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jelknerGood morning, replaceafill12:02
* jelkner waits for replaceafill to respond, and thinks perhaps he's not really here.12:09
replaceafillhey jelkner12:10
replaceafillsorry i was away for a bit12:10
jelkneryou want to see something impressive?12:22
jelknerit is a 15+ year old zope 2 instance, replaceafill12:23
jelknerrunning without care or feeding, or incident12:23
jelkneri only remembered it because the domain renewal payment just came through this morning ;-)12:24
replaceafilljelkner, wow!12:40
replaceafilli wonder why didn't make it responsive though!12:40
jelknerLoL ;-)12:40
jelknerThat's what we need to get mr_german to do now!12:40
jelknerSee any familiar faces?12:42
replaceafillah that's Nick Wheeler12:44
jelknerThis last one is Flint talking to future Maryland State Senator Victor Ramirez12:44
jelknerFirst Guanaco elected to the Maryland State house12:45
jelknerRoxana and I worked hard in his first campaign12:45
jelkneroh, never mind, you're right12:45
replaceafillPaul looks different :)12:45
jelknerhe was already in the state house at this time them.12:46
jelkner12 years ago12:46
jelkneryup, nick wheeler12:46
jelknerkevin looks different12:47
jelknermainly the color of his hair ;-)12:47
replaceafilleverybody looks different!12:47
replaceafillthe old ubuntu UI :'(12:47
replaceafillit was the one i started teaching with at the university12:47
replaceafilla getting those discs packs from Canonical made me feel "special" for some reason12:49
jelkneryes indeed12:51
jelknerfond memories12:51
jelknerbtw. the good work continues12:51
jelknerCelina is now in El Salvador with Ana Sol (elected at the same time as Victor Ramirez as the first latinos in the Maryland government) at a Salvadoran leadership conference12:53
replaceafillah, nice!12:53
jelknerand just think, NOVA Web Development did her website! ;-)12:54
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jelknerreplaceafill, are you in the middle of something?13:17
replaceafilljelkner, kind of13:22
replaceafillwhat do you need?13:22
jelknerNever mind, replaceafill, i don't want to bother you.13:34
jelknerz0nny just passed his CIW Advanced HTML5 and CSS3 certification!13:35
replaceafillcongrats to z0nny13:35
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replaceafillcongrats zOnny on the certification!13:36
jelknerCongratulations, z0nny!13:36
replaceafillit's z-OH-nny, not z-ZERO-nny jelkner13:36
ubuntouristBravo, zOnny!13:38
zOnnythanks guys.13:38
zOnnyit had been taking time but I did! :)13:39
replaceafillmr_german, i was expecting an election email yesterday13:42
replaceafillmr_german, any news about that?13:42
jelknermr_german, how are you?13:45
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jelknerOh my, remindBot is not here with us.14:22
jelknerI'll have to talk to mjsir911 about that.14:22
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remindBotI am here to remind you of things at 19:00 on tuesdays. Use me by typing in `!remind <msg>`17:23
replaceafillmr_german, you around?17:47
mr_germanreplaceafill, yes17:47
replaceafilli asked you earlier about the election17:47
replaceafilli was expecting an email yesterday17:47
replaceafill(check the irclogs)17:48
mr_germanOh, my bad, I totally forgot send the email17:48
replaceafillok.. will you send one today?17:49
replaceafillwe planned for yesterday17:49
replaceafillso we could ask people if they received it during today's meeting17:50
mr_germanreplaceafill, I'll send a simple election about "pollution"18:08
replaceafillmr_german, cool18:08
replaceafilljust try to show off all the features ;)18:09
mr_germanreplaceafill, Can I send it to you first?18:26
replaceafillmr_german, sure18:26
mr_germanreplaceafill, ok give me a sec18:26
mr_germanreplaceafill, Ok, now you can check it18:30
replaceafillmr_german, quick observation18:31
replaceafillthe email comes from your nova web org email18:31
replaceafilland then it says: Election by ger4n...@gmail18:31
mr_germanyeah I know18:31
replaceafillok, try to make them match18:32
replaceafill(not now)18:32
mr_germanI doesn't matter if I send the election with my nova gmail accound?18:32
mr_germanjust for now?18:33
replaceafillat some point  we need to get a valid ssl certificate in place18:33
replaceafillmr_german, no18:33
replaceafillthat's ok18:33
replaceafillbut write it down18:33
replaceafillso you don't forget18:33
replaceafillit has to look that it comes from the same source18:33
mr_germanI'll send an email to Jeff after this meeting18:33
replaceafillwrite down the ssl certificate part too please18:34
