IRC log of #novawebdev for Wednesday, 2017-06-07

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jelknerGood morning Bots!10:09
jelknerI hope all went well last night with our meeting.10:10
* jelkner brings up his browser and points it at the irc logs.10:10
jelknerExcellent meeting. We are truly becoming a team! ;-)10:39
jelknerThe only thing i don't see is mr_german's request that Rena_ get him a paragraph to add Lee's website to our portfolio.10:39
jelknerEverything else looks covered.10:40
jelknerAnd, Bots, since you're the only ones hear to talk to this morning, i had an excellent discussion with Walter Tejada this morning.10:40
jelknerHe was particularly excited by the idea that we could support on-line voting.10:41
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mr_germangood day, mr jelkner 12:07
mr_germando not worry about Lee's description, I just sent an email to Rena12:08
jelknermr_german, can you hangout now?12:09
jelkneri have a customer here whom i was hoping to introduce to z0nny, but z0nny isn't here.12:09
mr_germanOh ok12:09
mr_germanjelkner, I can see z0nny on google hangout12:10
mr_germanhe's online12:10
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jelknerGood morning, aantonio!12:20
jelknermr_german, no need for hangout12:20
jelknerz0nny was taking his mom to the doctor12:20
mr_germanjelkner, oh ok12:21
jelknerhe is back an on his way in12:21
mr_germanjelkner, I'm ready then12:21
jelkneri'm about to call Rena_12:21
jelknerready for what, mr_german?12:21
mr_germanfor the hangout12:21
jelkneri'm saying no need12:21
mr_germanoh ok12:21
aantoniogood afternoon12:21
jelkneri was asking you to step in for z0nnty12:21
mr_germanhello aantonio 12:21
mr_germanok jelkner 12:21
jelknerbut he appeared12:21
jelknerso you are off the hook12:22
mr_germannp jelkner 12:22
mr_germanI sent an email to Rena asking for Lee's descrition. jelkner 12:22
mr_germanso.. you don't have to worry12:22
aantonionice conversation12:22
mr_germanOk I'll back to work!12:23
* mr_german will back in 20 mins!12:25
jelknermr_german, are you back?12:36
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jelkneraantonio, did you email the credit union?14:02
mr_germanjelkner, Im back14:02
jelkneroh, never mind, you told me you did, but you didn't cc me.14:02
aantonioI will send you now14:02
jelknerthanks, aantonio!14:02
jelknermr_german, i talked to Rena_ during lunch14:03
mr_germanshe just sent me an email14:03
jelknerteam work!14:04
mr_germanwe have to wait14:04
mr_germanyeah for the description14:04
jelknershe said she will get that to you, yes?14:04
mr_german*I have to wait*14:05
mr_germanbtw. jelkner I won't be here tomorrow14:05
jelknernp, you have helios to work on14:05
mr_germanI'll go with natalia to the embassy14:05
jelknerwhen i met with walter tejada this morning, that was the thing that impressed him the most14:06
jelkneri would love to see us be able to provide helios support14:06
mr_germanwe going to use helios on aea?14:06
mr_germannvm, jelkner 14:07
mr_germanSometimes I make questions when I know the answer.14:08
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