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jelknerGood morning, replaceafill!11:02
jelknerI'm about to start class, but as you will be able to tell from your email inbox, I've been *busy* this morning! ;-)11:03
replaceafilljelkner, indeed11:03
replaceafilli hope we get somewhere with that11:04
jelknerlet's see11:04
jelkneras long as we don't loose out11:04
jelknerif there really isn't enough interest in CanDo, we'll just pull the plug and let it die gracefully11:05
jelknerbut i feel obligated to provide support if there is interest11:05
jelknerand folks are willing to pony up for the modest rate we charge11:05
replaceafillwith new users still coming (reported by Glenda), i think they'll need support11:06
jelknerlet's see if they really come through11:06
jelknerwe should Dockerize CanDo sooner rather than later11:06
jelknerIf we can bill for it, it could be something mjsir911 does11:07
jelknersince we could pay him11:07
jelknerhe will learn a lot working with nick wheeler this summer11:07
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jelknermjsir911's ears must have been burning ;-)11:13
jelkneroh, i was just mentioning you, and then you jumped on the channel11:14
mjsir911oh yea, summer job11:14
mjsir911It would be good practice for me to help with docker11:14
mjsir911let me get jupyterhub configured and then once i understand the ropes ill try cando11:14
jelknerindeed, cando will be a much bigger pain11:16
jelkneroh, speaking of that, i had a great conversation with mattva01 last night11:16
jelkner(my regular thursday evening check-in)11:16
jelknerwhile a vpn like you proposed to him would be possible, we can much more easily, and effectively use cloud servers to do what we want to do11:17
jelknerso when you get to class at 1:40 pm today, i'll talk to you about that.11:17
jelknermattva01 was recommending digital ocean, but i'm thinking linode looks better at the moment11:26
jelknerand i already have an account there11:26
jelkneri wrote replaceafill about pulling the plug on the $40 per month cando server we have running11:26
jelknerif and when i run SchoolTool quiz again11:27
jelknerit will be in a Docker container on a current version of ubuntu11:27
replaceafilldocker all the things! :)11:29
jelkneryes indeed!11:29
jelkneroh, replaceafill, btw11:29
jelkneri got to talk to Jim Fulton at Pycon11:29
jelknerthe ZODB is not dead yet11:30
replaceafillsilence please, Jim Fulton is being mentioned...11:30
replaceafilli loved how he said buildout and zodb are the projects closer to his hearth11:30
replaceafilltwo great pieces of technology11:31
jelknerhe is working on a project that uses Python 3 to store objects in a Python 3 version of the ZODB, and simultaneously stores JSON objects in a RDBMS.11:31
jelknerso that they can be accessed with more traditional tools11:31
jelknersounded interesting11:31
replaceafillthe schooltool problem!11:31
replaceafilli get amazed how open edx/django theming solutions are still growing are are a pain to work with11:33
replaceafillwhen the zope people solve that problem years ago11:33
jelkneroh, btw, plone is still alive and well, apparently11:42
jelknerthey had a booth at pycon11:42
jelknerpaul flint was hanging out with them, since he is a devoted plone user11:42
replaceafilloh really?11:47
replaceafilli should have contacted paul in the past :D11:47
replaceafilli was really interested in plone, but never got a real customer :(11:47
replaceafillbut yeah, that's a rock solid cms11:48
replaceafillit's only sin: it's not php...11:48
jelknerit's major grace, you mean! ;-)11:50
jelknerso the Data.fs is safely saved?11:50
jelknerif so, i'll turn off the machine when mjsir911 comes in this afternoon11:51
jelkneri'm not going to distract you during math class, mjsir911!11:52
jelknertalk to you at 1:40 pm11:52
replaceafilljelkner backup finished11:52
jelknerreplaceafill, i just filled out the web form on the powhatan website11:52
replaceafilluploading to shared drive11:52
replaceafilljelkner, web form?11:52
jelknerto contact them11:53
jelkneri told them i was with the NOVA Web Development cooperative looking to talk to whomever is responsible for CanDo support11:53
jelkneryes indeed11:53
jelknerwe don't want to undermine them11:53
jelknerjust figure out how we can work together11:53
jelknerthey are doing facinating work11:54
jelkneractually creating an internet access coop11:54
jelkneri can't wait to talk to them11:54
jelknernice, replaceafill, i already received an email from David Hitt at Powhatan Internet Cooperative12:16
jelkneri'll call him during my lunch break12:16
replaceafillresponsive! :D12:16
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jelknerok, replaceafill, just got off the phone with Corey Hitt13:17
jelknercan you do a quick hangout?13:18
replaceafilljelkner, not at the moment13:18
replaceafilllater today?13:18
jelknerok, but i promised him an intro email today13:18
jelknerand i need to talk to you first13:18
replaceafilllet me try to put what i'm doing in a decent state13:20
replaceafillso i can pause13:20
replaceafilljelkner, ok13:24
jelknergive me a minute ;-)13:24
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