mr_germanwhat do you mean ?18:34
replaceafillwe need a valid ssl certificate18:34
mr_germancan you explain me that please?18:34
replaceafillnot the webfaction one we're currently using18:34
replaceafillyou get the nasty "i don't recognize this" message in the browser18:35
replaceafilland the lock icon with a warning in your address bar18:35
mr_german"No es seguro" in spanish right?18:35
mr_germangot it18:35
replaceafillin the first question18:35
replaceafillRANKING ELECTION:18:35
replaceafillhave rankings worked for you at any point?18:36
replaceafilli mean, were you able to test them?18:36
mr_germannot yet18:37
replaceafillok, don't include them then18:37
replaceafilluntil you figure them out18:37
replaceafillor decide they really don't work18:37
mr_germanI need to ask marco18:37
mr_germanOk, just that? replaceafill 18:37
replaceafilloh, so evote actually supports multiple selection?18:38
replaceafillbut shows radio buttons for it...??!?18:38
mr_germanyou can have multiple selection18:39
replaceafillnew task: figure out if that can be shown as checkboxes18:39
replaceafillmaybe modifying a template18:39
mr_germanthat would be good18:39
replaceafillproblem with radio buttons is that you can't unmark them18:39
replaceafillcan you?18:39
mr_germanI don't like the way it looks like18:39
mr_germanohh, good question, replaceafill 18:40
replaceafillthe link to the ballot in the receipt email is wrong18:41
replaceafillit's http:///18:41
replaceafillwhen it should be https://18:41
replaceafilleither that or we need a redirect in the server18:41
mr_germanreplaceafill, yep I know18:41
mr_germanbut I don't know how to fix it18:42
replaceafillok i hope you have written down all these issues you know about ;)18:42
replaceafillso you can ask Marco for example and don't forget18:42
replaceafillthe multiple selection question didn't work18:42
replaceafillon my ballot18:42
replaceafillthe "just check one" did18:43
replaceafillfor results to be available i guess you need to close the election or something18:43
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replaceafillmr_german, you can modify the initial email too, right?18:46
replaceafillit should include some explanation to what you're voting on18:46
replaceafillthe body of the email18:46
replaceafillElection N.16 by ...18:46
replaceafillLink to vote;....18:46
replaceafillLink to results:...18:46
mr_germanI can18:46
replaceafillthis has to look like a "person" email18:47
replaceafillnot so robot-y18:48
replaceafillyou know what i mean?18:48
replaceafillmore like those "auto register" account emails18:48
replaceafillcan it be HTML?18:48
replaceafillthe body of the email?18:48
mr_germanjust simple text18:49
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replaceafillis it possible to edit the body of the receipt email?18:51
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mr_germanlet me see18:52
mr_germanyes, replaceafill 18:53
jelknermr_german, where was the version of nvmarlington that you showed me?18:53
mr_germanreplaceafill, I just *fixed* multiple selection18:53
replaceafillmr_german, ok18:54
jelkneri tried to show it to z0nny, but i couldn't find the link18:54
mr_germanjelkner, I'll create a new app for that18:54
jelkneryes, but where?18:54
mr_germanon webfaction18:55
mr_german"our webfaction"18:55
jelknergood, but what is the url?18:55
mr_germanit not there anymore18:55
jelkneroh, you still have the code, yes?18:55
mr_germanjelkner, but I have the repository with README18:55
jelknerthat's what i needed.18:56
replaceafillany reason that's not in the novawebdev org?18:56
jelknerreplaceafill, don't worry18:57
jelkneri like it where it is18:57
jelkneri never asked mr_german to do that (it was a missunderstanding)18:57
jelknerbut now that he has done it, i want to show it to z0nny18:57
jelknerso leave it where it is18:57
jelknerthat's fine18:57
jelknerbtw, replaceafill, any word from corey?18:58
replaceafilljelkner, nope18:58
replaceafilljelkner, i'm using this "i'll wait for you first" policy...18:58
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jelknersince i want to unstick this, i may call him again18:58
replaceafilljelkner, ok18:59
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jelkneriittt's show time!18:59
jelknergood evening everyone18:59
jelknersince remindBot crashed18:59
jelkneri'll have to type the agenda19:00
jelkner1. quick status of business (mainly forms team guanaco needs to complete) from louisea19:00
jelkner2. plan for adding security access to our info on customer data19:01
jelkner3. let's get some paying customers!19:01
jelknerThat's all i have19:01
