IRC log of #novawebdev for Thursday, 2017-06-08

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jelknerGood morning aantonio!09:02
aantoniogood morning jelkenr09:03
jelknerJust you, me and the Bots here this morning.09:03
jelknermjsir911 used to be a regular, but not so much any more :-(09:03
aantoniothat is funny, they are sleeping a lot.09:03
jelkneryup, the end of the year is a crazy time09:04
jelknervery hard to plan anything09:04
jelkneri'm ready for it to end09:04
jelknerbring on September! ;-)09:04
jelkneri'm looking for a new blogging platform, btw.09:05
jelknerthis one looks promising:
jelknerhere is another: http://tinkerer.me09:09
jelknerSo little time, so many blogging tools to choose from!09:10
jelknerThere are lots of Flask blog tools to choose from as well.09:11
jelknerOk, back to school work. I just wanted to store these here for later reference.09:13
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mjsir911I'm just about done with the trials part of it, it can save but not load18:22
mjsir911working on loading18:22
ubuntouristHi. I'm currently at HacDC. (I was actually on IRC to reach a member in absentia (now accomplished).18:28
ubuntouristmjsir911, good to know. So. As reminders: [+] buttons, [OK] and possibly [Cancel] prompt buttons, color to indicate completed / changed / visited loudspeakers. 18:30
ubuntouristmjsir911, I'm sure I'm missing stuff, but those are three things that come to mind for trials.18:30
mjsir911[OK] buttons done ✓18:31
mjsir911No warnings on bad configurations though18:31
ubuntouristmjsir911, ah. right. protecting the user from themselves. I should probably worry about that a lot more than I do, but at some point I reach the frustration 18:34
ubuntouristmjsir911 of not being able to anticipate every possible mistake, and just say "Just follow the damned instructions! My software is not forgiving!"18:35
mjsir911Yea it's not high on my priority list18:35
mjsir911[+] buttons done ✓18:48
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