a bit17:16
jelknerso at first, you will leverage us as your users17:17
mr_germanOk, jelkner 17:17
mr_germangot it17:17
jelknerwhen you feel confident that you know how it works17:17
jelkneri want to talk to you about how hard it is to use17:17
jelknerif it is too hard to use, our customers won't be able to use it, and it may not make a good produce for us17:17
jelknerit it is reasonable, we should proceed to the next step17:18
jelknerAEA members have been asking for on-line voting17:18
jelknerso we can use them as our first "real world" testers17:18
jelknerbut only after we test it first17:18
jelknermake sense?17:18
replaceafilljelkner, i think a good goal would be to have mr_german send a daily "election"17:19
replaceafillto the websters17:19
replaceafillduring a period of days (say 5 days)17:19
jelknerfantastic idea17:19
replaceafilland then discuss findings17:19
jelknerthat would do it17:19
mr_germansound good for me17:20
replaceafillmr_german job would be to create the elections with items that exercise the different options17:20
replaceafillafter he learns them ofc17:20
mr_germanCan be anything? replaceafill ?17:20
replaceafillyeah, but something not so simple17:20
replaceafilli mean17:20
jelknerIt could be anything17:20
replaceafillnot an election with just one question17:21
replaceafillor just radio buttons questions17:21
jelknerbut the most clever thing would be to ask about questions we really care about17:21
replaceafillgames, hobbies, anything17:21
replaceafillpolitical causes!17:21
mr_german;-) ok!17:21
jelknertrue, things like pizza toppings are ok17:21
replaceafilli think we're more interested in testing the components17:22
replaceafillthan finding the websters trends17:22
jelknerreplacefill, let me also suggest that if we get opinions from our member about our coop.17:22
replaceafillin this step at least17:22
jelknerwe can "kill two birds with one stone" as we say (poor birds always get killed :-(17:22
replaceafilljelkner why not second phase for that?17:22
jelknerexample: what do you think the focus of our marketing should be?17:23
jelknerwhere do you think we should look for customers?17:23
replaceafillafter mr_german is very familiar with the options/settings17:23
jelknergood point17:23
jelknersince in phase one, we may loose the data17:23
jelknerso we don't want data we care about17:23
jelknergot it17:23
jelknerphase two (when confidence in keeping the data is higher), we can use it to gather real information about ourselves17:24
replaceafillmakes sense to me17:24
jelknermr_german, make sense to you?17:24
mr_germanjelkner, yep17:25
jelknerremember PWPC is priority number 1, but once there are no outstanding stories from them17:26
jelkneryou can work on this17:26
mr_germanjelkner, Do you have the password for nova gmail account?17:27
replaceafillmr_german, it's in the shared folder17:27
jelknerwe need a better way!17:29
jelknermjsir911 is looking into it17:29
jelknerwe are growing17:29
jelknerand managing this information in a way that is:17:29
jelkner1. effective17:30
jelkner2. secure17:30
jelknerok, i'm in class now and need to go17:31
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mjsir911what was that parting message?17:32
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mjsir911ignore that20:20
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