jelkneranything i'm missing?19:01
louiseanope that sounds good to me19:02
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ubuntouristNothing leaps to mind. Anything from PyCon?19:02
jelknertake it away, louisae19:02
louiseaalright... So I finished up a document listing all the tax forms we will need19:02
louiseaI'll send it out now...19:03
louiseapeople can look over it and ask any questions by sending me an email19:03
louiseaif they are interested.19:03
jelknerhow are you sending it out, email?19:03
jelkneror pasting it here?19:03
louiseaif that's best?19:03
louiseashall I paste it instead?19:03
jelknerit will be easier to find that way19:04
ubuntourist(jelkner says nothing of relevance regarding PyCon, at the moment.)19:04
louiseaI've also put it into the "GettingDowntoBusiness" Google Drive folder19:04
louiseawhat's most imporant regarding our taxes right now is making sure that everyone who needs one has their ITIN19:05
jelknerthe big thing is we need tax ids from replaceafill, mr_german, and ncerna19:05
jelknerreplaceafill has one, how are you young cerna's doing?19:05
replaceafilljelkner, i'm planning a team visit to the embassy19:06
jelknerso you're on top of that19:06
replaceafilljelkner, yes19:06
jelknerok, item 219:06
louiseaone sec..19:06
replaceafilllouisea, question19:06
louiseareplaceafill: out of curiosity could you please let me know if they require anything other than filling out the W-719:06
replaceafillshould we (team guanaco) take care of all the other forms? or just W-7?19:07
louiseareplaceafill: for now just the W-719:07
louiseawe haven't yet come up with a team plan on how we are to tackle all the tax forms19:07
replaceafilllouisea, ok19:07
replaceafillin any case the w-7 is a must for us19:07
louiseabut only the ITIN is required at this moment19:08
jelkneri'm thinking we are ok for now, the big thing is getting some money to report! ;-)19:08
jelknerthen we can worry about legally reporting it19:08
louiseaand one more thing19:08
louisearegarding all this tax stuff19:08
louiseaI foresee that not everyone is going to be required to be highly involved in filling out the forms19:09
jelkneri'm sure ubuntourist is glad to hear that!19:09
louiseanonetheless, it's a good idea for people to look over the document I sent out so that everyone is educated on how the business is being run19:10
* ubuntourist was thinking the exact same thing...19:10
louiseaat least to some extent, lol19:10
replaceafillmr_german, and nrcerna should be aware of this part:19:10
replaceafillMust withhold foreign partner tax (35%) (Section 1446)19:10
louiseareplaceafill: yes, that's going to be the big thing for me to investigate now19:11
louiseaI have a hunch that some of the money withheld can be recovered during tax return season19:11
louiseabut I am uncertain of that as of now19:11
replaceafilllouisea, ah ok19:12
louiseaokay that's it for me unless there are other questions or comments19:12
jelknerok, we want our meetings to stay within 30 minutes and we have two more items, can we move on?19:12
jelkneritem 2 can be really brief19:13
jelknersince we can talk more about it next week19:13
jelknerwe need a much better way to secure our customer information19:13
jelknerwhich should meet the following requirements:19:13
jelkner1. only those members working for a particular customer should have access to the information19:14
jelkner2. it should be as secure as possible from accidental release19:15
jelkner3. but flexible enough that as teams change and folks come on or off a project, access can be modified19:15
jelknersound reasonable?19:15
jelkneror am i missing things?19:15
replaceafillmakes sense to me19:16
replaceafillbut are we talking about docs?19:16
jelkneri'm hoping we can convince ubuntourist and mjsir911 to take this on19:16
ubuntouristGPG can meet requirement 1. Requirement 2 = Human error.  We must be diligent / vigilant. 3. GPG again.19:16
jelknerwith things like user names and passwords, etc19:17
jelknerubuntourist and mjsir911, are you two willing to develop our practice on this for us?19:17
* ubuntourist nods19:17
* mjsir911 nodes19:17
jelknernext week we all find out what we need to learn19:17
jelkneritem 319:17
jelknerwe need paying customers!19:17
jelknerlouisea, you might have one for us, yes?19:18
louiseawe are waiting for a response19:18
jelknerand you are interested in looking into finding more, yes?19:19
louiseawhich will take about another week19:19
louiseaand jelkner: yes, definitely19:19
louiseain regards to point 3, I have a few points to discuss19:19
louiseashall I?19:19
jelkneri think we can put documents and bylaws and such on hold and pop customers to the top of the priority list19:19
jelkneryes, please19:19
louiseajelkner: I agree19:20
louiseaso in my conversation regarding whether we can have someone develop the website for the organization I work for19:20
louiseaquestions regarding support, communications and billing came up19:20
louiseain order for me to sound more confident in my pitches19:20
louiseaI'll have to have this information more well-versed19:21
louiseaso, for example, if we have a team member from El Salvador working on website19:21
louiseawhat will be the process for that developer communicating with the customer?19:22
jelknermr_german worked directly with celina on her website19:22
jelknerthey used email and some voice communication thing19:22
louiseathrough phone and email?19:22
jelknernot phone per se19:22
ubuntouristlouisea Hangouts19:23
jelknerwhat was it, mr_german?19:23
mr_germanjelkner, that's right19:23
ubuntouristlouisea (as an option)19:23
jelknerit's an app, mr_german19:23
jelknerthat let's you make phone calls19:23
ubuntouristoops: Jelkner says somethign else.19:23
jelknerwhat was it?19:23
jelknerthat's it19:23
mr_germanwe used "whatsapp"19:23
jelknerseems many salvadorans are familiar with that19:24
jelknermy wife told me about it19:24
jelkneranyway, we can easily work it out19:24
louiseayeah. great so voice/email19:24
louiseagot it19:24
jelkneras long as both parties have smartphones19:24
ubuntouristQuite popular outside the U.S. And within for people in the know who have phones, as I understand it.19:24
louiseaand the other thing is that it would be nice to be able to nail down a better cost estimate19:25
ubuntourist(Not having a portable phone, I am less versed in it.)19:25
jelknerin general, louisea, you can say the following (with confidence in your voice):19:25
jelkner"We are IT professionals, and quite used to working these things out."19:25
jelkner"Trust us!" ;-)19:25
louiseahaha. I'll say just that.19:26
jelkneronce you've done this a few times19:26
jelknerit will be much easier to say it with conviction19:26
jelknersince we really can figure these things out19:26
ubuntouristlouisea, stress the iterative nature: We don't sock it to you all at once. Small payments, pay-as-you-go.19:26
jelknerit's what we do19:26
jelknerok, last point i would like to make is to take stock of our available human resources19:27
louiseaubuntutourist: yes, I will make sure to stress that19:27
jelknerRena is available for Summer19:27
jelknerI am committed to keeping mr_german and z0nny busy at least part time, but they want more hours if we can get them19:28
louiseaokay great.19:28
jelkneramanuel and mjsir911 have paid Summer internships19:28
jelknerbut in the long run, they want to work with us19:29
jelknermjsir911 will still keep doing 5 hours per week at Gallaudet in the mean time19:29
jelknerthat's pretty much it19:29
ubuntouristOne last thing (briefly a prior thing, really)19:29
jelknerwe have capacity19:29
ubuntouristRe: Item 2 - Although some formatting was lost when the page was moved, recommended (re)reading before next week: 19:29
jelknerand 7:30 pm19:30
jelknerany last minutes thing we missed?19:30
* jelkner drops the bag of gravel19:30
jelknersee ya all next week19:30
replaceafillthanks everybody19:31
louiseathanks folks!19:31
mr_germanSee you then19:31
louiseauntil next time19:31
nrcernaBye guys19:31
replaceafillmr_german, so, create an election19:32
mr_germanreplaceafill, Should I send the election 19:32
replaceafillwith the two types that work19:32
replaceafilltypes of questions19:32
replaceafilltry to send 4 questions19:32
replaceafill2 of each19:32
mr_germanthe hard part of this is19:33
mr_germantopics for the elections19:33
mr_germanreplaceafill, I'll try to send it ASAP19:35
replaceafillmr_german, you can look for survey samples on the web19:35
replaceafillwhat we want is a lot of people answers19:36
replaceafilland especify in the email body when you're planning on closing it19:36
replaceafillso people will be able to see the results19:37
replaceafillgive it a couple of days19:37
replaceafillgot it?19:37
mr_germanlike 3 or 419:37
replaceafillcouple = 219:37
replaceafillsend it to everyone19:38
replaceafillwe're like 8-9?19:38
replaceafillthat'll be a good sample19:38
mr_germanI can't send it to novagroup?19:38
mr_germanfor everyone?19:39
replaceafillthat'll create just one voting link...19:39
replaceafillvoting links are created independently based on the emails19:39
* replaceafill goes "home"19:39
replaceafilllater mr_german19:39
mr_germancya replaceafill 19:39

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